Chapter 39: A break for a growing girl
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With another batch of ‘recruits’ Jingye Dai retreated away from the battlefield in order to get the men butchered & women working.

While there was a chance that the {Asura Elder} would be attacked it felt a little backwards to worry about that considering she was the strongest in this group… Well if one ignored Violet who even Topplers believed to be more akin to a natural disaster. It was true Violet hadn’t quite reached the heights of her previous life yet she was not in her developing stages - even if she didn’t manage to gain any height the girl was already developing in strength.

As it was now Violet could probably backhand a Spirit Elder into a meat patty while a sneeze caused the bloody mist of the expert would kill anyone else about. In terms of just raw stats it was hard to beat the chosen heir of the Yakuza even as she was just growing, combine that with her unique ability to generate demonic attributes, her contributions in the war were already enough for nobody to be able to question her position as heir. She was probably the most feared elder to the orthodox alliance.

Whether they were aware of her position as heir let alone {Demonic God Empress} was questionable; then again if they were aware of the latter nobody would resist running.

Jingye wasn’t the only one to leave her behind.

With a single grunt from Ashue’s back the rest of her {Orchid Guards} (the name recently gifted to her via screaming mortals as she crushed their skull between her hands) had flown into the tree’s as they spread out.They had already done this act countless times in the 6 months of this war so they were well practiced in understanding the desires of their Ojou-sama - their goal was simply to locate their next set of targets the tail them until their little leader was prepared to move out to crush them. Even though in terms of stamina she was fine she was undergoing something akin to growing pains as her body was undergoing conditioning to better draw the power out from her {Absolute Body}. It would also be adapting to her Demonic Qi which was something most oni didn’t have access to.

The only reason she had qi was due to her nature of also being a {Primordial God} meaning her soul naturally produced her own unique qi. In this fashion she was far different from any cultivator as her qi literally couldn’t be purer since she gained it straight from its origin. She also wasn’t a cultivator since she absorbed no qi from the outside world… Though it did also mean she couldn’t control qi which didn’t originate from hers including the Qi of Heaven & Earth which came from the [Venus Bloodline] or more specifically the ‘Mother’.

In contrast it was her own bloodline shared with her brother which allowed her to create her own tribulation to overcome the restrictions of the {Heavenly Realm}. Usually it would be impossible to get away with the massacre she caused there if it wasn’t her; calling her a force of nature or a natural disaster wasn’t just hyping her up. To {The Heavens} she truly was akin to a natural force like an earthquake or hurricane afterall what was more natural than the tribulations killing those that get in it’s way?

To summarize it she could kill as much as she wants without punishment due to an exact set of circumstances leading to reality's greatest show of nepotism.

“So is your body okay Ojou-sama?” <Slate>

The oni who was speaking was currently giving a hunched over Violet a shoulder massage as she silently sat upon the panting Ashue’s back. One may think that the scene was rather adorable with an older girl comforting the younger aching muscles… Yet even if that was accutat the strength used to loosen Violet’s cramping muscles was enough to crush a steel sword like a cookie. For the monster girl this was just right though so she just let out a groan while rolling her shoulders while she held her kanabo in front of herself.

Meanwhile all reasoning of this scene's innocence was ruined by the jade haired beauty being on her knees & elbows. Those massive mammaries being squished into the mud as the oni girl peacefully sat on the woman's back like it was natural. Violet was even so casual as to kick her legs back and forth which made her constantly hit Ashue’s side though the tortoise never rebuked the girl. Rather she seemed very content.

“I wonder if Violet Ojou-sama has a mutation like Alabaster or {Shadow Master} does - perhaps she’ll be adorned with countless petals to enhance her beauty.” <Ashue>

“Ashue you dolt; her mutation is likely not limited to a few petals. If anything, several signs could probably be said to be a mutation for her. To just list a few her ability to use demonic qi as well as aura, her endless talent when it comes to combat, her ability to destroy which was inherited by her {Personal Dharma Treasure} and even just her strength! In fact all these could be considered mutations with that just being the obvious examples.” <Slate>

Violet didn’t interrupt Slate lambasting Ashue as she herself wasn’t sure of the details.

