Chapter 220 – Knight of Gold
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I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]

The depraved stampede shattered the Ortesian line, throwing their entire force into disarray. Succubi and demons punched through them like a spear into brittle armor, or in this case, like Titan into Kanae. Repeatedly even. Kanae couldn't tell what was going on anymore, and only saw the ground which Titan's hooves galloped upon.

While her pussy was getting hammered, the sharp twang of steel and explosion of magic from every direction added to the cacophanous orchestra. Kanae and the other succubi put in this uncompromising position served as the chorus, singing tunes of pleasure after each orgasm.

Unfortunately, that shock didn't last very long. Although the initial charge had decimated a chunk of their forces, the Ortesians were starting to rally themselves. Their phalanx returned to formation and cut off a large section of Kanae's forces. The Knight of Gold recomposed himself and readied himself to fight when— Titan raced right past to their surprise.

"Master, wait!" Esta cried. She tried to follow after, but a large group of enemies bogged her down.

"Crap!" Kanae gasped. "I was enjoying myself too much and forgot. Titan, you're taking me too deep— into the enemy forces, I mean! Not me me! You need to let me off so I can help fight!"

Titan whined. The languisteed continued past the Ortesian vanguard and straight to their backlines.

"Kanae, where are you going? We'll be cut off from the rest of our forces at this rate!" Minestra exclaimed from the right on her devil mutt. She cleaved through anyone who got too close, and with each arm wielding a sword, the herzulith was a mobile shredding machine.

Claudia cackled aloud from the left. "Ahahaha! Agony awaits! Is this the warfare you intend to wage, Kanae? Because I'm all in. Seizing their distractedness to hit to them in the back, how brilliant! We'll fuck them directly in the ass! Ahhh… I can feel it now… their squirming faces as they witness our inevitable approach!"

When Kanae turned in Claudia's direction, the succubus had someone harnessed to her from behind rather than being the one harnessed. It was Sergeant Ored, the high elven officer they had kidnapped the other night. He already looked half dead and would probably be full dead by the end of the battle if she kept draining him.

"Y-Yeah, that's definitely what I had in mind…" Kanae fiddled around with the harness that attached her to Titan. There should be a strap that loosened the entire thing to free her, but she couldn't find it.

Oh, no.

Where was the buckle? Kanae was unsure. She was stuck like this. 

"Magical artillery! Break!" Minestra yelled.

Both of them went far left and right. Meanwhile, Titan didn't so much as change course.

"Titan, you have to move! You have to— ahh!" Kanae felt the languisteed's cock throbbing again as he took evasive manuveuer.

Devastating blasts exploded all around them. Titan weaved through with deft precision, just barely avoiding spells that left craters in the earth. However, all the sharp and violent turns tossed Kanae around, causing the pulsing langui dick to pump into her harder.

"We… should be far enough from the main force… Titan, fuck me as hard as you can! Like you want to impregnate me!" Kanae exclaimed, switching on the toggled passive skills, Project Agony, and Berserking Battle Trance, and Masochist.

Titan, with his dick buried deep in Kanae's pussy, obliged wholeheartedly. As the languisteed galloped, the massive slab of meat thrusted into her over and over again. Each time his dick punched the entrance to her womb, pain surged through her like a wave— and morphed into inconceivable pleasure.

For the Ortesian forces, however, pain. Countless doubled over and dropped their weapons like they were constipated.

"Do not falter! Healers, strengthen the aurora!" an field officer yelled.

Healing magic washed over the Ortesian infantry, and they were promptly knocked back down. Harder this time.

When Titan clapped Kanae's cheeks, it was like striking a gong. The reverberations echoed to anyone who was nearby, and that was the Ortesians. Their artillery stopped, because the firing line of mages dropped to their knees in anguish. Because Titan's dick was ravaging her pussy, she still experienced pain, pain which allowed Berserking Battle Trance to ramp higher and higher for Project Agony to pulse with greater intensity.

"Aahhh! It feels like my stomach is being rearranged!"

"It's like… someone is pulling my legs apart!"

"Yes… It's working, Titan! They can't take it, but I can! You're fucking me so good! I'm your stable mare, your succubus slut! Make me cum again… I want it! I love it! I love your diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!" Kanae's mind stopped registering their near-deaths from the artillery and trembled in ecstasy.

Panic ensued amongst the Ortesian backline. Titan stood on his hind legs, giving the enemy forces a grand view of him shooting cum into Kanae's womb. So much, that her stomach began to inflate with hot langui batter. Many of the infantry spellcasters rolled on the ground like they had the worst stomach ache of their lives. Others passed right out.

