Chapter 25
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Volume 1

One Night at the Inn 25

Originally, Id didn't look womanly. The source of his calamity was the fact that he had familiarized himself with 'fairy jade'. As soon as he reached the highest form of it, Id had begun to change and look womanlier. Although he did whatever he could to stop the change, he knew out of basic instinct that it was of no use. This 'fairy jade' didn't just slightly change his outer appearance, but also his physique and atmosphere. By the time he had noticed this, it was already too late.

'Fairy jade' was normally something women familiarized themselves with. That's why, to try and mitigate the transformation, Id also learned 'heart of the jade dragon'. However, as soon as he learned it, strange side effects began to take place. 'Heart of the jade dragon' did not mitigate 'fairy jade's' transformation, but instead, synergized with it. Thanks to it, Id's chest was flat and his crown jewels were still where they were supposed to be, but everything else had become womanlier. Furthermore, the long hair that Id was growing for certain reasons, was also helping accentuate a more feminine exterior.

"You're so lucky, Id. Since, you're so pretty like a woman. Hahahaa."

As Id was doing his best to calm his complicated feelings, Grey decided to poke at him again. He was quite a strange guy. He couldn't contain himself when others were in trouble, yet he was always poking fun of and laughing at the troubles of his peers.

At that moment, a light flashed within Id's head. He didn't need to beat up Grey, because he would be able to shut him up with these words.

"Grey, do you not want to fully learn the movement technique?"

Even though he was the one to say it, Id felt childish for saying such words, and looked around the table in shame. Only, Grey's reaction was quite a spectacle. It felt like he was being coquettish to Id.

"Aing, Id, I'm sorry. I just meant to say that you were handsome. Well, there's no need for you to sulk because of that."

Grey really wanted to fully learn the movement technique. He had felt the immediate effects of the skill, and knew that we would not be able to learn it from anyone else besides Id.


Feeing disgusted with the way Grey was acting, Illan hurriedly changed the subject.

"It's a bit late already, so we should rest up and rid ourselves of fatigue first, then go to the temple tomorrow. And, for the next steps after that, let's discuss it after we finish our business at the temple. If there's anyone who has a different opinion, please speak now."

Nobody spoke. It was strange to see that a discussion was trying to be formed for something so simple.

It was then that It happened, when the group had come to an agreement with what was to be done, and were about to drink another round of tea. Id drank the last drop of herb tea that was left over, spoke some words to the group, and got up from his seat.

"Now, since we're finished eating, let's all meet in the garden behind the inn."

These were the words that had come out, as the group was lazily sitting around and about to call for Lia. They got up without hesitation and followed behind Id. It was because they knew very well as to the meaning behind his words.

As Id walked out to the back garden, he saw the group following behind him and clicked his tongue. When looking out from the door, the garden seemed to be petite, however, now that they were outside, it was quite spacious. A hedge of trees, that came up to Grey's chest, were all around the vicinity, and a row of chairs were pushed against a wall on one side. Without knowing who was first, everyone took a seat on the chairs.

"This will be the final inspection. Everyone please take a step forward, and utilize the movement technique to the best of your abilities."

Everyone who stood up off the chairs, stood in front of Id in a straight line. However, they were only staring at themselves. They were trying to see which one of them was going to be the first one to participate. Illan pointed his chin towards Grey, while Grey's eyes grew wide with surprise. Illan once again nodded his head, and as if a conversation had been spoken between the two of them, Grey finally walked forward first.

"Huh? Don't do it by yourself. Everyone do it together. That way I can see your true skills."

As Grey had took a step forward and the others took a step back, the group had found themselves aligned with each other once again.

Then, while putting some distance between each other, everyone from the group began to pick up their speed as they utilized the movement technique. The movement of their feet looked quite dizzying. And, as their movements slowly began to get faster, they had crisscrossed each other, and began to ravage the land in the garden.

Step step step! Rip rip!

"H, Hael!"

"Kya! That was dangerous, Grey!"

There was smoke all around them, and as the group was too focused on their own movement techniques, there were several close calls of bumping into each other. However, nobody had bumped into each other just yet. Id thoroughly stared at the group.

'If it's this much, Irlina has pretty much made this technique her own. She should be able to dodge most attacks without any problems."

Id was struck with admiration as he stared at Irlina's quiet movements. She seemed to be slow, yet gentle, but was actually moving at an incredible speed. She had even made use of all the minor details of the technique.

'To think that she would get this far in such a short amount of time. Is the technique made perfectly for her? I had heard that elves were very nimble and quick, but this is…Either way, if she attains the 12th level, nobody will be able to catch her easily. Well, even now she moves pretty quickly.'

With Irlina being the last, Id had completed his inspection of everyone's skills, and he soon began to think about his own world. As he thought of his elder sisters and their faces, id's eyes soon began to get wet with tears.

"That's enough. This is plenty enough. You guys can all stop and head to the room."

Chapter 25 Completed.