chapter 5
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“I will kill you.” Those words escaped the girls’ mouth, along with a terrifying aura.

I don’t know what just happened but I am clearly her target now.

“Hold up… Why are you angry at me?”

“Why, you ask?” she said before laughing creepily, “This is divine judgment.”

Divine what? Why am I suddenly being judged?

“Enough!” a voice called out to us.

“Eh… Who are you?” I asked.

“You idiot. You don’t know of professor Sakurai?”

“Umm… Should I?”

“Perhaps you will better understand if I say that I am a member of the Kayoko clan.”


The Kayoko clan is the second strongest clan around. Most of its members hold high-ranking jobs in government and in this school as well. In fact, because the first most powerful clan is hell-bent on producing a dragon sage who can win the dragon kin tournament, all power and influence have fallen to the Kayoko clan.


“I am sorry for my rudeness.” i said while bowing my head

“No need for apologies. I can imagine your knowledge of this world is limited. Old lady Okimi always leaves out important information during her training and teachings.”

I couldn't argue with that. I can't even count the number of times I almost died because she forgot to tell something important before training started.

“Excuse me…” The girl spoke. “What does this boy have to do with Okimi-sama?” she asked the professor.

Why didn’t she ask me?

“This is her grandchild.”

“Eh!?” she uttered before staring in my direction. It was then that I realized that I had yet to introduce myself.

“Hi, I am Kenichi of the Shimamoto clan.” I greeted

“You are Okimi-sama’s grandchild?”

“Umm… Yes.”

“I will not accept this.”


“There is no way someone like you can be her grandchild. There must be some kind of mistake here. Were you adopted or something.”

While the origins of my father are unknown. My mother's origins are indeed that of Okimi’s daughter.

“Nope. I am the son of Okimi’s daughter.”

She looked at me with a blank expression when I replied.

“I see…” she finally spoke.

“Nice to see that you two get along.”

“No, we don’t” the girl corrected

“That is going to be a problem, Suki.”

“What do you mean professor?”

“Well. You are both going to be sharing a room together.

“What!” we both yelled

“Can’t be helped. The school has been receiving a lot of pressure to reject Haffu students. The principal has been able to fight off attempts to do that but in order to not cause an incident that could jeopardize that, we made the decision to have all Haffu’s share a dorm room.”

“But why do I have to stay in the same room as that idiot.” She said, while pointing at me.

“Because you are the only Haffu girl that entered without any friends. The other girls have already paired up. You should be thankful that I pulled some strings and had you joined with the grandchild of the woman you admire... or would like to take your chances with some random boy?”

The girl had annoyed look on her face but she didn't answer the professor.

Looks like she has her own issues huh


As I entered the dorm room with the boy Kenichi behind me, I felt like screaming. This was not the beginning I imagined for myself.

“Looks like there are two bedrooms. Which one do you want?”

Our dorm room was similar to a small apartment. There were two bedrooms. A small living area, a single bathroom, and a kitchen.

I picked up my bags which were already in the living area and marched into one of the empty bedrooms.

“You are taking that one? Cool.” I heard him say from behind the door.

'This is a nightmare'. I thought, as i began to unpack my belongings.

Hours later, as my tummy rumbled I realized that I had been cooped up in my room until nightfall.

I left my room to search for something to eat only to be greeted by a wonderful smell.

“Oh… You out. Good timing… want some dinner.”

“You can cook?”

“Well... it was either I learn or spend the rest of my life eating wild fruits.” He said. I didn’t know if he was being serious or joking but by the way he laughed, it must have been a joke?

“No, thanks… I will eat out.”

“But I have enough for two people and I am pretty sure all the eateries are closed right now.”

“Tch… Fine… How much.”


“How much for the meal?”

“It's free.”

“Nothing in life is free. You have to work hard for everything you earn.”

“Wow. That is what my grandmother always says.”

“That is because I am quoting her. Haven’t you ever read her books?”

“I didn’t know that she had written any books.”

His answers were puzzling to me. How could he know so little about his grandmother? The more I pondered on it the more I wanted to know.

“Okay… how about this then. The fee for the meal is friendship.”


“I don’t have any friends. So I would really like it, if you would be my very first.”

He said it without skipping a beat. How can he be so bold? I have always struggled to talk with people, but even though he claims to have no friends, he doesn’t look all that bothered about it.


“Alright. Then let us introduce ourselves. I am Kenichi of the Shimamoto clan.” He said with a smile.

“I am Suki of the Hisashi clan. Nice to meet you.” I replied as I shook his hand.

And that was how I became friends with Kenichi of the Shimamoto clan.