Chapter 36: Some eagle is certainly ascending…
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A week had passed, at the moment {Ascension Eagle Sect} was going through quite some turmoil.

For many reasons all the disciples and elders were returning from venturing into {The Forest of Mortality} without seeing a single battle.

Not caring what others may say of the sects that pulled out the alliance none were faster than them yet nobody questioned them in their decision; who support support abimtions when they attempted to murder their greatest prodigy? Not only was Jingye Dai that but also the fiance to the heir apparent of the sect master so it was akin to an attack of {Ascension Eagle Large Sect} itself!

With them leaving many other smaller sects left on mass with the confidence nothing would happen to them - they were going again a supreme sect afterall. However, {Ascension Eagle Sect} could be considered somewhat unique in the fact they have a really boring history. Simply starting as a bunch of warriors who came together under the ancestors of the Ying family to raise the next generation. From there they slowly grew… That was all. They just kept growing at a steady pace over several generations till they became the largest sect on the {Fuyou Continent}.

That also made them special.

Since they simply steadily grew without making any enemies it also meant they didn’t get involved in many wars. Of course, there was the occasional one or two when forced into it or a sect master wasn’t the best. Yet those unwise choices from inexperienced sect masters all but stopped after the sect became Medium ranked and the reason was quite obvious…

Their ancestors had become {Pseudo-Immortals} after they grew large enough to have Spirit Elder realm cultivators in charge. With the constant oversight of these ancestors the decisions of the sect only became more refined while these ancestors really didn’t have much which could kill them. Meaning the sect only gained more and more strength as they gained more ancestors who would constantly explore the heights of their techniques like the [Ascension Runding Slash].

As it stood nobody quite knew the strength hidden within the Large sect however many believed that they had the foundation of a supreme sect. This did make sense as it was hard to understand just how much their ancestors would have grown yet their techniques were at least stronger than other large sects. With such a sect showing their disagreements with {Absolute Divine Truth Sect}’s alliance they could feel some safety escaping from their prior agreements.

Though it could be said this was all almost according to sect master Yings plan…

He had a strong feeling that the oni weren’t as simple as they seemed; despite what many people thought he disagreed they were just like beast-kin tribes. Ying Jaiho believed that their situation was closer to them and he couldn’t help but question the brains behind the alliance. Do they assume the {Kijin} of {The Second Great War} died of old age or something! If their elders & ex-sect masters could go into seclusion all this time to only rise when protecting the sect, why couldn’t the god-slaying {Asura Oni} just do the same?

Still he decided to take part in this little venture despite fully expecting it to blow back in everyone's face and the reason was quite simple; to gain from the fallout. As a sect master he needs to be wary of possible threats to his sect while ensuring they offer benefits to those under him in order to ensure loyalty. In his and the ancestors opinion the biggest threat they were currently facing was the aggressive growth to the {Absolute Divine Truth Sect}.

The history of that ‘demon slaying sect’ proved them to not be above unsanitary methods to not only grow but keep their face. As a large sect considered supreme by many they of course flew under the radar of such a power hungry bunch; {Ascension Eagle Sect} wouldn’t need to consider they were going to be targeted. Luckily by playing their cards right they could greatly destroy the face of {Absolute Divine Truth Sect} so their plots would fall on death ears in the future…

Yet things went even faster than Sec Master Ying Jaiho predicted…

----------< Warning: Male Masturbation Though Just In Passing>----------

But he didn’t seem too bothered by his would-be daughter-in-law even after receiving the message from her. Instead of being against the result… One could say he thinks himself to have benefitted much more!

“Heh, you kinky little Semen Bag, tell the jade what you just did.” <Ebony>


Upon realising what happened the recording of Jingye on the wooden desk attempted to cover their face with her hands. That failed though as those were firmly grasped by the Oni letting her cute little face be exposed to the man watching the scene. A big smile on his face no matter how many times he watched the recording.

A [Network Jade] upon the fancy desk a display Jingye Dai had her entrance breached by the fattest oni cock Sect Master Ying had witnessed before clicking on the pornograthy section.


“I-I- W-well you see- I- Uhm… U-u~rgh! I-I can’t hold it in something i-is coming out of my vagina on your penis~❣” <Jingye Dai>

“Ah you really do look so cute even when being sexy on that massive oni woman~. Your adorableness really isn’t something I could keep for myself so it makes me happy the whole world gets to see you. My son really is blind. Urgh, it seems I’m dedicating another load to you Semen-chan~!” <Ying Jaiho>

A man who looked exactly how you image a ‘dignified old cultivator’ to look like had one hand on the desk as it tightly clasped the packaging of a ‘condom’. One of the new products released alongside the release of the new jade system; a thin stretchy sheath worn on a man's penis to capture his seminal fluids. Unknown to many they were both the creation of a succubus from across the {Eternal Frontier} only for the patent to be greedily eaten up by the Yakuza.

