260. Battle With A God (III)
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Yahweh looked at his favorite yet most disobedient son and was momentarily lost in his memory. In the early stage of the war, the confrontation between all the different pantheons was mildly compared to the later stages.

However, later, Yahweh wanted to end this war so he came up with the idea of becoming the main villain and forcing all the other pantheons to work together and unite.

Unfortunately, he underestimated the corrosion of faith. In his doctrine, he proclaimed himself as the only Almighty God, he claimed to be the one and only Supreme God, the one that all others have to bow with.

His original intention was to tell the other gods of his intention and made him the villain.

Unfortunately, as his believers spread this idea and believe in them, as Christianity became more powerful, the faith he absorbed began to twist his mind.

It made him believe that was what he truly wanted, what he truly desired: it forced him to play the role he portrayed in his doctrine.

And by the time he realized what was happening, it was already too late; his personality, ideas, and views of the world had changed. He attacked the other gods for his own selfish reason.

He absorbed their Divinity/Authority to become more powerful; he wanted to become omnipotent and omniscient, just like the individual portrayed in his doctrine.

And when the Novad King entered the war, opening the door to the multiverse, his ambitions simply could no longer be stopped.

At some point in the war, he came up with the plan to have his son "fake" a rebellion in his camp, so that he could implant a mole in the side of the other pantheons.

Unfortunately, the way he went about executing such a plan was not ideal; he never told Lucifer and the others that this was supposed to be a fake rebellion.

He planned that after secretly manipulating his favorite and most powerful son to rebel, he would tell him the truth and reconcile. Unfortunately, once the deed was done, Lucifer was more furious after hearing that even his so-called rebellion to regain his free will was nothing but his father's plan.

He refused to reconcile with him and joined the other side for good.

While the father and son were having a reunion, Edward and Hermione had already prepared for their next attack.

Hermione had her undead attacked without reservation; without fear of death or any pains and even suppressed emotions, these guys were the greatest fighting machines.

Lucifer faced his sister head-on: anger, rage, disappointment, and longing deep in his eyes.

Shining lights filled the starry skies as countless spells exploded at the same time. Powerful divine items bloom with power as the two sides confronted each other. Unfortunately, the angels' light attacks were their nemesis. So, despite the advantage in army sizes, the battle was not in their favor.

Realizing that the situation was not in her favor, Hermione rapidly formulated a counter-measure. Just like Edward, she was connected to Morgana and gained access to her all her processing power.

She connected to the Golem Factory inside the floating city. There are machines designed to mass-produce different levels of golems; as long as there are enough resources and energy, these golems can essentially be mass-produced.

Edward designed the Floating City to be a one-man army; a one-man civilization. With one, arcanists should be able to conquer worlds, planes, and planets.

After gaining access to the factory, Hermione modified the setting to manufacture exo-suits instead of golems. Then, she rapidly created Anti-Light magic enchantments to be placed on these suits.

This was a basic enchantment that focused on keeping positive energy from entering the armor, so it was not that difficult to design.

Immediately afterward, many suits or armors were created and she sent them to the undead army, providing them with protection against the light magic of the angels; this way, not only did she level up the field but also granted her side the advantage.

'My queen, your actions have accelerated the rate that the Aether Core is drained,' said Morgana, making Hermione frown for a brief moment. Then, she used her spell to have her consciousness exit the mirror dimensions and enter the real world.

In an instant, she scanned most of the milky way galaxy and located numerous stars. With a wave of her hand, a large quantity of these stars disappeared before reappearing at the energy core of the Floating City.

Then, she activated the Energy Conversion Enchantments that the Weasley Twins created to convert the heat radiated from these stars into mana; that way, the energy problem was slightly alleviated by converting more than a hundred stars per minute.

Then, she focused on the battle once more. She realized that after the death of any of the angels, a strange power appeared on their bodies to prevent them from turning into undead and joined her sides.

Nevertheless, Hermione still tried her best to steal a few higher angels' bodies; these were valuable research subjects of the Empire. Meanwhile, Snape was focusing on casting curses on Yahweh to weaken him,

This included Energy Draining Curse, Blood Draining Curse, Great Weakening Curse, Soul Weakening Curses, and so on. Which curses he knew, he used them–even if many of them were useless because of Yahweh's high immunity.

His job was to both weakened his opponent and to also distract him.

As for Edward, he used the spell Sectemsempura.

An enormous invisible blade rushed to cut Yahweh apart. A semi-spherical appeared in front of the latter to protect him, however, this blad sliced it off into two. Yahweh felt that this blade could sever any dimensions into two parts.

Then, a white shield appeared to surround him and block off the attack.

"Mortal, you should be proud to make this god take you seriously," said Yahweh for the first time since this fight began. His words sounded like praise but also very condescending.

To him, this was the highest compliment he could give a mortal. Forcing him to use the [Guardian Divinity] to block that last attack, showed that the Internal Sorcerer in front of him was truly capable.

"Now, you can die in peace," continued Yahweh, his voice echoing in all the corners of the mirror dimension.

Time Divinity: Time Stop.

Suddenly, the deep black starry sky turned into white before everybody stopped moving: whether it was the Angel Legion, the Undead Legion, or the four of the Floating City, all of them stopped moving.

With a cold and indifferent look on his face, Yahweh's blue hand descended on the Floating City. The sheer size of that hand is enough to destroy the city more than a hundred times over.

Fortunately, right before his hand landed, a massive gray magic circle appeared on top of the Floating City. A strange wave came from the circle, and immediately afterward, Edward and the other three were no longer affected by the Time Stop.

As soon, as they regained their freedom, Lily erected a High Physical Damage Barrier to the city and protected everyone.

Meanwhile, the others were also breathing slightly out loud. After discovering time magic, Edward has always been worried about people who could stop time as this was one of the most overpowered abilities.

So, he developed anti-Time Stop Enchantments and placed them on the Floating City. Well, not just the city. Even the robes he wore had an anti-Time Stop enchantment, along with an anti-Instant Death Spell similar to Death Touch and so on.

He studied the Time and Death Authority deeply to develop these enchantments, and each time his understanding of these magic increased, he would optimize them.

Edward looked at Yahweh with a deep look on his face. He realized that the reason that the gods were so much more powerful than other magical users or species was because of the power of [Authority].

Based on his recent calculation, he realized that a spell would require at least 100 times or more mana as an energy source to equal any of the weakest attacks used with [Authority].

After all, this power came from the fundamental or natural laws of the universe; fighting against is similar to individual fighting against the entire universe. Or man fighting against nature.

'Morgana, secretly charge the Void Cannon. Then, bring out the Death Staff and the Time Staff.'


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