"Supreme One, save us!"

"Oh, gods… The Demon Queen is too strong!"

Kanae cut herself free with a knife and slipped off Titan's cock. Like dropping an untied water balloon, much of the semen ejected when she hit the ground. Her entire body was tingly from orgasming non-stop. Even the cold dirt brushing against her nipples felt good.

"What are you fools doing? Pulled the injured out of the way, and all able-bodied advance! The Demon Queen is incapacitated! Finish her!" Someone who was clearly their superior officer gritted through the pain to bark orders.

The Ortesian soldiers hesitated.

"But she's covered in languisteed muck!" one of them cried.

"I don't wan't to risk that getting on me!" another shouted indignantly.

"You don't want… We're at WAR! Supreme One, take my eye. Damn the lords for making me babysit a bunch of nobles!" The officer groaned.

Titan grunted. He nudged Kanae's face with his snout, then with his dick still oozing with cum.

"Wait…" Kanae mumbled. "I can't suck you off right now, I have to—"

Something struck Titan. His harsh whines snapped Kanae back to her senses. The languisteed staggered away, surrounded by pikes and spears.

"Stay down, monster. We'll put down both you and your langui soon enough," a cleric said.

Kanae herself was surrounded by Ortesian clerics, incanting in unison. She recalled clerics were a crowned support class that specialized in wearing armor like paladins, but lacked the magical firepower of priests. They must be raising a cage similar to the one that captured Claudia and Minestra.

"And deprive me of one of my favorite dicks? I don't think so." Kanae clamped her tail on a cleric's face and threw him into the others.

"She isn't incapacitated! Don't be afraid. We're immune to succubus magic, so take her down!" the officer demanded.

The rest clobbered Kanae with flanged maces and quarterstaffs. She threw out her arms, welcoming the attack. A blow to her head, shoulder, chest, and more… It was all so exhilerating, especially as each hit feedbacked to them.

"Is that all you got? You think I can climax from your weak attacks? Languisteeds fuck me harder than you can hit!" Kanae taunted.

"We're not trying to get you off, you stupid succubus!" an angry cleric retorted.

"Step aside!" A towering high elven man lifted a metal greatclub over his head.

Kanae was alight with anticipation. It was going to hurt so bad and feel so good— but Claudia came just in time to take the blow to her crown.

"Ahhh— Ex… quisite, but… let me show you how to really land an attack!" Claudia headbutted the cleric, caving in his helmet and sending him crashing backwards.

"Claudia!" Kanae was surprised to breath a sigh of relief seeing the Mistress of Pain alright.

Claudia faced Kanae with an expression flushed deeply red. She was breathing heavily, too. The demon succubus embraced Kanae, kissed her, and squeezed her ass even as enemies surrounded them.

"Hearing you howl turns me on so much. It isn't fair. I want to be the one to hurt you, and I want you to hurt me," Claudia cooed.

"Hey! Claudia, get your hands off Kanae! She's not yours to— shit! We're in the middle of a fight, too!" Hilde shouted while fending off a Ortesian paladins trying to smite her.

"I heard them say many of the nobles were stationed back here. Probably for a cushy spot away from the bulk of the fighting. Maybe one of them knows who killed Alicia?" Kanae suggested.

"Huh. You're right…" She let go and whirled around on them with fire raging in her eyes. "Which one of you would like me to make squeal first?"

The trembling Ortesians took a step back and gulped.

"That's Sergeant Ored on her back!" A scared high elf gasped.

Fueled by a constant stream of energy, Claudia dove into the ranks of clerics, mages, and noble nobodies unprepared for a fight. They brandished all manner of weapons and magic to face her.

"No, no. You need not hurt me," Claudia said.

The Ortesians traded confused looks between each other.

"I can hurt myself more!" She slapped her ass with the whip and made everyone jump several feet into the air. They fell to the ground, clutching and rubbing their butts. The Mistress of Pain planted one foot atop a fallen Ortesian and cackled into the sky. "Yes! I want to orchestrate a symphony from your pained cries!"

Claudia continued to strike herself feverishly and ignored the cries to stop. The pain traveled to Kanae, too, with her Masochist still on. It was like someone slapped her across the face with a giant hammer, but felt as good as an orgasm. By the end of it, the Ortesians were lying on the ground on their front, because their asses were too sore to lie on it. The switch succubus, whose eyes were gently shut, filled her lungs of their agonized moans.