Stillt they were already seeing great comercial use in brothels while many privately also used them.

The dignified Jaiho selected a pack of pink ones which had a cute smiling chibi version of Dai’s head upon the cover with a speech bubble with various messages inside upon the packet. The one he had had the simple ‘Save your cum for my tummy please’ upon it - the idea of the stars having their own ‘merchandise’ was a pretty obvious one for Jingye Dai. Only existed for her and Pixie but all of the lines were decided by them!

As such the packets were a collectors item though the condom itself was already present on his penis as he shifted his other hand up and down before a stream poured into it. The man groaned for a second with closed eyes before shaking his dick up and down before pulling the condom off. A second later he tied it up and put it into his ring where it would be safe while he flattened the packet out before opening a section of his desk. In there sat what some would think was a book for coins or stamps yet it just had the start of a collection of condom wrappers.


----------<Warning Over>----------

“If only those heathens didn’t ship Pixie & Semen-chan together - they are friends with benefits at most. The true relationship should be the cute little Semen-chan having her frustrated advance eventually accepted by the massive Matriarch. After that they will breed like never before as Semen-chan discovers a new power deep within herself as she gets bloated beyond recognition *sigh*~!” <Ying Jaiho>

As one can see he wasn’t really worried about his little sect disciple however certainly had ‘good feelings’ for her.

There was already a post or two from ‘Semen-chan’ about possible directions the pornograthy division may go. This not only included recordings & images (though there would be a diverse amount which wasn’t only ‘sex’) but other products like the condoms. They seemed to be releasing various pleasure related tools based around their stars; of course he planned to collect them as well.

“The branded stuff is more expensive but it’s well worth it - just seeing that cute little face makes me need to slap a condom on.” <Ying Jaiho>

While thinking about those things he heard someone stomping down the corridor outside his room and honestly he could guess who it would be. Luckily he was mostly finished so he turned off his [Recording Jade] while putting it into his drawer with his collectors album before locking it up. Just as he was finishing with that the door swung open to reveal a tall, muscular and most importantly intimidating figure.

The man who stormed into the office had black hair which was swept backwards with gel while his sharp black eyes beamed down onto the sect master. A permanent scowl was etched onto his stoic face while he wore a tight fitting black robe; honestly if Old Master Ying didn’t know who the man was he would think the Yakuza had come for him. A powerful aura of peak Spirit Elder made it clear why nobody has stopped the man from approaching the office though he could sense his own son running after him.

“Friend Jingye, what can I do for you today?” <Ying Jiaho>

The man let out a powerful snort which could be compared to that of a bull about to charge before he replied in a sarcastic manner.

“It was ‘Brother Jingye’ a few weeks ago yet now I’ve been demoted?” <Jingye Debai>

“Oh don’t be petty my friend. You hardly care whether I refer to you as my brother, friend or twice removed uncle. Though I can’t really consider you my brother with the engagement falling through I still can consider us friends, can I not?” <Ying Jiaho>

The threatening man just gave another snort but at least this time it wasn’t as aggressive. Like he owned the place he walked up to to the sect masters desk before pulling out a chair without so much as a word to fall into it. While most would consider such acts disrespectful, Sect Master Ying just softly shook his head with a chuckle.

Still someone seemed oblivious as they finally arrived at his door to shout after the man.

“A little merchant shouldn’t be so disrespectful to the leader of the 7th strongest power in the Orthodox Allianance when they have a whore of a da-!” <Ying Han>

“Would someone drag my disrespectful descendent to the seclusion peak before I’m forced to do it myself…” <Ying Jiaho>

Although he spoke in a calm manner his voice boomed through the entirety of the main peak of his {Ascension Eagle Sect} to make sure news of his displeasure spread. Maybe having people looking down on him for a bit will temper his descent into something more. The full power of the sect master - that of a stage 2 Nascent Soul realm cultivator - collided with black haired youth sending him tumbling back out the door with a pale complexion. Spitting up a mouthful of blood on his way out only for the two gilded doors to shut behind him.

Turning back to the ‘little merchant’ in front of him he just smiled yet again.

