Chapter 35
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Volume 1

The People of Count Klein 35

The middle-aged knight was full of mischievousness as he continued to bother Id, hoping to get him to retaliate. It may have been because of Id's apathetic responses, or because Id looked like a girl.

If the knight had stayed quiet, everything would have just come to pass, yet he continued to mumble to himself. Id's group turned around and stared at him. The flow of the battle in front of them was going just as Id had predicted, as the mage was getting pushed back by the swordsman. The group lost interest in the fight, however, Id was at the point where he was about to blow.

"The more I hear you talking, the more I feel that you're being unreasonable."

The middle-aged knight's words seemed to be scratching at Id's nerves as a vein could be seen on Id's forehead.

"Oops. It seems like the lady is a bit angry. Don't be like that. This guy here might look like a great guy on the outside, but he's an even better person on the inside. Furthermore, he's also the son of Count Klein, so don't hate him too much. I'm only being like this, because this is the first time I've seen this kid be interested in someone."

Although the knight talked as if he was easy-going on the outside, Id disliked the fact that his words were cunning and sly. Id had experienced many people who spoke in the same way, and none of them were any good news.

As Id's hands quietly formed into fists, he could feel himself putting more strength into them. He then proceeded to speak with sharp words, but was still doing his best to keep calm.

"What are you looking at to think that I'm a girl? You have no proof to conclude as such. I keep telling you that I'm a guy, so why are you taking it in that way? By chance, do all the women that you go for reject you by saying that their men?"

However, Id's sharp words seemed to be showing adverse effects. As the volume of his voice grew, it got to the point where his voice just sounded like an angry woman's.


"Hoh, it seems like the lady is angry. There's no reason for you to hate him that much. And, with that face and voice, who can believe that you're a man?"

Not only the knight's group, but also Grey's group nodded their heads in agreement. However, Id was quite displeased because his looks had become a complex for him.

"Look here. Why are you not able to believe me? I had heard that male elves were also beautiful, so does that mean that they're automatically women when you see them?"

There was some truth to Id's words.

"That's because they're elves. You're human so you can't compare yourself like that. Stop taking a step back, and try going out on a date? This kid's personality is the type that can't talk back to women, so if you play your cards right, you should be able to live a great life with him."

A cold chill ran down Grey's sweaty back, because those words were words that really scratched at Id's nerves.

"If you keep coming out in that way, I'm going to cut you."

Id suddenly stopped speaking to the knight in a polite manner. Even with Id's aggressive attitude, the knight's face did not flinch. His jokes continued to get worse, as Id became even more irritated.

"It seems like you can use the sword, lady. Good, that's really good. The Klein family is a warrior family, so it'd be even better for someone to know how to use a sword if they were to marry into the family. You're definitely at a level to be a Klein woman."

Id, who seemed like he was going to attack at any moment, suddenly got quiet. However, his little fist was firmly rolled in.

"Look here, you really need to stop. You can't be….."

As Count Klein was about to reprimand his knight, it happened.

With a "boom" sound, something changed between the two. It happened so quickly that nobody knew what had happened. They were only able to see the result with their eyes.

One of Id's foot was stepped forward, and a strength filled fist was extended out. The knight grabbed his stomach as he staggered back with a distorted face. The distance between Id and the knight weren't close enough to be reached with the extension of an arm.

"What is this."

"How did this happen."

The young knight supported the middle-aged knight, as he stared back and forth between him and Id. Grey's group was also the same.


As everyone was confused with what had happened, the middle-aged knight spoke in order to clear their confusion.

"Ugh, h, how do you know the fist technique of the Raun fighter's….."

Mischievousness had completely disappeared from the knight's face, as it turned serious.

"It seems like you're finally coming to your senses. There's a limit to how much you should be joking around with a person."

Id was also surprised inwardly.

"Different from the way he acts, he has quite the skill. With this level of '100 fists of god', he should have been knocked out."

The technique that Id had just used was something any martial artist in his world would know how to do. Incredible strength was placed into one's foot (step), then utilizing that flow of power, it was released through a strength filled fist. It was a technique that was mainly for looks.

Completely separate from the competition, this side had fallen into a silence that was difficult to get out of. A few moments later, the knight that had been hit by Id's fist, broke the silence.

"Lady, no you. No no, whatever it is, how are you able to use Space Fist at such a young age?"

Id hadn't been able to calm himself down yet, and his answer reflected on his mood.

"I don't think I need to answer that question for you, right?"

"Hmmm, that is……"

Chapter 35 Completed.