Chapter 28
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Volume 1

One Night at the Inn 28

"Since everyone is awake now, let's go and eat. I'm literally going to die because of how hungry I am. And, we still need to go and visit the temple."

As the group finished their breakfast, they met up once again at the back garden. Hael didn't feel any need to rush to the temple, since it was still early in the morning, so Grey used this chance to ask Id on how to apply mana into the movement technique. That's why they were currently at the back garden once again.

Id walked to the seat that he had sat on yesterday, and sat on top of it. And, as expected, the rest of the group found a spot in front of Id and sat down.

"First off, I congratulate you for learning 'Zen Way'. And, since you've learned it, please continue to train upon it. There are many different good points to it, if you do so. Only, what you must pay heed to is that you can only do it in a location that's quiet, and where nobody would be able to disrupt you. If you were to receive a shock while in meditation, the mana that you've gathered till that point can explode and turn you into a cripple. The 'Zen Way' that you've all learned is very stable, so it's okay if you receive a small shock. Either way, please bear in mind that you must be careful."

As Id was explaining these words to the group, he caught sight of Grey's twinkling eyes.

"Now, I shall explain to you what Grey had asked earlier. I'm pretty sure these swordmasters that you've never seen before, use this type of mana in order to make their bodies move faster. And, the method to applying the mana while you're moving your feet is very simple. The movement technique that I have taught you all, and the 'Zen Way' ki control are interconnected with each other. If you utilize the movement technique now, mana will naturally follow and respond with your movements. What you must pay heed to here is that you need to be able to control how much mana is used, and you can do this by controlling your ki as you had been over night. Now, Grey, do you want to try it out?"


Id chose Grey, because Grey was listening to his words more intently than anyone else. Following Id's words, Grey nervously got up and stood in the middle of the garden.

"You just have to do it the way I taught you earlier, so don't be so nervous. You must control your ki to the utmost. And, even if you move too quickly, don't be surprised."

Grey nodded his head and moved his first step with caution.

At that moment, he felt something move within the pits of his stomach, and could also feel his body moving forward, as if being pulled by something. And, Grey also felt the cold air smashing against his face. And, as that something from within his stomach moved faster and faster, he could also feel the air smashing against his face faster and faster. As if he had heard the words of God, Grey heard the stinging yell of Id's voice.

"Hey! I told you to control your mana. Hurry and control it."

Even though the scene around him was moving in a tremendous blur, Grey could still see the surprise within the group's face and the anger within Id's eyes.

"O, okay."

Realizing that the control of ki and the weird feeling in his stomach was one and the same, Grey slowed his movements down. Seeing his speed being lowered, Id nodded his head.

"Grey, that's enough. You can stop now."

Grey lightly stopped himself in front of the group. Staring at the small sandstorm that was surrounding him, Grey's face was filled with joy. He felt that this trip was filled with luck, and never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would meet a master and be able to learn such an amazing technique. With this much, Grey had exceeded and gained what his original goals were for this trip.

"Thanks, Id. Seriously, thank you."

Id began to soothe Grey who was holding his hands while thanking him.

"Oh, this is nothing. This is a matter of course between peers."

However, there was nobody within the group that truly understood what Id's intentions were, and why he was willing to going through such hassle to teach them without getting paid.

'There's no reason for you to be so thankful. It's purely just to make things easier on myself.'

Id was going to be staying with Grey's group for a little while, and anything could happen during that time. It'd be quite annoying to have to deal with every situation that occurred. He wasn't sure when he would be able to go back to his own world, but if he was to carry around extra burden with him, Id could already tell how much hardship he would have to go through.

Id casually spoke to the group members that were admiring Grey's movement technique.

"Then, everyone should take turns with the technique, one person at a time."

Listening to Id's words, everyone took their turns with the movement technique, and were very excited with their own speed. And, especially so for Reindelph, he was even crying after performing his own movement technique. He had moved at a speed that could not have been reachable if not for Id. However, there was one person who shattered all of Reindelph's happy feelings.

"Hahahaha, look at that. Pu, haha, a dwarf, that's supposed to be a dwarf's….."

The one laughing, and looking as if he's about to break his back from laughing, was Illan. It seemed like it was quite funny for him to see Reindelph moving his short legs, while his beard whipped about in the air. Illan began to run away as Reindelph chased after him with a battle axe in hand. Grey and Hael once again realized the strength of the movement technique.

"A good amount of time seems to have passed, so let's head on over to the temple. You guys can stop it now."

Reindelph finally stopped chasing after Illan, and hung the battle axe back onto his back.

Chapter 28 Completed.