Chapter 92 – Returning to Lograin
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"Are you sure you don't want us to come with you?" Will asked, his sentiments shared by the others of Ehmvier village that Kanae was close with.

"The Protectorates know your face after what you did at the adventurer's hall. The entire order of One will recognize Arenade immediately. And Mitty's a goblin. It's safer the fewer we are, which is why Noah's the only one coming with me. No one knows him either. We'll be fine," Kanae assured them as she gave Teana a squeezing embrace.

"Mama, be safe!" Teana pecked Kanae on the cheek and beamed.

When Kanae stood up, Arenade was standing right next to and facing her with an unamused frown. The baby bump was beginning to really show. She wanted her to stay most of all so that their baby would be safe.

"I'm not going to stop you, but you better not disappear on us. If I have to raise this child alone, I'll curse you as befits a vengeful being of divinity!" Arenade warned.

"Yeah, yeah." Kanae rolled her eyes, and was then gently tackled by a hug from the fallen demigoddess.

"Edina's the reason we have a second chance out here. Make sure that ratwhore comes back safe and sound," she said.

Kanae and Noah boarded the carriage manned by Renya's crew. It was an unmarked vehicle, so it wouldn't be traced back to her, Rown, or suspected of criminal intent. Once they arrived at Lograin, Renya wouldn't be there to help. For so long, Kanae had been bailed out by her ingenuity. Now she was walking into dangerous territory with only her own wits.

"Lograin, is it? My father's spoken of the city, but we've never visited it. To live amongst so many people must be quite a hassle," Noah wondered aloud.

"Have you only lived in Highgreen your whole life?" Kanae asked.

"It's more accurate to say I've lived in no man's land my entire life. I've visited many villages with my father, encountered nomads, and even made friends with demons before you," he said.

It was a vast plot of land after all and came as no surprise that there were other pockets of life out here. However, the consequences of blessing it with rich resources had emboldened greed from the likes of Talon— as well as the demons. It only made sense for them to be here, given that they previously sought to strip resources around Orturic.

Now, in order for Kanae and Ehmvier Village to defend their own, they needed greater numbers. There was no one better than the one-squirreling army, Edina, whose necromantic powers could give them the edge against anyone.

Night fell and Noah was beginning to nod off when the carriage lurched to an abrupt stop. The glow of torchlight shone through the windows. Kanae opened the slat to find their driver raising both hands above his head. It seemed a group of highwaymen had stopped them in the middle of the road.

"Alright, everyone outta the carriage!"

The driver glanced awkwardly over his shoulder to Kanae and cleared his throat. "Sir, for your safety and mine, I highly advise against raiding pilfering this car—"

Someone dragged him off the seat and into the ground. Another person threw open the carriage door. It was a human man, missing most of his teeth and wearing a red bandana on his head.

"Well, lookie here. What a pretty lassie and elf boy. Come out slowly and toss yer weapons to the ground," he ordered, brandishing his own sword at them.

Noah casted a cautious look to Kanae for what to do. She complied and did as was told, so he did the same. They were bound with rope upon exiting the carriage. There were six men in total, each wielding crude and rusty weapons. One of them went to rummage inside the carriage, and another, barrel-chested human man who smelled of purposefully-poor hygiene sauntered up to Kanae and Noah.

"Pretty is right. What's a prime piece of meat like yourself doing out in no man's land? The only thing you're going to find out here is a good railing, 'cos I ain't had some good pussy in weeks," their presumed leader said.

"Oh, are all six of you going to take turns raping little ol' me? Whatever shall I do if you mind-break me into your personal sex slave?" Kanae feigned helplessness, drawing an appalled stare from her traveling companions.

"Ehh… Boss, I got a bad feeling. She ain't scared like other women. In fact, she sounded eager," an underling stammered.

"Hmm… When I look at her, my brain says no, but my dick screams yes… Strip 'em and check 'em. We got our orders," the boss commanded.

"Orders?" She raised a brow, then flashed a Charm spell.

Five of them tensed up and fell under Kanae's control, but the leader resisted it.

"What did you just…?" He staggered back and gasped as Kanae let show her succubus form. The color drained from his face, his voice rose a few pitches, but he clutched his sword tightly as if it could save him.

"You're outnumbered now, so there's no point. You might as well try to get in my good graces to save your skin. That's how it usually works, right?" Kanae smirked, compelling his former companions to free Noah and point their weapons at their own leader.

"Protectorates paid us to just keep our eyes peeled! It was easy money, so we took the job! He ain't looking for just any demon. He's looking for you in particular. Whatever you did pissed him off more than you know!"

That was easy.

But if Bardell was tossing gold at bottom-of-the-barrel ruffians, then he was underestimating her.

"That enough for you? I won't tell a soul, alright?" he pleaded.