"If we ever fight again, I'm not laying even one hand on you." Minestra grimaced, carrying an unconscious Ortesian knight under each arm.

The hair on the back of Kanae's necks tood on end. Energy tickled her skin. Holy energy.

"Claudia, watch out!" Kanae switched on Masochist and threw herself on top of the succubus.

Both of them hit the ground as radiant beam blasted over their heads.

"Why did you make us dodge that? It would have hurt so good!" Claudia pouted.

"It would have knocked you out! And me with it because of Project Agony!" Kanae retorted.

They got to their feet to face the one who nearly purified the sin off them. The Knight of Gold. He looked tired for once. His shoulders slackened a little. Some parts of his armor, particularly the chestplate was charred and… had some white stuff on it. When Minestra followed their eyes, she dropped the Ortesians and picked up their longswords.

"You!" Claudia smirked. "Why didn't I realize it sooner? Of course, these little cattles wouldn't know. But you? You're high up in the food chain, aren't you? You would know who killed my sister, Alicia."

Gold didn't say anything.

The Mistress of Pain continued, "Skin, crimson like my own. Beautiful black hair draped down her shoulders like vines and adorned with flower blossoms. A smile more seductive than temptation itself. 150 years ago, you high elven cattle bearing a crest of an eagle carrying a book came to No Man's Land. They took Alicia from me! Who were they? What's their family name? Answer me!"

Again, Gold didn't answer. Kanae wanted to reach out to Claudia and comfort the hurt succubus. Fury unbound, the Mistress of Pain let loose an anguished roar and charged the Knight of Color.

"Claudia, you reckless fool!" Minestra yelled.

The bow in Gold's hand shifted into a warhammer, which he swung into Claudia's side. Energy rippled across the field. Some of the Ortesians who recovered got up only to be knocked unconscious again by Project Agony. To Kanae and Minestra's surprise, Claudia locked Gold still by holding his weapon. He couldn't pull it away.

"Haha! Ahaha! You can hurt me as much as you want, but it will never hurt as much as losing Alicia. I'm going to make you my personal cattle and drain you dry until I get my answers!" Claudia headbutted Gold so hard, the steel helmet cracked.

"Did she do it?" Minestra gasped.

"I don't know, but we need to back her up!" Kanae drew Lust to join the fight.

A bright light centered between Claudia and Gold blasted them away from each other. The Mistress of Pain flew into Kanae's arms. A red streak trickled from her forehead, more than Kanae had ever seen her bleed. She had fallen unconscious.

Gold pressed a gauntlet to his helmet, but he couldn't stop the pieces of it from falling away. When the helmet finally broke off completely, a long cowl of golden hair cascaded down his… his?

"I thought the Knight of Gold was a man?" Minestra whispered.

"I'm just as confused." Kanae shrugged.

"You're confused? You two are part of the same order!"

"I've never seen her before until now!"

"I can hear you from over here!" Gold shouted in a high-pitched, bratty princess voice that was like nails to a chalkboard. However, just as quickly, she slapped a hand over her mouth like she just committed a crime. "Ahhhh! I don't even care anymore! How do the lords expect me to keep my mouth shut? Everything about this place, from the air, the dirt, and even the people are so so so gross. I just wanted to stay in Ortesia. Find a dashing fiance. To live my best lavish life. Nooooo. There just had to be succubi and demons to take care of. I hate it! I hate this so much. Someone even squirted their… unmentionable on my armor. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IT WILL TAKE TO WASH THIS OFF?"

Kanae and Minestra stared in disbelief with their mouths wide open.

"Stop staring at me! I feel like I'm being molested by your very presence, and ugh! I'll never unsee a horde of succubi stuck to people like that. OR YOU! Riding into battle on a languisteed. Recalling it makes me want to retch… I'll just have to replace that image with the sight of your bloodied, god-smitten corpse!"

"Feels like I'm dealing with one nutjob after another…" Kanae groaned.


"I prefer dragon dickrider, thank you. It makes me sound more impressive," she said, drawing a wide-eyed look from Minestra.

"Okay. I'm done. This entire place must be cleansed." She lifted the warhammer bristling with divine energy above her head and whispered a word through gritted teeth. "Retribu—"

A horn bellowed from afar. More specifically, from the direction of the Ortesian encampment. Although Kanae and Minestra braced for what looked like a deathblow of an attack, Gold shifted the hammer into a magnficent staff instead which shrouded her in a transluscent bubble.

The Ortesian forces began to make a full retreat, leaving behind their wounded and unconscious.

