chapter 3
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“Don’t run! You are only going to make it worse.”

“What are saying? This can’t get any worse.” I yelled back

“Are you sure about that?” she said before summoning a vortex of wind and picking me up from the ground. “Have a nice flight.”

Before I knew it, I was falling to my death.

“Do you feel that?” she said as she fell alongside me

“I can’t feel anything… All I see is my approaching death.”

“Then close them. With the sky kink, you can feel the world around you. Close your eyes and feel.”

“I can’t!”



I was safely on the ground. Grandma Okimi was standing next to me as I slumped on the ground.

“There is no need to feel depressed. Everyone struggles to learn something new.”

“I wonder if I will ever get it.”

“The only person who can answer that is you. If you truly wish to learn it, then you will. It will just take time and hard work.”

Grandma was right… It did take time and effort and before long I was keeping up with her attacks.

Hmm, the boy has grown up so much… Then I better increase the workload.

“Hey, Kenichi… Doge…”


High-speed rocks were thrown in my direction. Grandma was picking them up from the ground and hurling them in my direction with her sky kink.

I active my kink and began to parry them away.

“Good… Keep it!”

Easy for her to say… Wait… Is she speeding up?

“You lasted longer than I expected, but at this level… You might just be able to enter the academy.”

I got up to the ground where I laid after training

“You really mean it?”


The Dragon faith tournament held at the Yoshii academy was the dream of every young kinfolk in the eastern continent.

A chance to prove ones worth. A chance for glory and fame.

I had always dreamed of going there. 

Grandma Okimi was the only one who encouraged that dream.

She believed in me. She believed in my potential despite being a Haffu.

As for myself. The reason I desired to win was simple. 

I want to meet them. I want to meet the dragons.


“The gates of the Yoshii academy. After acing their test. I have finally arrived at…”

“What are you talking about fool?” My grandmother spoke before hitting me on my head. “You barely managed to get…”

“Details… details… I am here and that is all that matters.”

After graduating High school, I took the Yoshii entrance exams. My academic scores were average but my practical exams were excellent.

“Listen here, dummy. The school can expel anyone it deems unworthy.”


“If you don’t shape up, you will be shipped out.”

“No way!”

She sighed at my reply.

“There is more to this school than just kink abilities. You better keep your academic grade up or you will be kicked out.”

“But I hate studying…” I mumbled

“Stop your mumbling and get in there. You will be late for your orientation otherwise.”

“You’re right…” I replied before I picked up my bags. “Grandma?”


“Thanks,” I said before hugging her.

“If you really want to thank me then don’t go making me a great grandma while you’re in there.”


“Then again… We two are the last of the Shimamoto clan… Alright, I will allow it. Go and make yourself a harem to repopulate our clan…”


With that, my school adventure began…