Chapter 3: A Night at Swirls
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Being not so popular, Swirls shop did not get many customers. The reason being, talisman could only be used after reaching Level 2 Sentinel and were not cheap by any means. Whenever customers entered in the Shop the remaining members would be called out to observe the transaction.

After leaving the school at the age of 12, Eimi spent most of her time learning the art of talisman making. There were many families that would make their children drop out of the school to teach them family art. In school, talisman making counted as a specialized subject was only taught after the age of 19.

As the time passed, Eimi's parents started to call out her to sit in the shop to observe the transactions. This increased as the years went by and by the age of 18 whenever a deal was made, she was called to observe. She protested many times but under the soft talks of her parents she gave in every time.

The weather was bright, and the master student duo made their way along the roads of Shopping District. It was their first time going out together, so they stopped at various shops and spent vigorously. All the money from the earnings when the Fortune Telling was popular was being spent.

"Master, I recommend getting a haircut", Trace said while stuffing his mouth with candies.

"You want people to curse my handsome face", the master laughed loudly which attracted the attention of the passers-by.

The duo was carrying many bags, each one of a different brand. They attracted the attention of many people. Whispers of people suggested that everyone was suspecting the person with long hair to be the fortune teller of the Coiling Cradle Street.

"Where are we going next master?" Trace said ignoring the comment.

"To get you somethings that Level 2 Sorcerers carve like people carving for your master's future telling".

The duo laughed loudly, merrily heading towards their next destination. The fortune telling business was at the peak of its popularity. Many people even praised the Master as the greatest fortune teller of the century.


Eimi was in middle of nailing the final step to make a talisman when her mother knocked at the door and called out. She was immediately taken aback, and a small blast resounded in her room. She grumpily walked out and raised words of protest to her mother, but her mother dismissed it with a soft voice.

Eimi's actions were fuming with anger as she followed her mother. Why do I have to attend customers? I am a prodigy, she thought. Indeed, she could be considered a prodigy with her speedily accumulating skills and raising her level to Level 2 Sentinel only a month ago. At the age of 18, only 1% of the population could enter the second sequence-Sentinel of Level 2.

The shop was well lit and had a wide counter. There was a door towards the back, behind the counter. Towards the side, two sofas were arranged for customer to sit. In front of the sofas was a table with a leather bound crimson booklet that contained all the talisman that could be purchased from the shop.

Eimi came from the back of the door and saw her father right as she entered. A stout person with a relatively round face but rich complexions. At this moment she thought there was something wrong with her father.

Focusing closely, everything looked right just before her gaze met with her father's gaze for the second time. Her father's eyes turned emerald that reflected her face with an eerie light. A chill went through Eimi's neck followed by sudden weakening of the legs. Just as her eyes shifted focus her father's face turned into a triangular batch that was emitting an emerald light.

Swirls jolted awake from her sleep. The pain in the neck because of her bad sleeping posture was negligible but her body felt a sense of weakness that emerged from her mind. Eimi stood up and the room was empty with only a table in it. She subconsciously walked towards the table.

A wide slab was laying on top of the table. Without realizing her hand was already on top of the slab. Just making sure that the system is working fine. The two rings on her fingers shined in a dim lime light.



Cool winds blew gently swaying Trace's hair. The roads were silent; however the sound of hooves would be sometimes heard in the distance. All the shops around this area had been closed.

Two hours ago, the transmission was suddenly cut off and there was no reply from Eimi Swirls. Trace wanted to call out to her again, but Klavior shook off this idea and asked him to patiently wait. However, soon a carrier pigeon arrive. And the message carried Klavior away.

"I might have something for you tomorrow evening", Klavior said before leaving.

Trace was not sure but nodded either way. Since his master had approved, it was okay to help Klavior. Moreover, there was a little chance that it could help Miss Swirls.


Presently, Trace was not sure if Miss Swirls was ignoring him. But either way, he had to fulfil the promised of guarding the Swirls house at nights. That is why he was standing on his guard, attentive to any disturbances in the environment.

He turned towards the gate as he heard footsteps from beyond. Trace quickly collected the key before the gate slowly opened revealing a face lit by the streetlight. In this light the, otherwise, barely visible creases below the eyes were deeply highlighted.