"Good enough for me," Kanae said. "Hunt down anyone under the Protectorates' payroll. Those are your new orders, starting with your boss."

"At once!" her thralls exclaimed.

"Wait, wait— please, I'll work for ya instead!"

Kanae gestured for Noah and her driver to get back on the carriage to continue their journey. They had a city to destabilize.

They arrived at Lograin to a much more militarized city than Kanae last remembered. Guards patrolled alongside Protectorate knights, who were distinguishable by their bronze-tinted armor and emblem of a fortress against a kite shield. Citizens pressed their backs against the wall to let them pass, like avoiding a wagon that would gladly run over insects on the street.

Suffice to say, it didn't seem like Protectorate presence made the people of Lograin feel any safer.

"Okay, Noah. Just a few—" Kanae stopped short, having noticed that he was still fast asleep.

There was a slight bulge in Noah's pants, and Kanae knew it was morning wood since she used to suffer their miserable plight growing up as a boy. An idea came to mind. They had only just entered Lograin. It would be a few more minutes before they reached the adventurer's hall due to the usual traffic.

Kanae sat beside Noah, who was asleep and leaning against the side of the carriage. He breathed through his slightly parted lips, occasionally pursing them and grumbling something unintelligible. She rubbed the swollen member over his pants and gulped. It was rock hard.

Unable to control the gnawing hunger, Kanae unveiled her tail to slither down Noah's pants and pull out his penis. The tip poked out above the waistband and throbbed for release. One tug of the string loosened his pants enough for her to pull it out.

"You awake, Noah? If you don't say no, I'm going to take that as a yes." Kanae knelt between his legs and nuzzled her face against the cock. He was so cute asleep. They were the same age, but one of them had experience.

While her tail clenched the base of his dick, Kanae began to lick the tip. Noah's breaths grew shallow, and his cheeks flushed a shade of red. Twitchy fingers curled up, scratching the cushion of his seat.

Soon, Noah shuddered uncontrollably. Kanae sped up her fellatio, rubbing it against the silky inner linings of her cheeks to grant him pleasure in whatever dream he was having. Viscous and bitter loads of cum pumped into her mouth, and she happily swallowed his delicious seed until he went soft.

This elf is mine, Kanae thought lustfully to herself. They were betrothed by Grell in the name of an alliance after all.

Their mission here was supposed to be a serious one, but Kanae couldn't help but want to tease Noah more.

"Let's see how far I can take this… Sleep." Kanae casted the newly-gained spell, causing him to fall into a deeper slumber. "Now— Turn Horny."

Noah's dick became erect again, glistening with her saliva. Kanae sat atop and straddled his waist, then guided the thick member into her famished cavern. It was certainly bigger than Mitty's, but didn't quite compare to any beastmen or adult humans.

However, taking Noah's virginity while he was unconscious thrilled Kanae to no end. She bounced on his cock, letting their hips applaud in an encore to their matrimony.

"How do I feel?" Kanae asked the sleeping Noah, cupping his face between her hands and drawing closer to his parted lips. "Do you like my pussy? I know your dick likes it… mmm… You're making me feel so good…"

The carriage creaked each time Kanae slammed her hips down. Thank goodness the bustling city and wheels grinding on cobblestone dulled the sound of their sex. If the driver knew, so be it as long as the masses didn't. Unbeknownst to everyone and the Protectorates just beyond the carriage, a succubus and elf were fornicating in their midsts.

"Nnh…ahh…" Noah, although still fast asleep, squeezed his eyes shut and moaned.

Kanae didn't want him to alert anyone outside, so she sealed his pleasured moans with her own lips. She picked up his hands and planted them against her breasts, forcing him to squeeze to grant her pleasure, too.

They reached the peach of ecstasy as Noah ejaculated into Kanae's womb. The hot, baby-making juices squirted like a jet of water.

"Getcha bags ready. We're almost to the hall!" the driver hollered.

"Thanks!" Kanae called back, slightly disappointed that they would have to continue later. She cleaned up any traces that they had sex and fixed Noah's pants back up.

Instead of letting Noah off so easily, Kanae placed him under the Bond skill to tease him further. Since they just had sex, the spell connected them without trouble. She cast Dispel next to specifically dispelled the Sleep spell.

As their carriage came to a stop, Noah stirred awake at last.

"Are we… here?" Noah asked groggily, then pressed his thighs together as he came to consciousness.

"Yeah, we're here. What's wrong? You look flustered," Kanae said.

"N-Nothing," he answered hastily.

About now, Noah was feeling the full force of the desire to lay with Kanae. It likely didn't make any sense to him, but seeing him squirming and shifting uncomfortably excited her.

Kanae threw on a thick cloak with a woolen cowl before hopping out of the carriage. The driver tipped his hat to her, thanking her for saving their asses back in no man's land.

"Give Thedia my regards," Kanae whispered.

