Chapter 207 – Goodbye to Radevic
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I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]

It took weeks before Kanae and Esta got everything in order at Aidenhall. They met with the new Knight of Ivory, Dalu'luna Mello, many times to catch her up on Order of Colors' duties and obligations. As the sole colored knight remaining in Radevic until Will assumed the mantle of Azure, she would have her work cut out for her.

"I'm beginning to think I should have declined and stayed in my cell," Dalu groaned at the stack of paperwork in hand.

"Welcome to the Order of Colors," Kanae joked with the other half stack in hand. "If I knew it was going to be more writing than fighting, I wouldn't have joined in the first place…"

They delivered the reports to a priest in the Basilica of Saint Rue. He had to call several sisters over to help him carry all of it into the archbishop's office. Their final task done, Kanae and Dalu were freed from their obligations.

"Tough or not, I won't waste this opportunity given to me. Thanks… and, uh… Sorry about fighting you during Archbishop Gretchen's Rebellion. No hard feelings, right? What say I buy you a drink before you leave?" Dalu asked, tugging on her pointed right ear.

Kanae was about to take her up on the offer until a stampede stole their attention. It was her hobgoblin children, dressed in gilded tabards that marked them as junior knights. 

"You know what? We'll take a rain check. See you around, Amethyst. If you survive the war against Ortesia, I'll be the first to buy you a drink." The Knight of Ivory flashed a smile, bowed, and turned the opposite way.

Teana, Mikki, Pan, and Revah surrounded Kanae, tugging on her arms and wings. Daya and Nelly hung a bit behind them.

"We don't want you to go, Mama!" Teana wailed.

"How about we go back with you and fight those snobby high elves? We're strong enough to help you kick their asses!" Pan fired punches in front of her.

"Not a chance. The Grand Eye pulled strings to enroll you guys into Knights' Academy. Stay in school. Leave the war to me, Edina, and Esta. I promise, it'll be over before you graduate. Do you hear me? No playing hookie." Kanae glared at her errant daughters.

"Okay…" they muttered in unison.

They emerged from the palace as one big family. A few Rown carriages and wagons awaited Kanae. Esta, Edina and her undeads, and a few Aidenhall knights were in the process of loading things onto the back of the vehicles.

The kids ran to say their goodbyes to Esta and Edina.

"I'll be coming with. My mom's staying," Aisha said, coming up to Kanae and letting her mother Moira to the ground.

"They appointed me head cook of the cafeteria! Can ya believe it? These young'uns need more meat on their bones. Looks like I ain't leaving this world just yet." Moira grinned.

"Don't feed them too much. These aren't hobgoblins, you know? Their appetites are a lot different." Kanae felt the need to remind the old goblin in case she genuinely couldn't tell the difference.

"Oh, phooey. Nothing but a good stuffin' a whole hog down their throats won't solve. Anywho. I don't plan on kicking the can. Not until I see my son again. You find Mitty, send him this way. Got it? If I do end up six feet under, pump out a few more babies in my name!" She brandished a ladle dripping with sauce in Kanae's face.

As everyone boarded their carriages, Kanae climbed onto Titan, the massive languisteed that belonged to her now. Fitting a beast like this with armor might make for a nice cavalry unit. She glanced over her shoulder. Edina was bear hugging each of the kids. Gretchen helped Suvee and Kanade into a carriage. Esta gave Kanae a thumbs up that they were ready to leave.


Kanae followed the voice to the palace entrance. Two familiar faces ran out in a hurry. To her surprise, it was Lapis and Lani. Both of them came to a halt in front of Kanae, hands to their knees and panting heavily.

"Eh? What are you two doing here?" Kanae asked.

"We… will come with you… the Grand Eye's orders…" Lani said breathlessly.

"And I begged Marwin and Elizabeth into letting me follow you. After all, you were the one who found me. I want to return the favor of you finding me and giving me purpose. The Queen-Mother and her succubi were afraid of me, so please let me fight by your side!" Lapis exclaimed, her voice full of conviction.

While Lapis was one thing, Lani presented a whole host of problems. Ulric had already set the precedent that a Saint Priest could step away from their post. Though not without a very specific reason, and the Grand Eye didn't tell Kanae why unlike last time. This might… put a damper on her plans.

"Hop on then. I'll be happy to show you the Commonwealth." Kanae gestured for them to get in the carriages.

As they departed from Aidenhall, Kanae watched her children shrink out of sight. They were going to be safer here. Everything would be alright.

