Chapter 21 Kwondo Industries
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After 2 days Dad started to recover from his Injuries,when he woke up we had a good conversation, according to Dad his long time secretary girlfriend was involved in a Ponzi scam and owed money to Various lone sharks.

Dad took out stocks from his company and more by lending money from the Helix Company,finally his secretary took the money and left leaving poor Dad, now he was put in a bad situation.

Dad didnt know that the Helix group would send out sweepers.

Since staying with Master and Mum I had earned quiet alot of money, Dad was stuck in a pickle he was going to lose his apartment today so I packed up his belongings and headed to the closest Hotel.

We talked for little longer, I didnt hide the fact that I knew Martial Arts, Mum did mention it when Dad called a fews months back, Dad also saw glimpses of it when he was tied up.

Upon calling Mum and Master I told them the situation here in Chaiten City, Master then told me not to worry and to make sure I made time to see the Helix Company.

After telling Dad I would be back this afternoon, I took a cab to Kwondo Industries.

Arriving at its headquarters the Skyscraper was enormous! "Harry you Rich bastard"I laughed.

Walking towards the door 4 security guards were blocking the entry.

I asked respectfully if i could speak to Harry, No one budged, I was starting to feel a bit agitated and asked a further 3 times without any luck.

Then a young man came out and asked what was going on, I quickly explained I was looking for Harry for some reason the man didnt believe me, he then proceeded to throw me out,not before I flipped him over using Tigers Mountain grappling.

The guards instantly reacted,it was now a four against 1 situation, these guys were well trained in Muay thai boxing as one of the guards initiated a strong low kick, too bad Tiger strike was more powerful and versatile, I quickly kicked his forehead as he went flying onto the tiles.

Waiting for them to move, I could hear over the front house speakers "STOP" then a voice said again "Let him in" before standing down,"Fuck that was close", the guy I had knocked down started to get back up, man these guys are no Joke

Walking in I straighted my clothes.