Chapter 36
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Volume 1

The People of Count Klein 36

The knight spoke in a bashful, vague way towards Id's cold attitude. If Id really was a man, then the knight had spoken to him in a very inappropriate way this whole time, and was not in the right to be demanding anything. He was beginning to believe that he had made a huge mistake towards Id, assuming he really was a man. That's why, he did not plan on counterattacking Id's words.

Thankfully, it wasn't just Id and the knight that was at this location. Another man that was with the knight, stepped in between Id and the knight.

"I will apologize in this man's stead. So, please release your anger. This friend of mine did not act with evil intent. He just has a problem of joking around too much. Not only that, but didn't your appearance also contribute to the cause of this incident? So, you guys should reconcile at this point. You guys probably came here to watch the competition, so I'll buy everyone a drink once it's over. How about it?"

Id was unable to stay angry as the mediator said such words. But, these men may still be stuck on the prejudice of his face, and may just be thinking that he's a sulking woman. If this really was the case, then Id would be even angrier. Honestly, it was difficult to even say that Id was upset.

This wasn't his first time going through this type of situation, and everything just happened in a fit of anger, so it wasn't like Id had any malice towards the knight. His previous attack was just to teach him a little lesson.

"Well, if that's how you're going to come out, then there's no reason for me to stay angry. Furthermore, I was the first one to attack, so let's just do as you said."

As Id was trying to pass things over, the middle-aged man laughed with content.

"Hahaha. Definitely manly. Let's all sit back down."

In order to cater to Id's mood, the middle-aged man had said that Id was manly, and recommended that everyone take a seat. At some point, both groups were standing up out of their seats except for one person.


Following the man's words, everyone sat down. Illan came beside Id and gave him some advice.

"Id, why did you suddenly do that. From what I can see, those people there are nobles. Thankfully, they're not narrow-minded people, but if you mess with them in their own home town, you won't even have any bones left over. Either way, good job on holding yourself back. Next time you get mad at someone, ask me about it."

Without paying attention, Id nodded his head. Id knew that nobles were existences that ruled their own type of castles. However, he did not care about such things. At that moment, a bright light exploded out from the platform, and the sound of something heavy dropping onto the ground could be heard.

In Id and Illan's eyes, they could see a woman standing proudly on the platform, and a man in robes lying on the ground. Near the vicinity of the proud woman were small lights that seemed like little fairies. And, with the announcement of the woman's win, a few event personnel rushed out, grabbed the man that was laying on the floor, and rushed back out to the other side.

"What is that, Illan? Those things that are floating around in the air?"

Id pointed towards the bright lights.

"I'm not too sure myself, but I think they're spirits of light. Spirit's aren't really my specialty, but I think that girl is a spirit user?"

Id was unable to take his eyes off the bright lights as he nodded his head.

'Spirits, eh. Mm, so they're the crystalline nature of this world?'

As Id was looking through his memories regarding spirits, the old mage that had come with the knights, spoke with a heavy voice, as if wanting Id to hear. He was the only one that was still sitting in his seat during the previous commotion. Different from his stern expression, the mage was kind towards Id.

"Those are low level light spirits called ride. Although they're just low level spirits, they have a pretty decent destructive power. And, the spirit user who summoned those spirits is called Raynein Klein, the daughter of Count Klein. She's the sibling of this boy, Rinet. Honestly, we're here today, because that child wanted to participate in this competition."

If what the old mage was saying was true, then they were related with the girl that was proudly standing on the platform. Illan and the group stared hard at Raynein's face.

After staring for a while, the group could see a sight semblance to the Count, but her general demeanor was a bit colder than her father's.

Without being happy, she walked down from the platform.

"You did well, Reina. You weren't even flustered. Ah, why don't you greet these people. They're people we met here…… that I think about it, we haven't introduced ourselves yet. Let me start. I am Count Klein's butler. And, the lady that just won the last battle is Raynein Klein, and the one who just got hit earlier is my dear friend, Shioran. This person here is the previous Anakraan court mage, Grihagent Sordakar."

After the introduction from the other side, Illan stepped in and began introducing their side.

"Yes, I'm glad to be able to meet you guys like this. My name is Illan Haugun, and as you can see, I am a mage. And, this guy here is Grey Ranoteus, someone working on becoming a swordsman. The one over here is Hael Irusian, an Illian priest. We all come from the Nidrus mountains, and am accompanying Hael with her training. And, our dwarf friend is Reindelph torshionu. The last two are Irlina and Id, both of which ended up joining our party half way through the journey."

Not knowing Id and Irlina's last name yet, Illan could only give their first names. Just as the Count had said before, he wanted to buy Id's group a drink, but instead of going to a restaurant, he invited them to his own house.

On their way to the house, Count Klein and knight Shioran continued to throw questions out to Id's group.

Chapter 36 Completed.