"Leaving already? Afraid you will lose, little knight?" Minestra sneered.

"You think I'm one of those idiots who will fall for taunts? I can't be sure I can defeat all of you, Estaline, that foul necromancer, and your anti-magic automaton together. I do know, however, that my victory is guaranteed elsewhere. Oh, and you can tell that succubus who dared face me head on that the crest belonged to the Sabochal Family. If it was 150 years ago, then that was around the time they tried consorting with succubi. The Ortesian lords at the time executed them for that, and they were made an example of to never mingle with temptresses. But I never once heard about them killing a succubus." Gold channeled a magic that carved runes into the ground at her feet.

Consorting with? Alicia and the Sabochal?

"Gold!" Esta climbed the hill to confront the high elven knight, but her eyes darted with confusion upon getting up here. "Wait, where's Gold?"


"Eh? You're Peter Stormcloud? I thought you were a man. Have you always been a woman?" The drakeling knight walked up to the bubble barrier and furrowed her brows.

"It's not PETER. I'm Petyr! Pronounced PEH-TEAR! Supreme One, save me. I'm so done with being a glorified exterminator. As soon as this war is over, and I return to Ortesia, I'll give those lords a piece of my mind. I'll wring their necks! First, I need my squires to wash off this—"

The magic activated and Gold vanished in the middle of a rant. When Esta searched Kanae for answers, she answered with a shrug. This wasn't a victory. Not really. The Ortesian forces retreated at great loss to their numbers, but they had demonstrated great tactical strength and discipline. Even Kanae's plan to pair succubi up with drain fodder didn't faze them as much as she hoped. They likely wouldn't be taken by surprise next time.

In the end, this was a draw. Kanae also ordered a retreat back to their encampment, taking many Ortesian prisoners as her prize: high elves, drakelings, humans, and elves were a common sight among their ranks. Judging by their equipment, it was clear the former two were favored the most.

"They retreated in a hurry. I wonder why?" Kanae asked aloud on their way back. "Zadris, Esta. Any ideas?"

They shook their heads.

"If my mother were here, I would imagine it being a tactical retreat to assault a more vital location. But they left so many of their own behind. Mother would never. It was too messy of a retreat to be her," Esta explained.

"I wonder…" Zadris murmured.

"Zadris?" Kanae called to her.

"Oh, it's nothing. Just passing thoughts," she said, shrugging it off.

Those that stayed behind at camp were relieved to see their return. Beyond relieved. Fighting a battle outnumbered four to one seemed like impossible odds. Claudia was still unconscious. Kanae wondered how she would take the news about what they learned of Alicia.

"Kanae, you're back!" Mitty over with worry written over his face.

"Hey, Mitty. As much as I'd like to get a round in with you, my whole body is sore. Can it wait?" Kanae asked.

"No, it can't wait! Bad news. Ortesians slipped past us, and not just any regular scouts. They were some kind of spellcasters. We saw signs of their tracks, but we couldn't locate them. Wherever they went, it was in all sorts of directions. Ehmvier, Talahurah, Highgreen… more! We managed to capture a group on their way to Rudura, but a few we're waiting for the potions to wear off before any Sisters of Sin can interrogate them," he explained.

"Spellcasters…" Zadris muttered under her breath. "This group you captured, do they wear emerald robes with accents of blue, and bear the crest with a fist wreathed in a fiery circle?"

Mitty and the scouts he had gone with were taken aback. They nodded.

"What's wrong, Zadris? Did you realize something?" Kanae asked.

"Before I left Ortesia, I lived in a duchy ruled by the Viviren Family, magisters with peerless talents in creating portals. If these are the very same spellcasters…"

"Then they will open portals all across the Commonwealth. Bastards. The knight and her forces were merely a distraction." Minestra clenched her fists and growled.

No wonder Gold was so willing to retreat. They didn't need to enter the Commonwealth using the Imperial Span after all. 

"I'm sorry… I wish we could have caught them all." Mitty hung his head in shame.

"Don't be." Kanae cupped his face and lifted his gaze to meet hers. "Thanks to you, we know what they're planning. Better than finding out in a report that multiple strongholds and cities got attacked. It also means we don't have time to rest. Everyone, were packing up and moving out. We won't let the Empire of Ortesia get the better of us!"


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I am Succubus! is available for pre-order on Amazon! Thank you for your continued support, readers!

I am Succubus!: Vol. 1 - Kindle edition


Hero Succ! Vol. 4 is available on Amazon, too!

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]