Their caravan ascended the on-ramp onto the newly-built Imperial Span. It extended all the way into the Commonwealth and then some. Many sections were still under construction as evidenced by the scaffolding and Rown workers around. However, it was already built enough to be used.

"Master." Esta rode up to Kanae on a languisteed of her own. "Lani wishes to speak with you."

The Saint Priest in question was leaning slightly out the window of her carriage. Kanae slowed Titan down until she was riding right next to Lani.

"Y-You're probably worried about why the Grand Eye sent me. Don't worry! I'm not here to join either side. Only to be a witness to the war. Chappy and I will stay out of your way as much as possible. Oh, but if you need help with anything else, we'll be happy to lend a hand!" Lani explained eagerly.

"Hmm… Say I want to look into Chappy, can I?" Kanae asked.

The warlock's eyes snapped open. Her fingers curled over the grimoire's leathery cover. Chappy was currently asleep. Otherwise, he would be talking up a storm and pestering Lani for sex.

"I don't mind, but… but only if I'm around! Chappy is mine. We're a team. Don't think you can take him away from me!" Lani exclaimed, holding her living grimoire tighter.

"I won't, I won't," Kanae playfully mused.

They arrived at Ehmvier City, capital of the Commonwealth of Sin, in record time traveling on the Imperial Span. Kanae and her caravan's return, however, wasn't met with fanfare like all the other times before. Instead of the lizardmen she had subjugated many years ago standing guard, it was a group of succubus in black robes rather than the Sisters of Sin's white garb who opened the gate. In fact, many similarly-clothed succubi wandered about the city. 

Two factions of succubi stood apart from each other. One was dressed in black, and the other was clad in the white Sisters of Sin garb Kanae recognized. Both Lilith and Zadris kneeled down as she approached, and they were shaking.

"W-Welcome back, Mistress!" Lilith exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

"We're glad to finally have you back!" Zadris shouted after.

Kanae had already learned beforehand that there was in-fighting between them. They had their own ways of going about leading the Commonwealth, and so started butting heads.

"I haven't been gone for a year, and you two fractured the Sisters of Sin into two groups. Is this how you repay the kindness I showed you? We have a war coming to our doorsteps, do you think we can afford to be divided?" Kanae asked, looming over them atop Titan.

"No…" they answered together.

"You two, go reconcile by having sex with each other for the next 24 hours. Do it on the floor of the pulpit where the Eminence's parishioners can see." She placed a charm on both of them, and off they went to do as ordered.

That probably won't teach them a lesson, but it bought Kanae time to come up with an actual punishment.

"Did we… come at a bad time?" Lani poked her head out of the carriage window.

"Don't worry about them. I'll have it sorted out in no time. Welcome to Ehmvier, capital of the Commonwealth." Kanae smiled, extending her arms across the city framed by the distant snow-capped mountains.

Chaperoned by Gretchen, Kanade and Suvee rode into the city on the Vantaean foal, Avon. The kids' excitement being back home lured them directly back to their school friends. Meanwhile, Kanae brought her guests to the castle.

"Fancy place." Aisha wrinkled her nose at the many tall buildings.

"Were you really okay leaving Will behind?" Kanae asked.

"If he's strong, I'll have nothing to worry about. My mom wants to see Mitty again, so here I am helping you find my brother. I also want to see what kind of man he's become to bag a succubus like you," she said.

When they arrived at the castle, Kanae had the guards escort Lanil Hammerthorn to one of their finest rooms. She instructed Parn, the old dark elven minister who had come a long way since his village elder days, to draft letters to Highgreen and Talahurah. Esta went around the city informing those on a need-to-know basis, like Manabe, who commanded the army to mobilize their forces and step up recruitment. Takumi and Ingrid, the foremens of the Commonwealth's mining operations, were asked to ramp up labor. Edina, having lost most of her death knights after the Pillar of the Damned's power diminished significantly, returned to her abode to ritual-summon more.

Everyone had something to do. Except…

"Is there anything you want me to do?" Lapis asked, pointing to herself and expecting to be put to work.

"Lapis, you're a guest here. You don't have to do anything," Kanae said.

The dwarven sex automaton's shoulders slackened.

Kanae hatched an idea. She brought Lapis to the Cathedral of the Eminence of Sin. There, lying naked at the foot of the pulpit, were Lilith and Zadris eating each other's pussies in the 69 position. A few voyeuristic congregants had seated themselves at the first bench for front row seats.

"Gods bless the Eminence of Sin!" Someone wolf-whistled sharply.

"I'm so glad I missed morning prayer," another added.

The two succubi spared a second to look up at Kanae before quickly returning to pleasuring themselves.