"Miss Swirls, I am sorry about calling out your name earlier. Are you okay?"

Eimi slowly nodded and gestured him to come inside. The garden does not seem as big as it was because at the side a big staircase like furniture stood displaying many plants. All of them were trimmed and the complete package looked like art that was out of this world. There was nothing else noteworthy of the small garden.

A small path led to the room next to the one with the stone slab. Trace had seen this many times and overtime this place felt more and more like familiar. Soon, it would be three complete weeks of coming at night to guard this place.

"I will stay up with you to guard the house today".

Trace looked at the person in front of him. The figure was only a bit taller than him, but he had the feeling that the figure would collapse any minute. He wanted to say something, but no words came out.

The room with the monitoring slab had sliding door. Eimi deviated from the path and headed towards that room. The space in front of the sliding door was a wooden veranda, good enough for the two of them to sit on.

No words were spoken as they both attentively observed the surrounding. The best was to infiltrate the house was though the back garden. Being a talisman shop, the front side was made unbreakable. Additionally, Eiri's father had invested much on the house security.

The night grew darker as more and more houses turned off their lights. A complete silent surrounded the area when no sound of carriages could be heard even from far away.

Trace looked at the two rings on his fingers. One of the major reasons why he was qualified to guard the house was because he was a Level 2 Sorcerer. Maybe if I were a Level 3 Sorcerer like Mister Klavior, I could have solved Miss Swirls problems.

Once the methods of becoming a Sorcerer were highly guarded by the government. But 500 years ago, the methods to be Level 1 and Level 2 were released, in full details. Slowly the Sorcerer population turned from minority to majority.

Till this date the methods to reach Level 3 and above were protected by the Federation. Thus, all the powerful Sorcerers worked under the Federation. Trace recalled what his master told him.

All life forms could develop an aura, this stage was also known as Step 0 or Level 0. Only those who could condense this aura and store them into a magic ring could reach the first Sequence-Truce, of Level 1.

Level 1 Sentinels, the next step, could make this mana flow inside their body. However, Trace was make flow inside his body.  He was stuck on this stage three years ago but under his master's guidance Trace's advancement did not stop.

One of the most essential stages, the third sequence-Reaper of Level 1 where the mana automatically begins its cycle through the body was also missed by Trace. Therefore, the mana hand not entered his body yet, unable to nourish it.

Trace sighed as he thought of how Miss Swirls was at the third sequence of Level 2 now, a Level 2 Reaper. She must be extremely stronger than me. I am not qualified to be a guard, only a watchman for the night.

He turned his head slowly to take a quick look at Eimi Swirls. Surprisingly, the girl's eyes were closed, she was holding her knees tight and was apparently sleeping soundly. Trace completely turned towards her, unsure of how to approach the situation.


"He finally noticed!", Klavior said while chewing something.

Klavior gulped and waited for what might happen next. Earlier tonight, he received a message and had no choice but to leave. After that, he assigned some people to watch the Swirls house from as far as possible. And instructed them to give him regular reports.

When Klavior heard that the boy sitting outside was invited inside, he quickly joined the lookout. There was a Level 2 Sorcerer present here, who was from his department. And a local Level 1 Sorcerer.

The Level 1 Sorcerer generously offered Klavior sandwiches whereas the Level 2 Sorcerers kept his distance. The Level 1 Sorcerer treated Klavior with respect mixed in fear.

Whereas the Level 2 Sorcerer had an annoyed expression on his face. He was the one who was assigned with the Swirls case. But someone reported to Destthine about the other case that was going on in the same city. And suddenly, Destthine decided to take over his case.

"That creepy fortune teller did not teach him anything good!".

Klavior suddenly stopped looking into the treasure and left the place. Before leaving he told them to not disturb unless something big happens. When he next meets with Trace, he was definitely going to teach Trace how to pick girls.


Forming a mana ring - Level 1 Truce (Sequence one of Level 1)

Making mana flow inside the body at will - Level 1 Sentinel (Sequence two of Level 1)

Mana automatically cycles inside the body - Level 1 Reaper (Sequence three of Level 1)