Chapter 39
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Volume 1

The People of Count Klein 39

The dinner table was very generous because it was feeding guests, and this made Grey and Reindelph very happy. Id, who had suddenly become a Raun Fighter, got asked more questions from Shioran during dinner time, but it wasn't to the point that it was annoying. Everything was proven with one ashtray, and Shioran was rather more interested in Id's personal information than anything. Every time a question was asked, Grey answered, while Id nodded his head and continued to eat heartily.

After completing their dinner, the group said their goodbyes to the Count outside the first door to his residence.

"We had an amazing dinner thanks to your invitation."

"What are you talking about. I was the one that could have a great dinner thanks to you guys. Let's see each other again at the convention hall tomorrow!"

After saying their formal greetings, the group made quick footwork back to their inn. During the downtime, Id asked Grey a question.

"Grey, it seems like there's a difference between an early-stage Sword Master, and a mid-stage Sword Master. What is the exact difference?"

During dinner, Id was very curious as to what the difference was between early-stage and mid-stage Sword Masters, because the Count and Shioran kept saying such words. Regarding such information, Id was unable to find it even in Greydrone's memories.

"That's something even I'm not too sure about…….Illan, do you know by chance?"

"Of course! I'm a mage after all. It wouldn't be good if I didn't know such information. So, a Sword Master can fuse mana into their swords and utilize it as such. And, the quantity and quality of such mana can be broken down to early-stage, mid-stage, and advanced-stage. For early-stage Sword Master's, they're able to inject mana into the sword, increasing the quality of their cut, and although weak, they're also able to resist magic. For mid-stage Sword Master's, just like you showed us earlier, they're able to create a phenomenon where one can see the mana around the sword. If one can utilize such a skill, they can use skills like Sword Spirit, and if their mana is sufficient enough, one can even create a huge 2 handed sword with just an estoc and a thumb. And, for those who are in the advanced-stage, I heard that they're able to use sword skills that are very powerful and domineering. They're also able to fight from a distance, just like mages. And, different from the previous stages, the mana of these individuals begin to change into their own independent colors."


Whenever Illan gave an explanation, it was always easy on the ears for the listener. It was to the point that even Grey could nod his head in understanding.

"Then, what's above that?"

"I was just about to get to that part. That's right, above Sword Masters are the existences known as the Great Silver-Class. However, in the last thousand or so years, the only ones to reach this stage were 2 people. Thanks to that, the information on that class is basically nonexistent. Only, if we were to name a few characteristics based off rumors, they are said to have unimaginable defense, and a change in sword ki comparable to their change in levels. Though, as to how fictional this is……."

When Illan said 'a change in sword ki comparable to their change in levels', Id knew that the Great Silver-Class was above the stemless stage, and into the flower stage.

(Djinn- Not sure what that meant, but I'm assuming it must do with the stuff that Id knows from his own world.)

"That's quite amazing. Then, what were the names of the two people that had become that Great Silver-Class?"

Having to think back into a distant past, Illan's eyes seemed to look much more distant.

"One person was from about 800 years ago, and was the king of kings in the country of Raillon. His name was Shion McDregor. His life story is very famous, but compared to him, the other individual's information is very inadequate. Rather, the person from a much distant past, has more data written down about him, than the person closer to our time that it may not sound believable to you. However, it is reality. Just because it's talked about more, doesn't mean that it's all the truth. Rather, the more it's talked about, the more falseness is placed into the story. Anyways, it's told that about 300 years ago, a person by the name of Maximillion had become a Great Silver-Class. Especially for this person, he had no influence and moved around by himself. With that being the case, he had probably been dragged into lots of trouble, and because there was no one to write down his legacy, he was often talked about through sagas. Although there are plenty of different stories being spoken about through such sagas, Maximillion's stories were always the same. It's amazing that there's no such things as an accurate record."

"Maximillion you say….."

Id mumbled Maximillion's name. With a voice filled of reminiscence, Grey spoke.

"Now that I think about it, I had heard many stories about that person during my childhood days. At that time, I had just thought that the person was an awesome swordsman, but to think that he was a Great Silver-Class…….."

Hearing the stories regarding the two great swordsmen, the group had reached their destination in no time, and even after reaching the inn, Illan gathered the group and continued to tell them more stories. Although there were much more stories regarding McDregor and how amazing he was, there wasn't much excitement to them. However, for Maximillion, although they were roaming records, they were dramatic, moved one's heart, and was very sad.

Chapter 39 Completed.