“Apologies about that; clearly my son was relying more on your Se-nsational daughter than I first assumed. He has been quite… Distraught about the engagement falling through. Though I believe it is fully acceptable he felt embarrassed that people thought he was willingly being cheated on. Still I haven’t declared it ending on our side since I would hate to make it seem like we don’t stand with her so…” <Ying Jiaho>

He reached into one of the draws in his desk to put a letter down in front of the other man which was addressed to the sectmaster in a style very familiar to the merchant. Taking the hint the noble  lord Jingye took the letter before tucking it away in his robe. Following that he simply nodded to Jiaho.

“My princess is very easy to rely on so I’ll forgive him; don’t worry you old fox. We won’t stop dealing with business as long as this engagement is the only thing that changes. Although my princess may not like the mess that is humanity, I can't allow no good thugs to bother her!” <Jingye Debai>

To that Jiaho made an awkward face which made Debai’s scowl become even more menacing.

“What?” <Jingye Debai>

“Well I’m afraid it would be unreasonable of me to keep her as a disciple of my sect…” <Ying Jiaho>

Before Debai could even raise his brow in anger Ying Jiaho continued to explain his reasoning.

“Don’t get me wrong; I’m not kicking her out. On the contrary I’ve always believed it was your and her grace that she was even a disciple considering our elders have hardly taught her a thing as it is. While we offered her as much as we could… The most we’ve really been able to offer is our information; still a lot of it but it feels like a poor showing hahaha.” <Ying Jiaho>

“So this has nothing to do with my princess clearly siding with the oni..?” <Jingye Debai>

“No, I think you misunderstand my intent, friend.” <Ying Jiaho>

Shaking his head his hands reached back into his desk but this time he pulled out two items instead of the single one. An unfinished document was the first which he calmly handed to the leader of the {Jingye Noble Merchant Family} - despite the man's looks he was without a doubt the richest rising star the world had ever seen. Only battle-orientated meatheads believed that the Jingye showed talent with {The Nomadic Dryad}’s birth.

The man in question quickly read through the document while showing that his sharp eyes weren’t just an intimidation point but a fitting detail. Despite the scowl didn’t disappear from his face Jiaho had known this man for long enough to know he was both understanding & interested in the proposal inside it. While the man looked towards him he placed a simple identification jade for a guest elder with ‘Jingye Dai’ clearly inscribed upon it.

“The oni were never going to lose this war as long as one has eyes to see with. What are we mere men worth in front of the primordial gods? No cultivator would dare say they stood a chance against them let alone the monsters who put them in the ground… Yet {Absolute Divine Truth} actually withheld this information about the oni from us and all the other younger less established sects.” <Ying Jiaho>

“So the smaller sects rise up and demand justice leaving the big sect with the rest of the orthodox alliance breathing down their neck. Either they prove themselves in this war to not just be sacrificing the lower ranked sects or they run with their tail between their legs. Doing the latter, though, will prove they used malicious slander knowingly to incite the whole thing which would lead to them no longer having a place in the orthodox alliance. As it stands the best result if they chose the latter was merely losing a large part of their sway crippling their growth in the long run since no fresh talent would join.

The only option the sect master can choose is the former especially now that the oni played their own hand with the [Network Jade]. However really it’s just a case of choosing their poison at that point since even proving themselves will mean great damage as they are forced into a fight they can’t win. Either take the hit in the long run or short run… It depends how competent the sect master is.” <Jingye Debai>

“Which would you cho-” <Ying Jiaho>

“Our Jingye don’t believe in getting involved in such pointless conflicts but the right choice is to take the loss in the fight.” <Jingye Debai>

Jingye Debai threw the document onto the desk before leaving back into his chair while crossing his arms against his chest. His eyes closed as he really didn’t seem to care much about the situation more than what he said. How could Ying Jiaho disagree - if they didn’t feel so threatened by {Absolute Divine Truth Sect} why would they even get involved themselves?

“Oho? Why do you say that though…” <Ying Jiaho>

“Any simpleton could understand that the future is more important than the present; they could perhaps recover in the future if they chose the first. Putting faith that even the best case would happen with the second is beyond courageous and straight stupid… It also doesn’t take into account one very simple detail we as humans have missed.” <Jingye Debai>

“What would that be?” <Ying Jiaho>

“Whether oni would let them run away… Oni are a vengeful people that won’t allow one to get away without a proper fight. They’ve shown us their matriarch but that’s it. Everything else is just some survivor stories with most of them not even being legible. What does that have to do with my princess though…” <Jingye Debai>

“Simple; she already possesses’ elder level strength. In fact she could put many of my compatriots to shame even with what little we’ve seen of her. If their matriarch is a smart person she’ll strike while the iron is hot to embarrass humanity itself… She’ll raise someone we refused to recognise, a {Daughter of Heaven} of unquestionable genius, to become an elder in her {Asura Yakuza} even if it’s only face value.

