Chapter 10 – Arrival
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The train stops at the train station. Nobles start to get off of the train one by one. Finally,  the group exits the train with Sharon and Dred carrying all of the luggage they have.

"We're finally here!" Ciara exclaimed with joy.

"Princess. I think we should find a hotel near our meeting site. I've prepared for this trip ever since and I know an excellent resort that we could stay at." Said Sharon.

"Thanks a lot Sharon. Please guide us there." Answered Ciara

"As you wish."

The group began walking through the station and exiting. Outside were a large gathering of Carriages. Sharon then walks up to one of them and ask the man for a ride.

"Excuse me sir! I would like one trip to Meadowbrook for 3 people."

"Alright. The cost is 3 Rets and 9 Rags."

The Butler then hands the man the money and the Dred and Ciara get on the Carriage. The man starts the Carriage and they're on their way to Meadowbrook.

"I'm hungry. Sharon do you have something to eat? We haven't eaten since lunch and now it looks like it's past dinner time." Said Ciara

"Sorry Miss. Please wait a little bit longer till we get there. I promise to feed you the grandest of foods I can find there." Said Sharon

"Fine. I guess I can wait a little longer."

The Carriage then arrives at the specified area and stops.

"We're here. Make sure to gather all of your belongings before leaving."

They all grab their things and start walking.

"So which hotel is it?" Asked Ciara

"It's this one right here. Pure Rose Inn."

"Oh. I'd say it looks ok." Said Ciara

"Really. This Inn looks pretty fabulous if you ask me." Said Dred

"It's not that surprising since our home is 5 times as much the size of this." Replied Ciara

"Ungrateful as always huh." Said Dred

"I'm grateful for a lot of things. Your the wrong one here."

"Alright! Miss If you would follow me please so I could bring you to your room."

"Kay." Replied Ciara

The group then enters the building and arrives at the front desk.

"Hello Sir. How may I be of assistance to you?" Said the Receptionist

"I would like to buy 3 separate rooms for each of us."

"So a room for the 3 of you?"


"The cost is 8 Wells, 4 Rets, and 14 Rags."

Sharon hands over the money. Then they receive their Room Keys.

"Unfortunately tonight we have a lot of rooms reserved. We have gave you all the remaining keys that's left and they might be completely different rooms."

"That's ok. We're fine with it." Said Dred

"Thank you for choosing Pure Rose Inn."

They walk away from the desk and sit down in the seats inside the lobby.

"I am in room 26 on the 2nd floor. Dred is in room 42 on the 4th floor. Ciara is in room 33. We've all got completely separate rooms." Said Sharon

"It seems that way." Said Ciara

"Well, it doesn't matter which floor or room your in. It's my job to protect my little sister anyways." Said Dred

"Oh, I almost forgot. Sir! Is it ok if you can bring any food or snacks to room 33? The Miss hasn't eaten anything for the past few hours and I was hoping if she could find something to eat when we get here." Said Sharon

"Yes it is possible. We have over 50 chefs working during the night. We'll have the food ready for her in an instant." Responded the Receptionist

"Alright. That's good to hear." Said Sharon

We see Dred walking on his own towards the stairs with his luggage. Sharon follows Ciara towards her room and he drops off her stuff and closes the door.

"Finally, rest. After a long trip, we finally get to just sit down and relax."



One luggage is shaking vigorously to a point that it falls over. The next thing you hear is,

"Let me out already! My entire bodies cramped just sitting in this position! It's been more the 3o minutes!"

"EEEEHHHHHH!!!" Squealed Ciara 

"LET ME OUT!!!" Exclaimed Bermil

She rushes over to the suitcase and opens it. 

"I'm finally out! Wahoo!" Bermil celebrated

"What are you doing here!? Shouldn't you be with Dred or Sharon right now!?" Asked Ciara

"Who knows? What matters is that I'm finally out."

"Ughhh. Get in the luggage. I'm gonna get you to go to either Sharon or Dred."

"Why? Can I just at least rest for a moment before going back into that hell hole?"

"Why should I wait just to get you to get in?"

"Shut up! If you don't want to be with me, why don't you just go in the luggage!?"

"Because I won't fit obviously!"

"Oh I know why you won't fit! It's because your fat!"

"I'm not fat jerk!"
"I bet your hiding all that meat under your dress!"

"You brute!"


"OW!!! That hurt you bastard!"

"You have a pretty foul mouth for just a child."

"Well this CHILD just saved your life!"

The both of them then turn away in frustration.

Knock Knock Knock!

"I brought a tray of snacks for the Princess named Ciara."

"Get in the luggage now idiot." Ciara whispered 

"I really don't want to go back in there." Bermil complained

"Listen. Just get in the luggage already."

Bermil sat there for a second before complying.

"Fine. You have a minute. Got that."

"Right. Now get in already."

"Is the occupant in there? Hello."

"Yes! Coming!"

Bermil got into the Suitcase and Ciara zipped it shut. Ciara then opens the door for the staff member.

"I brought all kinds of snacks for you to ea-"

"Yes, yes. Thank you very much. I'll take it and and some of it later. Once again thank you and have a good night."

