Chapter Seven
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The beautiful young woman picked a book of the shelf and read it, waiting for Amari to wake up on her own.

Zoey knew that her lifeline was Amari, and if she annoyed her, she might lose her only backing in a mansion housing three noble vampires.

It was rare to come across a noble, yet three such nobles lived in a small territory without conflict shocked Zoey.

Normally, although vampires frowned upon those who killed their own kind, who could frown upon a noble vampire and live?

Noble vampires weren't bound by anything but the general rule of secrecy that most vampires sought to maintain to live easier lives.

"What are you reading?" Zoey nearly dropped the book, having been in a daze until she heard Amari speaking from behind her. 

"Ah, just reading about history, before my time at least." Turning around, Zoey saw Amari stretching lazily, her face wearing a slight smile.

"How old are you?" Amari tumbled about on the bed, trying to free herself from the blankets that had wrapped around her like a cocoon.

"I've lived for one hundred and fifty seven years. Of course, I am not old considered to several vampires I know." Zoey looked at Amari who finally freed herself.

"I still haven't gotten used to vampires living so long..." Amari spaced out as she thought how cool it would be to pretend to be an ancient vampire.

"Can I ask you something?" Amari nodded and Zoey continued. "How old are you?" 

"Hm? My age, don't you know it's rude to ask a woman's age?" Amari totally ignored that she had just done the same thing shamelessly.

Seeing Zoey about to apologize, Amari snickered. "I've lived for eighteen years and I became a vampire yesterday? Or was it the day before? Guess what?"

Zoey widened her eyes in shock, not expecting Amari to be so young, then she looked at her with curiousity.

"I was also a guy before. Does that bother you?" Amari adopted a concerned appearance, giving Zoey the chills for some reason.

"No! No, it's fine." Zoey felt a bit confused as no matter how she looked at her Amari was a girl, breast and all.

"Hehe. If you said you it did bother you, I'd just give you to mother." Hearing Amari, Zoey felt a chill upon finding out that she had almost lost her life due to a casual question. 

"Ha? Haha. You thought I was serious? You're too funny! How could I give mother my beautiful servant? She might just tear your head off in anger."

Amari and Evie talked about the last time Alvin had been unfaithful, and even Amari who took things in stride learned not to piss of her mom.

"Okay, I want to go out and explore Zoey, get dressed." Amari's eyes lingered on Zoey's body for a moment before she rolled out of bed and walked into the enormous room that was her closet.

After a few minutes of searching, Amari found a pretty black dress that matched her hair, so she picked it. As for whether or not she had any male pride, she'd first ask if it could do anything for her.

If someone were cute, why not wear cute things? Might as well embrace what you can't change. (Amari Logic 101)

"Go ask the maid for clothes, I don't have anything for your size..." Amari trailed off she as wondered how Evie and Alvin had clothes in her size even before she woke up.

With a gust of wind, the room had one less person in it, Amari using her inhuman balance to undress. After she located the bathroom which was connected to her room, she went and showered.

The water was warm, a habit as she had yet to realize that her body was immune to the cold. Soaping up, her small hands ran over her body, causing her to experience a strange feeling that she never felt as a man.

"My breasts are sensitive." Talking out loud, Amari rinsed the soap from her body and got out, looking at her breasts and hairless entrance.

The urge to explore her body popped up, then she shook her head, not dismissing the thought, but putting it aside for now. Was it so wrong to explore her own body? She wouldn't blush, as she was incapable of doing so, at seeing her body as it was hers. 

While she had read several gender bender novels, she always felt she could cope and handle the situation better than most main characters could, and she proved her guess right.

Gingerly drying her skin, she put on a pair of black panties and a matching bra, walking out of the bathroom with her well full butt swaying from side to side.

After she got dressed, she left her room and headed to see Evie and Alvin for permission to leave as well as another daylight ring.

She didn't want her new servant to become ashes after all. Without much fuss, Alvin and Evie gave her another ring, this one not being bound to the owner and was rather plain.

After repeated warnings to stay safe, Amari nodded and hugged the two before leaving their room and heading downstairs.

A beauty wearing jeans and a shirt, looking like a stylish model waited on Amari. Zoey wasn't sure which car to pick, so Amari told the maid to give her the keys to a relatively pricey one.

Why buy cars and have money if you won't flaunt it? Why not buy a regular car and save some money if you rather be low-key?

The maid accompanied Amari and Zoey to the garage and closed the passenger door for Amari, the sleek gray luxury car looking absolutely eye-catching.

"Do you think we'll draw attention? Well, you're pretty so you will draw attention regardless." Amari simply forgot her appearance had changed as well.

If she were average before, she was a bombshell who had yet to fully mature, yet her body was still seductive to certain people who liked younger girls.

Amari found the nearest mall on the GPS and Zoey drove out of the garage, the ring on her hand protecting her from the sunlight streaming in from outside.

If she had to tell the truth, she was absolutely frightened by the thought of going into the sun as she had been avoiding it for over a hundred and fifty years.

To her relief, aside from the warmth of the sun she had long forgotten, she was perfectly fine. A tinge of gratitude welled up in her for Amari granting her the chance to feel the sun's warmth without being burnt again.

Welcome. 😊