Chapter 31
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Volume 1

Kravitz, The Owner of the Weapon Store 31

'White boundary, black boundary? It's the same energy as those who have reached such a stage.'

Finally becoming aware of Id's stare, the owner finally locked eyes with him. Id's expression looked peculiar. It was an expression that he did not hide, as if he was saying 'I kind of understand what type of person you are'. Understanding Id's intent, the owner scowled at him. As the group noisily looked through the short swords, they did not notice the owner and Id sizing each other up.

"I would also like to look at one of the short swords. Would you be able to choose one for me?"

Id purposely feigned ignorance while asking, as the owner released his look of caution and responded back naturally.

"Of course. What is your name?"

"It's Id, you can just call me Id. I do have another name, but I don't think it's going to be that useful here."

With a straight face, the weapon shop owner nodded his head.

He then went back to the corner that was filled with boxes, and proceeded to bring back another box. There was no sound that could be heard within the box. In other words, there was only one sword within it. The length of the sword was too long to be considered a short sword, and it looked worn out.

The black scabbard that had now turned gray, showed a few vague flowers on it. Unlike the other short swords, this one had a scabbard, and the handle was wrapped with gray leather. However, the leather wrapped all the way down from the handle to the scabbard, making it so that the sword could not be pulled out. In short, besides the dim colored scabbard, it was difficult to tell that it was a sword.

"Kravitz, hahaha, it's my name. Here, take it. I think the sword will fit you very well. Although it was something that I came across a long time ago, I didn't have any use for it so it's just been sitting here collecting dust. It may have been waiting for someone like you to come by."

Id unconsciously received the sword. However, the moment he received the sword, his body felt refreshed and much lighter than before. As soon as he was curious about the strange energy, a voice could be heard from within his heart.

[Sir Id, the sword that you're holding right now is enchanted with a spell. There seems to be some sort of magnetic field that's neutralizing the spell, so it's currently in a sealed state.]


Id was surprised for a moment after hearing the voice, but he soon realized that the voice originated from Lamia. He wasn't used to Lamia being around yet, so he always got surprised whenever she began to speak. Even though Id didn't convey his words through his mouth, Lamia already understood what he wanted to say.

'This thing is enchanted with a spell? Then does that mean it's the same type of sword as Lamia?'

[It's not the same as me, because it's just a sword with a spell enchanted onto it. It can't even be compared to me.]

Id wasn't trying to compare the two, but was trying to understand it in an easier way, but it seemed like Lamia took offense to his words. He was once again unable to understand how Lamia could have feelings and show such reactions. To say it in a different way, id did not know how he was supposed to treat Lamia.

Through Greydrone's knowledge, Id was quickly able to figure out why Lamia was acting in such a way. And, he was also able to figure out the difference between a regular enchanted sword and Lamia.

With what Lamia had told him, Id scrupulously stared at the sword once more.

"Aren't you losing out by selling this sword to me?"

Kravitz's well experienced eyes grew wide with surprise.

"Ha, you have quite the eyes when it comes to measuring a sword. To think that you'd be able to notice it so quickly. And, I gave it to you because I had thoughts of wanting to sell it. I think it's about time that this guy it able to see the light."

The group that was busy looking through the short swords, suddenly all stared towards the sword in Id's hands. The owner's words seemed to have quite the power for the group. Not really caring either way, Id began to speak with Lamia.

'Lamia, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Can you stop being angry and tell me if there are any other swords that are like this in the shop?'

With Id's plea, Lamia responded back with a happy tone.

[It's possible. I'll find them soon. Detect magic hard blade!]

After Lamia casted her spell, Id could feel feeble waves of mana around him.

[I found them. Currently, there are 2 other magic swords here. I'll directly send the projection over to your eyes, sir Id.]

After a few moments, Id could differentiate the magic swords from the real swords through Lamia's help.

Id walked over towards the pile of boxes and began to sift through them. Within a box that was hidden deep within the pile, 2 blue short swords could be seen. Id personally brought the box out and grabbed the 2 short swords. 1 of them didn't seem too different from a regular short sword, while the other only had a sharp blade on one side. Not sure what the reason was, but these 2 short swords were much lighter than the rest.

"Mister. Are you going to sell these 2 as well?

Kravitz nodded his head.

"Take them. I bought them for a cheap price anyways. However, I feel like our shop is going to go out of business because of you."

"I'll pay you generously for them."

"It's okay. They were bound to be sold either way, so I'll give them to you at a cheap price. If I continue to be so generous, I'm really going to go out of business. Take them for 6 Golden."

"6 Golden? Who the hell charges 6 Golden for….."

The one who spoke was the one who wasn't even going to buy them, Grey.

If the price of 6 Golden was to be compared to an average family, it was quite a lot of money. 1 Golden was the average amount made per month, for an average family. If a decent short sword was only worth 1-2 Shillings, then the price given by the weapon store owner was a total scam. However, Id knew how generous the price actually was. For swords that were enchanted with magic, 6 Golden was basically giving them away for free. And, having sold a gem at the previous town, it was a price that was completely within Id's means.

"Here is 6 Golden."

Id took out 6 square shaped gold pieces from his pocket. Having received the 6 Golden within his hands, Kravitz stared at Id as if he was asking, 'is this it?'.

"Sigh, you're quite something. Just because I said 6 Golden, you actually only give me 6 Golden."

"Chet, that's all you asked for. What, I can give you more if you want."

"It's okay!"

After counting the amount again, the owner stored them into a safe with quick hands.

"But, do you not have anything else? Mister, I'll give you a generous amount this time. Yeah?"

As Id walked in front of Kravitz and flashed his eyes, he found another item. If anyone else was to see this action, they would think that a young girl was trying to flirt with an old man, but the group was unsure if this Id was the same one that had taught them about ki and the movement technique.

"That's nasty. To do that with a girly face. Alright, take them all. Follow me."

Chapter 31 Completed.