Ciara slams the door, followed by a fait voice through the door.

"That was unpolite."

Ciara checked for any footsteps near the door, before unzipping the suitcase.

"Ok, you can come out now. The guy left." Said Ciara

"You kept your promise. I guess I can trust you a little more."

"Don't worry about it. The reason why I want you switching rooms is because I don't want to sleep with some rando I found on a train."

"I don't plan on doing that anyways."

"Then why don't you just listen to me and stay in there till-"

"Because I'm sleeping outside."


"Either of you guys rooms are what I only use during the daytime. During night, I'm sleeping on my own. I don't trust you guys enough to be sleeping in the same room as you."

"Ah. I guess that makes sense, but did you forget room service is during the day?"

"I can just hide in the ventilation system until they finish cleaning."

"True. Well, tomorrow is the meeting around 8 A.M. Be sure to wake up before that time okay?"

Bermil thought to himself

'Crap. That's my weakness. I don't think I'll wake up will the evening.'

"Ok. I'll promise to wake up before then.

"Alright. Make sure not to get caught then. I'll be on my bed eating snacks if you need me."

She gets up and lays down in a lazed position.


"Huh? Was that you? Have you eaten today?"

"Yes, but that was way early in the morning." Bermil responded

"Wow. You haven't eaten anything since then."

She then puts on a little grin.

"Well if your starving, I wouldn't mind sharing. I mean, only if you get on your knees and pray, then I would be more than happy to-"

"No thanks. I got my own food. Gift!"

A box of chocolate cookies then appear on Bermil's hand.

"C- Cookies!?"

"What? Something wrong?"

"N- No! Nothings wrong."

"Ok then." Said Bermil as he starts eating them.


"If you keep calling at me like a lap dog, I'll throw these cookies at you."

Ciara's face then starts drooling. Bermil looked confused for a second, then he understood the situation. He knew that she loved chocolate chips. With a large grin, he said.

"Oh. You want some of these cookies don't you?"

Ciara then nods.

"Well I wish I could give you some but I'm very hungry."

"W-Well if you really wanted some food, then we can bring in a lot for you by tomorrow."

"But I really don't feel like waiting. I think I'll just eat all these cookies for dinner I guess." 

"Please share Bermil!" She started begging

"Well, I might just share, but only If you listen to what I say though. Though I think the deal may be just a little too unfair."

"Nothings unfair at all! I think this deal is perfect! I accept!"

In Bermil's mind, he thought.

'This girl really fell for the most obvious trap. Hmm... Now what command should I start off with? Oh, I got it!'

"Alright then I accept. If you want to earn cookies then listen to my command. Starting off, you will act like a dog."

"What!? Why should I-"

"Want the cookies?"

"Roof Roof!"

"Good Boy! Here's a treat!"

Bermil tosses her a cookie.

"Mmm deliciou- erm. Roof Roof!"

"Now roll over!"


Ciara then rolls over on her side.

"Good doggy now you can have another treat!"

Bermil then tosses her another treat. She leaps in the air to snatches it with her mouth, then chewed in a foul behavior. Then in the mind of Bermil,

'Hahaha! I've seen protagonist do this in some Anime, but I never thought that it would actually work! Just holding back my laughter is taking my all!'

"Alright now! Play dead!" Ordered Bermil


"I would like to know exactly what is going on." Said Dred as he stood tall behind Bermil


"I came in through the ventilation system since I wanted to know exactly what is happening to you before attacking the enemy, but here I am watching a circus show." He said as his Aura turned dark and sinister

"Dred please don't tell Dad or anybody else about this!"

"Don't worry. I won't tell a single soul. Now Bermil. I give you 3 seconds to explain."

"W-Wait we were just playing."


"It's just a prank! See we're all laughing! Hahahaha!!!"


Bermil then attempts at escaping through the window before being grabbed by Dred.

"3. Times up. Now for your beating."


In a moment Bermil was on his knees with a completely bruised face apologizing to Ciara.

"Sorry. I will accept any punishment you desire." He said with tears running down his mangled face 

"Well Ciara, I'll be in bed. You should go to sleep soon too. Tomorrows a big day."

"Right. Before then, I have something to take care of." She said with a devilish smile as she holds Bermils cookies

Dred then opens the vent and crawls through it.

"That's unfair. You have your brother to come save you." Bermil said with a dismal look

"Life is never fair. Now then. I've got to sleep so get out of my room already."


Bermil then opens the window and climbs though it before completely disappearing. Ciara moves towards the light switch and then shuts it off.

Now Bermil climbed on top of the Hotel, reaching the top floor.

"Huff. Puff. How many floors was that? Huff. Puff. 10? I never seen a Hotel this tall in my life."

"That's right. You never seen one this tall because you've been stuck at the village for your entire life!"


Bermil jolted up to see a shadowy figure at the other side of floor.

"Who are you?" Asked Bermil

"Who am I? I'm an old friend obviously."

Out comes shadowy figure and what appears here is a Golden Haired, Blue eyed Dark elf, with brown skin.

"It's me, the 3rd year Kaizo Yeray!"