Chapter 226 – Goblins and Orcs
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I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]

The Commonwealth was an extremely large plot of land. Until the Writ of Divine Lease came along and turned this barren place into a resource rich haven, it was mostly unexplored. Those who had lived here then didn't care much for comforts and survived off their own hardy racial traits. Orcs, goblins, and trolls to name a few. Talahurah and Highgreen were only able to grow as large as they had become due to their proximity to Artaggon.

Now, years later, many smaller villages and towns had cropped up as a result of the newfound country and Imperial Span's extension. Yet many frontiers were left uncharted. That was where adventurers had come in. With Mitty's expertise crowned as a Pathfinder, they braved where Kanae and her Sisters of Sin had little time to go.

Every corner was still rife with danger. One wrong turn off the beaten paths, and an adventurer could easily wander into a forest with level 100 dire beasts.

Today, on Parn's suggestion, Kanae agreed to delay going straight to Windy Bog and spend the day checking in on neighboring villages. Neighboring was relative. Some of them were many kilometers away, though not as bad as a day trip. She went alone, leaving the others behind to prepare. 

A ruler must understand the plight of her subjects, was what Parn had said. Kanae was away from the Commonwealth and skipping out on her royal duties so often. She might as well not be a true queen at this rate.

Kanae sighed.

At least Arenade took ruling seriously.

Fortunately, Chappy assured Kanae that the ankh hadn't moved. Well, it did move around just not to anywhere significant. The Knight of Gold stayed in place. Kanae and Lani flipped through his pages in hopes of finding Saint Rue's resting place. They only came away with sore hips and a satisfied living grimoire.

Kanae had been flying straight for an hour east without changing course. At last she found a bunch of mud huts built together on one side of the lake. Something was off. She slowed her approach and hid in the trees. The branches and leaves provided her plenty of cover. Parked within the center of the village were two carriages, high elven in make with their gaudy gold accents.

"I should have fucked a bunch of people to load up on Skill Drain before coming," Kanae grumbled.

Going back to get help was an option. But that would take a whole hour going home, another coming back here, and then another to retire for the day. No, she couldn't leave. She had to take care of this herself, as Queen of the Commonwealth.

For now, information. Kanae needed information on what was going on. Two high elven carriages must mean there was an Ortesian camp nearby. If there was an Ortesian camp, they might have a Viviren giving them a portal. But why were they here?

Towards the shore, a high elven knight barked orders at a bunch of ragged goblins. They boarded small dinghies and rowed out into the lake. Other boats on the return hoisted netted fish onto the dock, stuffed the fish into barrels, and carried the barrels onto a wagon connected to an Ortesian carriage.

A pair of high elven knights snickered derisively at the goblins. One of them rapped their knuckles against the carriage. A moment later, the languisteeds pulled that carriage out of the village. The other stayed behind.

"Guh… I want to help, but I don't know how many Ortesians are still around… I should've brought someone with me. It's not too late. I can—" Kanae turned her back to the village until a commotion made her tense up.

The knights who had stayed behind picked up a goblin and dunked him into the barrel. Water sloshed off the side until another sealed the top with a lid. They were laughing. The blood in Kanae's veins went red hot.

Goblins might be perverts, but they didn't deserve this. If it was Mitty, Moira, or any of her daughters…

"Pick on someone your own size!" Kanae flew from cover and landed in the middle of the village.

"A succubus!" a knight gasped.

"That's not just any succubus. It's the queen of the Commonwealth!" another cried, drawing his sword and causing the others to follow suit.

There were four of them from what Kanae could see. Three wore chainmail and wielded swords, and the fourth was cloaked in a white clerical garb of the One and held a magical staff. The cleric incanted a spell that bathed his companions in light. Their weapons shimmered with holy magic.

"Steady!" the cleric exclaimed. "We're immune to her succubus magic. If we defeat her and present her to Lord-Major Stormcloud, we'll be celebrated as heroes! The council of lords may even elevate our houses. Supreme One watch us, for the empire!"