"Shllrrp… Mistress… I'm diligently… doing as you asked… shllrrp… mmmm!" Lilith said from beneath Zadris.

"Hahh… High Priestess… Please, forgive me for betraying your expectations… I'll do better next time," Zadris promised her.

"You see them, Lapis? They are among my most trusted, beloved disciples. One of the first! I need them to understand how wrong they were in tearing my Sisters of Sin apart. Do what you do best and show them no mercy," Kanae said.

"Hehe. I'm not tossing aside a chance to be the sex machine I was made to be. You got it, Kanae! I'll whip them back into shape even if it breaks their cunts!" Lapis grew not one, but two penises.

The onlookers went wild cheering, but Zadris and Lilith were stunned.

"M-Mistress, High Priestess— wait!"

Kanae left the cathedral amidst their cries and returned to the castle. It was late now. The journey here had taken a lot out of everyone. Too bad things weren't going to get any easier from now on. First, to clean up Zadris and Lilith's mess, and reunite the fractured Sisters of Sin. Next, broker an alliance with Lord Charron and the Queen-Mother. Finally, wage war against the self-proclaimed holy empire of Ortesia.

"I hope Lani is settling in well," Kanae muttered aloud as she made her way to the Saint Priest's room.

However, the room was quiet. Kanae knocked but no one answered. She slowly opened the door and was hit by the musk of sweat. Lani was twitching in bed. Dozens of tentacles were all around her.

"Well if it isn't the succubus! What brings you here?" Chappy asked, using a tentacle to wipe the sweat from his upper cover.

"What did you do to Lani?!" Kanae rushed over and checked for a pulse.

"Nothing to fear! This is what we usually do. Isn't that right, babe?" The living grimoire made the Saint Priest nod her head since she was unconscious. "Don't mind her. She's just all tuckered out. Usually won't wake up until morning. Great for me, since I'm into sleep play and Lani gave me permission!"

Kanae wondered how true that was, or if he was just lying to get more fun out of her. Although… If Lani wasn't going to wake up anytime soon, maybe this was a good chance to learn something herself…

"I want to find out about the One-Eyed Cross. You're the most likely one to have any information about it," Kanae said.

"Well, I might and I might not. That depends. What do I get in return?" Chappy asked even though they both knew full well.

"I'll let you screw me. You like the taste of a succubus, don't you?" She flashed her tits at the living grimoire.

Chappy's pages flipped from end to end in a show of pure excitement. If he had eyes, they would be bulging out at the sight of Kanae's breasts. The living grimoire planted himself on the table for her to peruse, but this was going to take a while.

"So, why the One-Eyed Cross? You don't look like the sword-wielding type," Chappy said while she flipped through his pages.

"Avaline attacked Aidenhall to take it on the Empire of Ortesia's orders. It's no coincidence that they nabbed it and declared war on the Commonwealth. If the One-Eyed Cross is some secret, super-powerful weapon, then I need to know how to counter it," Kanae explained.

"Hahahaha! Those high elves still think they're all that after all this time, huh? Give 'em a good kick in the ass, and it'll send 'em home crying!" The grimoire's laughter was hearty and filled with a nostalgic ring.

"Did you have a high elf own you before Lani?"

There was an abrupt pause. Kanae thought she had broached a sensitive or forbidden topic.

"Yeah, you know him. Lord Charron. Or at least how I knew him back then, Charron Ehmvier," Chappy answered in a sing-songy manner.

"Wait…" Kanae gasped. "You mean, he exchanged his body for information, too?!"

"That's what you asked? Geez. Here I thought succubus banged anything that moved. I don't have a preference. If it feels good, then I'm all in! Right now though, my adorable Lani's my favorite!" he guffawed like a perverted old man.

"Sorry, I just didn't need that mental image in my mind… What did he want to learn from you?"

"Heh. Wouldn't you like to know, toots? Unfortunately, my lock is sealed. What someone learns from me, stays between me and them."

What a difficult book…

As Kanae continued flipping through the pages, she felt the distinct wet feeling of a slimy tentacle squirming up her inner thigh. It left a sticky trail of saliva. Chappy… this living grimoire was already trying to collect on her, even though he hadn't coughed up any useful information yet. She tried to set it aside, but the tentacle tugged aside her underwear and wormed its way into her pussy.

"Nngh… You're making this harder for me on purpose, aren't you?" Kanae winced.

