Chapter 88 – Wedding Gift
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"Did you use these when asking for help, one eye?"

Nafız had a sly expression on her face as she swung the mechanical carrier pigeons in her hand towards the barrier. It took some effort to land the mechanical vehicles, all of which were taking off in different directions simultaneously.

The old cheerful expression on his face was gone as the mercenary captain counted the mechanical birds on the ground. All calls for help were returned to him, and he clenched both hands into fists in anger.

''So what? When they don't hear from me for a while, they will realize that something is wrong. This action does nothing but delay what is known. You brought me another fifty thousand heads; all I have to do is sit here and wait!"

After the man was standing cross-legged again, he appeared in front of a small dining table with the glow of his bracelet on his arm. The bald man had considered all possibilities and had taken the necessary precautions.

"My appetite whetted as I thought I'd win five gold on each of your heads. I would come to the table, but I don't have enough room!"

As he savagely bit the leg in his hand, the contents of his mouth spilled out. Meanwhile, the giant chests inside the tent caught the Hammer Tooth's eye.

He ordered his subordinates to open the hatches, hoping to find something useful for them. It would be a very wrong decision; seeing what was inside them, the orcs turned to stone.

"What's in the chests? Answer quickly!"

Not answering his call, his warriors rushed towards the barrier, shouting terrified. His movements would make the man covered with one eye patch laugh out loud as he dropped his food and dashed forward to see up close the faces of the gasping orcs.

There was a foul odor in the tent. They could guess why; it was something rotten corpses would spread. When the young commander arrived near the chests, he was almost devastated, filled with an orc head.

If his soldiers were crazy, Hammer Tooth was a thousand times more insane than they were. He took the giant hammer and attacked.

"Ha ha ha, why are you crazy now? Didn't I say that your head is worth five gold? Fortunately, the tribe here had no hesitation in gifting me all of the newborn orcs. Please do not harm my coins!"

Facing what he heard, the young commander completely lost control, standing on the verge of awakening his bloodline power. Before, they had only listened to what was told to them; the effect of seeing with their eyes was different.

The sounds from outside had almost stopped; it seemed the war was coming to an end. There was only one target in front of them, the enemy commander hiding inside a barrier of protection. Most of the orc army had surrounded the chief's tent, awaiting the young commander's exit.

"Everybody stop. It's the right of all orcs to know what's going on here!"

It was none other than Nafız who spoke. After completing her words, she tore the tent she was in with lightning-like movements. Almost the entire army could now witness the struggle of the one-eyed man and his commanders.

''Listen to me! The man hiding inside the shield is a mercenary hired by the Main Orc Tribe to stop us. Well, do you know the terms of the agreement? Five gold per orc's head that was your noble lord's offer to have his relatives killed!"

The crowd turned their attention to Nafız, and the army commanders, who had stopped attacking the barrier with the order they received, were listening to her.

"What do you think the district tribe whose lord is such a scoundrel has done? They escaped by surrendering the tribe's newborn orcs to these bloodsuckers. Do you want to see what happened to your brothers?"

The Blood God knocked down the giant chests with a kick, and the tumbling heads reached the feet of the warriors who were listening to her. In the moments when the army of fifty thousand men witnessed what was going on, even those with the slightest question mark would see how wrong they were.

"Bitch, isn't your fault what happened? My dead soldiers, my exploding war machines, for these I will skin you while I breathe!"

The Blood God glanced back at the shouting man, and no matter how arrogant the mercenary captain was, he was just garbage in Nafız's eyes.

"Groom, it looks like it's time for you to get your wedding present. Come closer to my slope!"

The Hammer Tooth was very sad. Not only could he not break the barrier, but he had also eaten the words of the filth inside him. With the approach of the young commander, who was walking towards him in this mood, the Blood God unearthed a sword that would terrify those who saw it.

"Here you go, the groom! It was both a child and a wedding gift for a while, but handle it now!"

The weapon that appeared out of nowhere was an inch thick and almost as tall as the young commander. When Nafız first saw the weapon, she realized how similar they were to the sword Guts wielded, and after trying several times, she finally had to admit that it didn't suit her.

The young commander looked at the sword with mixed emotions. He had been using his war hammer for as long as he could remember; now, it would be almost as if he was cheating on him if he replaced it with another weapon. He had to decide in a short time; however difficult it was, he immediately dismissed the thoughts that had crossed his mind.

As soon as he took the majestic sword in his hand, he struck a blow to the shield with full strength. The barrier, which was violently shaken at first, cracked completely after two breaths of time passed.

As the man inside him watched with delight, he would no doubt feel a chill in his spine after the final hit.

Orcs shouted with enthusiasm, especially the first commanding staff who entered the tent passed out by swearing heavily. He was soon freed from the trouble that had plagued him for some time when the young commander struck the second blow.

"Smash it!"

Only one word came out of Hammer Tooth's mouth. The rest was the work of his army, attacking like hungry wolves waiting for their prey. As a result, soon, one of his subordinates brought the remaining equipment from the captain of the mercenaries.

Receiving the carrying ring, Hammer Tooth distributed the remainder to his deputies in command. He now had two weapons, and it was tough for him to carry them. The young commander, who immediately threw the gift sword into his wrist, would take the hammer on his back, continuing his old habit.

"Should we question a little first? We would have known where the rest of the tribe was!"

As she looked at the severed heads at her feet, Nafız felt a little remorse for not intervening. There must have been a tribe of at least ten thousand people here, and now they would be trying to find them in the whole field.

"No need, we stopped by before we besieged Parthenia. They showed us where to hide in case of any mishap!"

The reason for the comfort of the young commander was apparent, and it was only necessary to wait for the army's reorganization. Nafız felt a little tired and started walking to find a quiet place to get away from the crowd around her.

While she was covered with the blood of the people she had killed, she was glad that today's harvest was fruitful. The blood essence of the mercenaries was mediocre, but hoping to find anything better in this land was tantamount to delusional.

While the Blood God was lost in thought, she suddenly felt a throbbing in her right arm. Her gaze would involuntarily turn to the rabbit tattoo.

Although she had it covered in her long-sleeved armor, she knew where it was and decided to put her hand on it and meet the power animal.


Happiness is good for the body, but it is sadness that develops the powers of the mind.

Marcel Proust