The other three bellowed the same fanatical war cry.

"Tsk, tsk. You're all so naughty~" Kanae switched on Sadist and struck out with Lust.

The tip phased through their armor as its special ability, and Sadist's skill of applying Turn Horny landed on each of them. They dropped to their knees, bodies shuddering from nearing climax.

"Do you like that?" Kanae asked, feeling a taunting laughter surface. "I learned during Gretchen's attempted coup that the whip can still affect you even after drinking the potion. I'm not technically casting it on you. I'm merely hurting it on you. Ahaha!"

"This is… nothing!" The first to resist rose to his feet.

"That's right! We've prepared for this by m-masturbating!" a second one exclaimed.

Kanae was so taken aback that Sadist switched off on its own.

"You… what?" Kanae blinked.

"That's right, you filthy succubus." The cleric from the back laughed. "In order to defeat you, the empire introduced strict training. One of them being to masturbate daily! Sinned, we may have, but we shall channel that frustration onto you!"

"Masturbating is natural to begin with! The empire is the one skewing your views on sex, you dumb prudes!" she yelled in exasperation.

Three knights descended upon Kanae while the cleric in the back provided them support magic. Even they were able to give her a run for her tail. The Ortesian Empire and its forces were no joke.

But they were prudes. Right. They were prudes!

"How do you like these!" Kanae flashed her tits, firing out an actual flash of blinding light from the Piercings of Impurity.

While they were distracted, Kanae flew past the knights and went for the cleric. She embraced him from behind, reaching into his robe to find her prize.

"S-Stop!" the cleric cried.

"Let's see what you have in… huh?" Kanae felt something hard. Not a hard dick, but metallic. Like a cage. Was that… "A fucking cock lock?!"

"It's a chastity belt! Stupid succubus. Did you really think we would come unprepared?" he taunted.

"No… This, uh… 100% makes you kinkier, not prepared." She knocked him to the ground and clamped her tail pussy over his face.

By the time the other knights recovered their sight, the cleric had fallen unconscious. All of the spell buffs he was providing them disappeared. Judging by the horror on their faces, they realized that. Kanae flashed a smile and cast Sleep, and the three of them collapsed in a heap on the ground.

"Queen Kanae, help!" a goblin shouted from the docks.

They were trying to pry the lid of the barrel off with a crowbar to save their fellow.

"Step back!" Kanae shouted and struck the barrel with her whip.

It shattered. Water spilled out, followed by an unconscious goblin. Kanae rushed over and pressed an ear to his chest. He wasn't breathing. She performed chest compressions, and when that wasn't enough, mustered the courage to do mouth to mouth resusscitation.

The other goblins stared lecherously as Kanae pressed her lips to the unconscious one. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

"Mmm!" Kanae pushed the goblin off and glared.

"Whew. Waking up to a make out sesh with the queen is great. How about doing mouth to dick next?" the now conscious goblin asked.

Maybe letting goblins drown was for the best after all…

"We've got more important things to worry about. Strip the knights of their equipment and tie them up!" Kanae ordered.

The goblins went right to work, taking off pieces of armor from the high elves until they were stark naked. Kanae had to kick a couple of horny goblins off from one who turned out to be a woman.

"We set 'em on the boat like ya asked, Queen. What next?" a lazy-eyed goblin fisherman asked.

"How about an explanation? What happened here?" Kanae searched the two dozen goblins for answers.

They gave her the short of it. This village was named Barkwen, and the villagers here typically fished for a living. About half of them were made up of goblins previously living in No Man's Land and some were from Mitty's tribe, too.

The Ortesian forces had come two weeks ago and subjugated the village immediately. At first, they resisted occupation. It wasn't until the high elves kidnapped Barkwen's sole female goblin and held her hostage that the villagers acquiesced.

"I didn't even there was a fishing village out here," Kanae said.

