Chapter 29
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Volume 1

Kravitz, The Owner of the Weapon Store 29

Having walked out from the inn, the group quickly became drunk with the flashy street and lights in front of them. Both sides of the street were lined up with flashy and clean stores while posters of the festival filled the gaps in between them.

"I've never been to a place with so many people before. I think this will be quite an amazing festival. However, when will it be starting, Illan?"

Especially for Grey who was busy looking around him, he released an air of a country bumpkin. Noticing this, the rest of the group began to put a distance between themselves and him.

"The festival begins today, since yesterday was the eve of the festival. We might not have noticed anything, but it was probably quite loud last night. The festival should last for the next 3 days, so there should be quite a bit of things to see. Especially the magic competition between the magic schools. That should be the best work for this festival. And, since they also give out prizes to winners of the competition, many rogue mages come to participate in it. I wonder what the prizes will be this time around?"

"Is that for real, Illan? It really is going to be amazing then. However, when does that start? Let's move after watching that."

Illan stared at the words that were written on one of the posters.

"It's most likely going to go on for 2 days, today and tomorrow. I'm not sure on the exact time, but it should be fine if we hurry back after we visit the temple."

Id's eyes began to sparkle as he was filled with delight.

'Magic competition? I've never been able to see proper magic yet, since I've come to this world. This will be a great experience for me. Within Greydrone's memories……. it's quite flashy.'

Grey, who was so busy looking around himself, eventually hit his forehead on one of the store doors, but no further incident happened after that. With Hael's guidance, the group arrived at the front of Irian's temple; the god of water and forest. Of course, Celinon's temple was also there, but the road changed to Irian's temple, purely because the priest, Hael was with the group.

As soon as they arrived in front of the temple, a young priest welcomed the group. He was wearing the same green robe as Hael was, but it really matched well with his pale-yellow hair color.

"Welcome to our god, Irian's humble temple."

Hael appeared in front of the group, and even if it was just while they were here at the temple, the group decided to follow and listen to Hael's words.


"For the sake of our god, Irian…..Hello, sir priest. We came to purchase healing potions, and to request for an audience with a high priest."

The young priest stared and Hael and nodded his head.

"It seems like a priest of our god, Irian was with the group. Please wait a moment. I will quickly go and inform the high priest."

As the priest went in then came back out from the temple, he guided the group into it, took them past the outer lobby, turned left through a corridor, and reached the end to where a small hall was located. And, at that location was an old man wearing a jade robe, head filled with white hair.

"For the sake of our god, Irian……so, I heard that you all requested to speak with me?"

After saying the same strange greeting as Hael, the high priest advised the group to take a seat. The high priest seemed to be solemn, but was also doing his best to make the group feel comfortable. To Id, the high priest reminded him of monks from his own country, but with much more dignity than them. As everyone took a seat, Hael politely greeted the high priest again.

"For peace in the forest…….I am one who revere's the god, Irian and my name is Hael. I apologize for the sudden intrusion, but someone from our group really wanted to meet with you, sir high priest."

"Don't worry too much about it, priest Hael. But, who's the one that wants to see an old man like me?"

Following Hael's hand movement, Id walked to the front and politely lowered his head as if he was standing in front of a monk.

"I send my greetings to you, sir high priest. I am a compatriot of priest Hael, and my name is Id."

Staring at the generous looking face and the tender expression on the high priest's face, Id once again felt like he was standing in front of a monk.

"Alright, shall we hear why you wanted to meet me then?"

"Before that, I'm not sure if my words will be considered to be discourteous, but I will apologize in advance."

Hearing that Id may be saying something discourteous, the high priest fixed his posture, and stared at Id with a serious expression.

"Have you by chance actually heard the god, Irian's voice, sir high priest?"

The high priest stared at Id with profound eyes. Hearing these sudden words, Hael also seemed to be surprised. She never thought in her wildest dreams, that he would ask such a question after arriving at the temple. Id's words were definitely discourteous, and depending on who it was, it was something that could get Id killed. However, without making the situation awkward, the high priest answered back honestly.

"Mm, I'm not sure why you're asking me such a question, but if I was to answer, my answer would be that I have yet to hear his voice. However, seeing as how you asked me this question, there must be a certain reason for it. If you were to tell me what that reason was, I would do the best I can to tell you what I know."

Hael was surprised with Id's question, and even more surprised with the high priest's answer. Noticing how Hael was constantly being surprised, Grey poked her on the side.

"Thank you very much. I have a really difficult question to ask, and wish to speak to a god for the answer. Not long ago, an amazing person listened to what I had to say and told me that I needed to ask a god. However……"

Id was having a difficult time getting to the point. He wasn't sure where he was supposed to start at, and it was because it was a question that he had to ask a god. Having the intuition of someone with a lot of experience, the high priest resolved Id's worries.

"I see. Although I'm not sure what your question might be, but if you must get an answer from a god directly, then you can also speak with him through your compatriot, Hael. If our god, Irian really wants to answer your question, then he can use Hael's mouth to answer you. It's not something that you can control, but something that can only happen through our god, Irian's decision."

Id slightly stared back at Hael, and her face had many expressions showing on it.

'So, it's even possible through Hael, huh. Then I should call out to the god through Hael, once it gets a bit quieter. Chet, why didn't Greydrone teach me anything about this.'

If Id was to have done a better job at looking through Greydrone's memories, he would have been able to find the answer. Everything that came about due to Id's laziness, was blamed upon Greydrone.

"I will thankfully take your kind words into consideration."

"None at all. All I've done was tell you a little bit of what I know. More than anything, I hope that my words were of some help to you."

With those words, Id spoke with exaggeration.

"Oh yes, this is more than enough. I hope I wasn't being a bother to you."

After purchasing the healing potions, the group left the temple.

Chapter 29 Completed.