Me setting her as a guest elder will show my support for their choice plus with some choice alcohol and prime cuts things should smooth over quite beautifully.” <Ying Jiaho>

“Maybe you should include some cheese in your gift basket you wily old fox!” <Jingye Debai>

“Thank you for your suggestion friend Jingye, I’ll make sure to get some of the good stuff before I head towards them, hahaha~!” <Ying Jiaho>

And so, as far as home could be considered for Jingye, absolutely nothing had really changed for her… Still it wasn’t like {Absolute Divine Truth Sect} was the only problematic existence within the cultivation community. The very elitist {Qian Merchant Family} still had their {Golden Society} afterall; Ying Jiaho was curious about the merchants' thoughts on that. With that decision he simply asked.

“So what do you think about the other organisations who plotted this scheme of theirs? In particular I’d like to hear the soon to be third greatest merchant clans opinion on the first wealthiest if you wouldn’t mind sharing. Better to get an insider's eyes than straining my own old ones trying to peek where I don’t belong.” <Ying Jiaho>

“Who are you buttering up. It will still take quite some time for us to spread outside of this continent even if we provide a solution every cultivator community wants… Though if my precious princess manages to become a yakuza elder it would do wonders for us. Still I don’t want her to push herself all the same.

As for {Golden Society}? *Snort* I hardly would consider investing in them in the future even without this oni situation. Although the {Oni Village} being the homebase of the {Asura Yakuza} they had already pissed off one of {The 5 Empress’} who happens to be {The Heavens} themself. You don’t need to be a merchant to figure out how troublesome that is… They won’t be getting any new Spirit Elders of Nascent Soul cultivators. It will also be grow harder and harder to get new cultivators when they figure out what joining a merchant group that pissed of {The} fucking {Heavens} really intials.

In terms of what will happen to their bottom line… Over the years it will slowly lessen and lessen as people decide to look to other groups for luxury goods. Humans are social animals which will follow what the popular or powerful people do; who are more popular or powerful than the {Imperial Phoenix Supreme Divine Heavenly Dynasty}. They own the strongest sects, most knowledgeable academies, oldest races and greatest treasures. If a cultivator was offered to join  them I doubt they would refuse - I myself know how great having their support can be with how much easier things became since becoming a noble.” <Jingye Debai>

“Ah… That certainly all makes sense..” <Ying Jiaho>

Jiaho slowly stroked his long white beard while leaning back into his chair; in actual terms of cultivators realm to age he was actually a rather young man just like Debai. They were practically the same age while having spent some time as a mercenary group back when he was still just a young master yet with the wisdom of his elders he saw something in the friends he made.

True enough they had made an organisation quickly approaching that of his own families… It cost them heavily as Debai & his wife Bayi (who he may or may not have made moves on in the past) lost many of the fellow orphans they used to call family. Still they had clearly made a name for themselves as being both competent and strong with clearly amazing genes to create {The Nomadic Dryad}.

Though thinking of the friends he’d lost in the battlefield of merchants, the sect master couldn’t help but shake his head with a long sigh.

“No matter; those of {Golden Society} won’t vanish overnight while the fools of {Qian Family} will continue to hold onto power as long as they can. Either way we won’t see the effects of their poor choices immediately so we’ll just have to keep our eyes out to see which way the wind decides to blow. Hopefully we’re out of the way of the fallout.” <Ying Jiaho>

“Hmpf, we’re hardly connected to either of those two. Though it may be challenging to lose the safety a Supreme Sect supplies {The Land Abandoned by Gods} he’s just lucky I’m not highly cultivated enough to destroy his sect myself!” <Jingye Debai>

What could the seemingly wise old man do but chuckle.

“True enough; I suppose I should prepare my gifts though.” <Ying Jiaho>

“*Snort* I get the hint.” <Jingye Debai>

With that he placed his hands on the sides of his chair before rising up and heading towards the door. He didn’t even stop to look towards his supposed friend as he threw the door open with his spirit sense - closing the door behind him. Meanwhile Jiaho who simply watched rested on his side while supporting his chin - his other hand tapping the tablet on the desk.

“Now… What kind of wine would be best… *Sigh* Why is it always these decisions which matter the most when you become a sect master? The ancestors spent more of their time teaching me the minute differences between types of meat than that of qi…” <Ying Jiaho>