"Hey, I'm plenty hard myself! You know, Lani would scour my pages for days on end. By the end of it, the chair would be soaked, she'd forget what she was looking for, and could only think of getting fucked by me. How about we look for something easier. Like… a cake recipe!" Chappy suggested, sprouting more tentacles out of himself.

They slipped underneath Kanae's cloak. Two started flicking at her nipples, erect from being toyed with. The one stirring up her pussy was gradually picking up the pace. It got more difficult to concentrate by the second, but damn was Chappy good at me.

The pages weren't yielding anything useful, and Kanae was beginning to wonder if Chappy had the ability to withhold information on purpose. Still, she persevered through the pleasure being inflicted on her.

"Show me that tail pussy. You want it. I can reach deep in there and give it a real good fucking," Chappy insisted.

Kanae drew her tail forward and opened the gaping maw. She was anxious. Being ordered around was thrilling. Another tentacle emerged from the bottom of the cover, but this one had ribs and bumps all over the shaft. Her eyes went wide as it plunged into the depths of her tail.

"Fuck me!" Kanae blurted out almost instinctively, and Chappy was glad to give her what she wanted.

"Oh, this is what I'm talking about! Being able to fuck two pussies at the same time. You must be feeling crazy about now, huh? I bet you want your other holes filled, too!" Chappy drilled another tentacle into her ass, then another into her mouth.

"Mmm… shllrrp… shlluurrp… Mmph!"

Assaulted by ecstasy in every hole, looking through the grimoire was impossible. This was probably what kept Lani from uncovering all the secrets Chappy had to offer. He distracted the reader too much to read anything.

"Nnh…" Kanae yanked the tentacle out of her throat and turned the page. "Not yet… Not until I learn something!"

"Ah, yes. That determination! Lani demonstrated her willpower to me, too. Until I made her orgasm repeatedly!" Chappy pumped harder into Kanae's two pussies and ass.

Other tentacles poked and prodded the rest of her body. The one she wrenched out of her mouth rubbed against her cheek, like an annoying boyfriend wanting a blowjob.

Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Shlick! Plap! Plap! Plap! Plap!

"This is… aahhh! Nothing! I've had… nngh… an ogre… break the bed, fucking me before…!" Kanae clenched her jaw and suppressed a bubbling climax.

"You're a real slut, aren't you! Not many succubi would fuck an ogre, but I've heard you brag about screwing a dragon, too! C'mon. Who cares about knowledge? Don't you just want to give in?" Chappy asked, pounding her into submission.

Fresh tentacles smaller than the others looped themselves on the Piercings of Impurity.

"Wait, don't—" Kanae protested too late, and Chappy pulled her nipples to their limits. "It hurts! Ow, ow, ow… Stop!" She switched on Masochism to withstand the pain, causing her pleasure to rise tenfolds. "Yes, keep going! Pull them harder! Fuck me harder! I want to cum on your tentacles so bad… make me cum for you, Chappy! Ahhhhhhh!"

Flashing hot pain seared Kanae's entire body, like someone had tossed her onto a bed of burning coals. Those coals, however, were tiny, undulating tentacles. Every inch of her sensitive muscles convulsed to the rhythm of Chappy's fucking.

Kanae mustered what little strength and willpower she had left to turn the page. There, at the very top, written in bold words… the One-Eyed Cross.

"Oh? You found it!" Chappy stopped the unceasing pistoning and left the tentacles idle inside her.

"You're a real… piece of work…" Kanae panted.

"And you're a prime steak that softens up real good after a bit of tenderizing. Mmm-hmm!" He turned one tentacle into a tongue to lick her cheek.

"Do what you want with me. I've already won," she said

The One-Eyed Cross. Forged from the hellfire of Braggan the Prideful, it is one of two pieces that creates a shape-shifting weapon to match the wielder's hubris. The other half is known as Morphing Malice. On their own, the hilt and sword are powerless. Once combined, they grant the ability to glimpse into the very near future and find the path to victory.

"Braggan the Prideful? Another devil," Chappy said amusedly.

Ortesia had to know they possessed a weapon with a devil in it. The Pillar of the Damned supposedly granted a necromancer the power to raise an undead army that rivaled a kingdom. Kanae couldn't imagine what another weapon like it could do… She laid her head on the table and sighed.

"I want to look another thing up. You want to fuck me some more?" Kanae offered the grimoire.

"You're goddamn right I'm down. Just know that there's no guarantee I might have that kind of info. Whatcha looking for anyway?" Chappy asked.

"A magical item to bring someone back to life," she said.


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I am Succubus!: Vol. 1 - Kindle edition


Hero Succ! Vol. 4 is available on Amazon, too!

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]