Chapter 74 – Wonderland
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"We have time; when can we enter the dungeon!"

Nafız also welcomed the proposal, and there was no apparent problem.

"We can enter whenever you want, even right now!"

Seeing his friend's strange look, Alyon continued to speak.

"There are three altars inside the castle. When we spill our blood there, the secret passage in the cellar will open!"

"Wow, you'd think Umbrella Co. owned the castle has it done. Then let's let the kids know!"

Everything would be effortless as Alyon knew the entrance. Gathering their warriors, the duo opened the issue to them and started to distribute the necessary tasks.

First, they went into the fountain in the garden. The statue was famous for turning in the direction of the sun, like sunflowers on it. Nafız and Alyon, who dripped their blood into the flower with one more petal than the others, returned to the castle, ensuring no one saw them.

Next was the magnificent painting that adorned the dining room. Alyon carefully examines the wounded and dead lying on the ground in work, which depicts a chaotic battlefield. When he finally saw a woman run over by horses with a baby in her arms, he smiled gleefully, hastily cutting his arm.

The painting immediately absorbed the blood, not even a trace insight. There is only one step left for the duo who discovered both altars. The stuffed wild creature heads on the wall in front of them were staring at themselves.

The last altar was fraught with dangers; one wrong move could cause one to lose one's limbs. It was a gift for Alyon to know all about the bounty dungeons in the Orc Steppes.

The burly orc, advancing rapidly, stopped in front of a giant bear's head. He didn't hesitate for a moment as he thrust his arm into his wide-open mouth. When he pulled his arm away soon after, there was a cut on four fingers above his wrist.

After completing the same process in Nafız, the castle shook violently for a moment. The people inside were in a panic; only Alyon and Nafız were running.

Inside the room where Astute's secret organization ran its business, the floor that used to be a desk was open, and the stairs leading down were visible. What would the lord of the old city think if he knew the secret of the place he had been sitting on for years?

The stone steps were damp, and the two descended exactly nine thousand three hundred and fourteen stairs, trying hard not to slip.

"Come on; it looks like we're going down to magma!"

They found the ground by groping in the pitch black just as Nafız was starting to get upset. As the torches on the walls lit as they took their steps, they realized they were in a large stone room.

"There are some platforms over there. Let's have a look at them!"

The two orcs searched for a door or tunnel to break into because of the previous dungeon, but they were in an area with stone walls on all sides. The only objects in the scene were large boulders with their tops as if they had been cut with a katana.

Climbing on top of it in one jump, they saw many candles burning on the edges of places three feet in diameter. They did not have many options; when Nafız looked at her friend, she saw that he was still trying to make sense of things.

"Sit comfortably and close your eyes. We'll be leaving here after a while!"

Nafız solved the situation as soon as the candles were lit. Although the fumes were too thin to be seen with the naked eye, it was clear from their odor that they were a hallucinatory substance. Alyon did as his friend said, and for ten breaths, he disconnected from the environment he was in and plunged into his dream world. While the female orc waited in her seat, the substances would take a long time to affect her.

"Oh, Mora, you are immune to so many things. I've become like the addict of the year. I can't get high!"

When she awoke, she found herself lying on the green grass, gazing at the sky. Clouds appeared and disappeared in various forms. Interestingly, the shapes were very familiar to Nafız, who had the memories of three lives in her memory. It was almost as if the people in her memories were holding a parade.

Something passed by pressing on her face; the event was so sudden, she could only see the small whitetail. When she awoke in a panic, she found the little white rabbit waving over the small hole he had dug.

''It can't be! That's just a coincidence!"

Thinking about it, she jumped into the hole after the rabbit, and after a long fall, she found herself in a shop with a glass front. There were two large photocopiers and piles of paper, and a beautiful garden outside.

Nafız went to the door but couldn't get out because it was locked, then she thought of trying to break the window, but that wasn't a solution either. She decided to take a good look around, and when she began to rummage through the machines, the paper that her parents had scribbled on when they died fell into her hand.

It was as if she had returned to that time, new ones forming on the scars of dried tears. Every time she picked up the paper she couldn't bear to throw away, the same things would happen again.

The door opened with a creaking sound. Nafız folded her hand and put it in her pocket, and quickly headed for the exit. She was about to leave, but the reflection from the window stopped her. What she saw was not a female orc but her human form as a small child.

"Nafız, son! Let's wait for you!"

When that voice reached his ears, the boy's eyes filled with tears again; it was his mother's voice. Together with his father and older sister, they called him, and he remembered where they were as he ran to them.

It was the city park near their home that they frequented when they were little. It's a weekday, Nafız thought, because there weren't any barbecue vendors gathered as if they would never eat again. His mother and father were workers in a factory when they seldom came across the morning shift, and they could enjoy the green and nature as a family before the sun went down.

"What kind of bliss is this? I can die of happiness!"

Nafız felt his father's hand on his shoulder as he sang to himself.

"Son, don't be stubborn; you come too. It would be nice to visit with family!"

When the boy turned towards the hand owner, he saw that the man in the park was getting old. He had grown up too; they were no longer in the park but in his room at home. His father's words were familiar; they had made this speech before his family's trip was to die.

"Dad, don't go. Bad things will happen. Please stay home!"

His mother looked at him in amazement. He had started a fight for some reason not to go to the village with his sick relatives. The young girl would not go with her parents to say that her sister is looking after him.

When his father wanted to persuade him for the last time, Nafız grabbed his father's leg.

"I beg you not to go. Please stay with me!"

The young man was troubled; he rushed to the entrance to lock the door of the house.

"Son, don't be silly. We have to go. If you're so curious, come too!

His mother was standing at the door of the room waiting, and there was no space left to pass. Nafız, who had a nervous breakdown, clung to the window handle and hung his leg out.

"I will throw myself. I swear I will! I can't break away from you again!"

His parents froze, and soon they looked at each other and began to laugh. Meanwhile, the young man was about to empty whatever was inside him just before he committed suicide.

"Then you went like this; we couldn't come with my sister because of me.

  Do you know what I was most upset about? That I cannot die with you!'

Now I will send myself to my death before you, the moment you walk out of that door. I will jump down!"

While his face was wet with sweat and tears, Nafız was looking at his parents with pleading eyes.

"We have to go, Nafız!"

His mother's word meant the end of the road. As he poked his head out, the icy cold air hit the young man's face.


To be smart enough to earn that much money, one has to be stupid enough to want it.

 Gilbert Keith Chesterton