"Aye, milady." He nodded and drove off.

Noah stood frozen on the sidewalk from sensory overload. He craned his neck, searching the roof of the looming buildings. Merchants hollering from every direction robbed his attention back and forth between them. A speeding wagon startled him into Kanae's arms which he snapped away in an instant.


"You don't have to be sorry." Kanae winked, making the elf gulp hard.

They headed up the steps to the adventurer's hall, but two Protectorate guards stopped them at the entrance.

"Haven't seen your faces. You two new here?" a pint-sized elven Protectorate asked, his manner of speech rough around the edges and was a sure sign that he was an Outrider.

"We came from Orturic. Just looking to start quests in the morning," Kanae answered.

Neither of them bought it so easily.

"Take off your hood," the other demanded of her.

Kanae quietly clicked her tongue. Everyone had known her as a human. Maybe she could throw them off with the pointed ears of a succubi to pass off as an elf. She loosed the Human Form skill on her ears, then peeled back to the hood. Both Protectorates scrutinized her appearance like she was under a magnifying glass.

The more suspicious guard flicked his gaze to Noah, who was red as a tomato.

"What's up with him?"

"Just a little under the weather," Kanae said.

They grunted and backed away to open the doors, much to Kanae and Noah's relief.

It seemed nothing much had changed in the adventurer's hall. People browsed the quest boards, lounged in the tavern, and perused the shops. An air of tension did weigh down the mood, but it had a lot more to do with the Protectorates as the reception area, who were laying into a poor hall employee. It took until an exhausted Sellica pulling the poor girl away and talking the guards down did they finally leave. Kanae and Noah replaced them at the front desk, and Sellica went wide-eyed.


"Sh." Kanae placed a finger up to her lips. "I'm just here looking for Edina. I don't suppose she's come by?"

"Edina? I'm sorry, she hasn't come by since you left… You really shouldn't have come back to Lograin. Even some adventurers are after you. There's a ten-million gold bounty on your capture, sanctioned by the Grand-Eye of Radevic," Sellica explained.

"Great… It's Orturic all over again." She sighed.

"Are you… really a succubus? You know I have an obligation to report you," the centauress said, but the hesitant tone suggested otherwise.

"That's up to you, but be honest— has Lograin been better with the Protectorates around, or when I was around?"

The question had Sellica stumped, and she was surprised at herself being incapable of answering or making a retort out of it.

For Kanae, this came as no surprise. People living under the religious umbrella of civilization had been conditioned to revile and be cautious of demons. Neither Tess, Grell, nor Parn and his village, all of whom lived far and away from the religious zeal of greater civilization, ever regarded Kanae as harshly as those in Lograin and Orturic had.

"Looks like we're not wanted here. Let's go, Noah." Kanae turned to leave.

"Wait!" Sellica called out, then lowered her voice to a whisper. "That day, the whole city went up in arms about a demon in the city. I'm sure that was you. At the same time, there was also a huge pushback. I think they were calling themselves followers of the Eminence of Sin. The Protectorates cracked down on them, jailed any who claimed to be one, and questioned them. Even coming here to look for followers. There's a good chance they're being held in the same place as Edina."

"In which case, finding out where my followers are imprisoned will probably lead me to Edina… Thanks, Sellica. I really appreciate it." She smiled.

"The Protectorates claim to look for demons, but it just feels like they want to menace the populace instead. Should something happen to those ruffians, no one will miss them tomorrow."

If that was how it was around Lograin, then upsetting the order was going to be easier than Kanae thought.

"Uhm… I'm sorry, but… Kanae, do you think we can get a room soon?" Noah asked, panting heavily with each breath.

"If you like, I can give you two a room. Off the record, of course," Sellica offered.

"That's alright. We'll stay low in the Carnal District," Kanae said.

Although the hope was that the Carnal District had fewer Protectorates, that didn't appear to be entirely true. The area was crawling with the bronze guards. It wasn't until they reached a dilapidated and run down section of the district that there were no more. The two found a shoddy tavern run by an old minotaur with a broken horn and who could barely see past his thick glasses.

Kanae paid for a room with a single bed that faced the side of a brothel. The sounds of sex were plenty, and Noah was a little troubled by it. He truly panicked when they entered the room and saw only one bed.

"What's the matter? Afraid to sleep with me even though you're my husband?" Kanae asked, embracing Noah from behind and licking his pointed ear.

"I-It's just that… I don't feel so good. Must be the city air— ah!" Noah moaned as Kanae reached into his pants to grab his erect dick.

"It's not the city air, I promise you. You're feeling this way because you want to have sex with me. So… do you want to do it? Do you want to pour your seed into my pussy again?" she whispered seductively.

"I had a feeling you did something to me…" He swallowed hard. "I can't take it anymore… I… I really want to have sex with you right now. Can… we?"


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