What did they mean by mutation? Well as many knew Oni had a long history of sleeping around with many races in order to increase the ability of their children; obviously this included such things as their strength. Sometimes a hybrid would even be born like Onyx who held traces of the ability of another race as well as Oni leading to them being far more difficult to deal with. It didn’t end there, however, there was also the ability for an even greater ‘mutation’ to happen with the Oni.

A unique ability so to say.

It was hard to quite understand exactly ‘what’ these mutations were but the easiest way to explain it was to liken it to their own racial ability except for the individual Oni. Like how phoenix have their regeneration, foxes have their skill mastery and dragons have their bodies oni have a chance for a mutation. Though it’s usually not anything that directly improves their strength, it certainly gives them an advantage.

Familiar examples of a mutation within an oni would be Alabaster's petrification or Quartz ability to manipulate oscillations; both amazingly strong abilities. In fact Violet secretly believed that Slates unreasonably fine blade intent as well as unfair durability was likely due her own ‘mutation’ since they don’t need to be obvious. Still it was hard to tell what was a mutation or what wasn’t as it was possible Onyx’s spirituality came from a mixture of a mutation as well as her own genes.

As for if Violet had a mutation; maybe it was the fact she was a {Primordial God}?

Being who she was, Violet just shrugged the thoughts off before looking out towards the forest that surrounded them. She hadn’t told anyone but she felt something watching them yet she couldn’t make out their heartbeat with her ears from the background noise… This meant whatever was watching them didn’t have a heart or were able to blend into the background which was a technique she only knew belonged to three people.

Sohn-Tochter, Jeeves & Zandman.

It wouldn’t be surprising for her elder Indigo sister to notice she was in the {Mortal Realm} now due to the chaos which arose due to the war. A being like her may have been ‘natural’ but it wasn’t as if she didn’t stand out to {The Heavens} especially with all thebrutal savage murdering she’s been doing. Still at most her sister would just watch over her silently to ensure nothing bad happened to her so no action was needed.

Zandman could become akin to nothingness through their understanding of nirvana while Violet most definitely wanted to talk with them. Although she wasn’t a worry wart there were certain things that could make it so a demon couldn’t act or be reborn in their realm. Something she certainly didn’t want to happen to her new court member; Zandman wasn’t as strong as her demon gods after all.

Neither did they seem to intend to become a demon god yet they were still an unbelievably strong existence so she shouldn’t be too worried. Even if that imp couldn’t overpower their opponent they should at least be able to escape. They fought in a manner which could be said to be a cross between her older sisters and fox demon god which meant they were strong with sharp accurate attacks… But with a sword not a sword spear!

Still that adorable undead imp certainly wouldn’t skulk around without greeting her so it was unlikely to be them.

That left Jeeves. What to say about Jeeves? If he was around nobody could guess why yet perhaps the scent of overwhelming amounts of mortal blood called one of the undead bodies towards the {Forest of Mortality}? She knew at the very least that as insane as those undead vessels may be, they still had a reason for their actions while the Oni didn’t fit into their m/o.

Still it was most likely to be the {Heavenly Demon} than Sohn-Tochter since she was actually harder to recognise since she was always watching; it was just a matter of if she’s focusing on where you are. This was more confusing than worrying though. Even if Jeeves wanted to create some trouble she believed she could likely deal with it… But then an interesting thought appeared within her mind making Violet look back and forth for any sign of the figure.

What if it wasn’t an undead but the living body of Jeeves?

Those who were simple may think it wouldn’t make much difference if it was the living Jeeves or one of the reanimated bodies of his. Yet everything about them could be considered different since the undead were more akin to a berserker while the main body was a far more scary long ranged glass cannon. Even Violet didn’t wish to go up against the living Jeeves if he had the range on her due to his troubling attacks which were especially harmful to her since it turned the sins demons revolved around turn upon them.

“Are you okay Ojou-sama?” <Slate>

Turning to Slate as before her gaze slowly turned over the forest only to shake her head to throw away the unneeded thoughts. It wasn’t as if the living Jeeves would take the risk nor have a reason to take the risk to fight against herself or Oni. With that in mind she stood up while slinging the kanabo upon her shoulder as she continued to walk closer to her enemies once again.

Slate of course followed while Ashue clambered up to also follow; instead of over-thinking things she’d rather just kill some foolish weaklings.