46. The First Prince, Prince Yang Zhou
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Long Qian Xing brought them into a private room.

“Qian Xing, you sure take a long…” the youth inside the room stopped talking as he realized that Long Qian Xing was not alone.

Nan Hua raised her head and saw the young man. He was sitting, yet the proper posture alone gave off the feeling of authority. At this time, he was around 16 years old. His countenance was firm and the aura around him was enough to suppress most people.

“Your Highness, this is my fiancée Nan Hua and her brother, Nan Luo.” Long Qian Xing introduced the two children behind him.

Prince Yang Zhou nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet with you, Young Miss Nan and Young Master Luo.”

“The pleasure is ours, Your Highness.”

“Please take a seat.”

Long Qian Xing sat down in front of Prince Yang Zhou and the twins sat beside him. They were not audacious enough to pick the seat beside the first prince of the kingdom.

“It’s rare for you to bring guests, Qian Xing.” Prince Yang Zhou looked at the two children with indifferent expression. He was not used to interact with many other people, considering that most of them were only close to him because of his position as the crown prince.

“They’re here to eat, so I think that it’ll be good to invite them.” Long Qian Xing smiled kindly. “We order more than what we could eat. It’ll be a waste to throw it out.”

“I see.”

Nan Luo felt a bit uncomfortable when he was with these two. He didn’t like to stay around these two… and Prince Yang Zhou was not exactly known to be kind hearted. His temper was only slightly better than the second prince.


That was the rumor.

“I haven’t seen you for some time in the academy, Young Master Nan.” Long Qian Xing looked at Nan Luo. “I heard that your martial art skill is excellent and that it’ll be a waste for you to fight against children around your age. If there’s a chance, I would like to have a bout with you.”

“I have heard the same about you, Young Master Long.” Nan Luo smiled back. For some reason, even though Long Qian Xing was smiling, Nan Luo felt a bit intimidated in front of this youngster.

“When I come back to the academy, let’s arrange for a time to fight together.”

“That’ll be great.”

Nan Hua sat down silently. She was positioned in the middle, between Long Qian Xing and Nan Luo, thus she could see their expression. Both of them were putting on a smile yet their eyes were nothing but smiling.


It seemed that meeting with these two were not as delightful as she thought.

Thankfully, the food was served and they all ate quietly. Nan Hua’s movement was elegant, one that wouldn’t be easily nitpicked.

From the side, Long Qian Xing also noticed it and felt that he must have been seeing things in the past. The young lady was perfectly fine and didn’t seem to be that bothered with his and His Highness presence.

The suffocating silence finally ended after they finished eating.

To be exact, they all stopped when Prince Yang Zhou stopped since he was the one who had the highest status.

“It’s rare to see noble lady outside,” Prince Yang Zhou suddenly spoke out. His dark brown eyes were staring straight at Nan Hua. “Is there any special reason?”

Most noble ladies would stay in their residence until the time they were married out. Of course, they still could get out in some party that was exclusive for women or some parties in the palace. But considering that the kingdom was in the state of wars, such parties were quite uncommon.

“Replying to Your Highness, tomorrow is our birthday, so we’re picking presents for each other,” Nan Hua replied politely.

“Ours? Are you two twins?” Prince Yang Zhou thought for a moment before asking.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“I see.” Prince Yang Zhou revealed none of his real expression. “Since you’re Qian Xing’s fiancée, I’ll give you a present.”

Nan Hua blinked her eyes. “Wouldn’t that be too much, Your Highness?”

“Are you going against my words, Young Miss Nan?”

“No. Your Highness is wise.” Nan Hua lowered her eyes. If there was anything that she had learned about these people from Imperial Family, that would be their deep seated pride. They disliked having people going against their wishes, especially if it was about declining their present.

“Nan Hua thanks Your Highness.”

“Nan Luo thanks Your Highness.”