"Ya didn't? We been sending fish to Ehmvier for years!" the fisherman exclaimed, nodding with his fellow villagers. "But it figures. We're small village. We're goblins. Ain't no one got time to worry about us."

"We tried asking a neighboring orc tribe for help, but those stupid lugs don't like fighting!" another goblin added.

"There's an orc settlement nearby?" she asked.

They pointed across the lake. If Kanae squinted, she could make out tents and thin smoke stacks from campfires.

Right… Kanae had almost forgotten that orcs were nothing like what she knew of them in her original world's fiction. The orcs living in this world were pacifist. They were adverse to fighting despite being so strong and looking so ferocious.

"Wait, are they also occupied by high elves?" Kanae pressed for more.

"Nah. The knife-eared are too scared. Heard 'em earlier talking about who's drawing short sticks to raid 'em. Doubt it's gonna happen," the goblin said.

"In that case, maybe I can convince the orcs to help us fight off the Ortesians," she muttered to herself.

The villagers backed away.

"We ain't going near those whackos!"

"I don't even know how to fight!"

"There ya have it, Queen." The fisherman goblin grinned. "If ya want us to fight for ya, then maybe something's got to give…"

A little over twenty pairs of salacious eyes molested Kanae's body. She only noticed now that the Matron's Regalia was still undone. Her breasts hung out for all to see. Charming them would be a simple matter, but that would only make her no better than the Queen-Mother. As queen of the Commonwealth, she should inspire her people.

Through sex.

"Fine. Have at your queen," Kanae said, relenting to their lust by stripping naked.

Goblins young and old pounced at once. It only took three to knock Kanae down. By the time she hit the ground, there was already a dick in her mouth, one between her breasts, and another prodding— and missing— her pussy. She stopped being their queen and had become the outlet for their pent-up lust.

Finally, the one between her crotch plunged his dick in. Kanae shuddered. Pleasure rippled across her body. Surrounded by goblins, their stench filled her nose. They weren't going to leave her alone until every single one had their fill.

"Oooh! Mitty that luck bastard. I'm fucking your bitch as much as I want!" the goblin pounding into her pussy howled.

The others grabbed Kanae's hand and forced her to jerk them off. Those waiting their turn masturbated in anticipation. She opened her tail pussy to let one of them use it like a cock sleeve. This was bliss.

Their dicks might not be big, but it was ecstasy to Kanae all the same. Hot cum squirted into her chest. Some who weren't able to keep it in jizzed all over her, too.

"Drink it all, slut! Nngh!" The one who had been face fucking her grabbed her horns as levarage. His semen spurted into her mouth in waves.

When he rolled away, another took his place. When the goblin came in her pussy, another yanked him off to take his turn.

"Well, Queen. Tell me you want this." The next goblin brandished his dick against her face.

"I… I want it… I want all your dirty goblin dicks!" Kanae pleaded.

"Good answer!" He shoved the erect piece of meat into her mouth.

Taking them several at a time, all of the goblins eventually had their way with Kanae. Unfortunately, given their lack of being crowned and in levels, she obtained next to nothing in experience. Instead, they gave her a creamy white cum bath.

Kanae was lying on her front, ass up while the last standing goblin was going for his sloppy… seconds? Fifths? Whichever number it was, he slapped Kanae's ass and blew his last load inside her.

"That was… a lot more intense than I expected…" Kanae coughed up cum.

There were bite marks on her breasts. A couple of rougher goblins had clawed her back. There was semen oozing from every holle on her body. The final goblin's energy left him along with his jizz, healing her of the wounds left behind from the gangbang.

"Sex… with a succubus… kinda hurts…" a goblin grumbled from the ground.

"Hehe… I fucked the queen… and survived… worth it," someone else croaked.

"Oh, no." It was only then that Kanae realized— none of them had the energy to fight anymore. She slapped a hand to her face and sighed. "Damn it. What happened to taking arms? I got nothing out of that!"

"You got our dicks. What's there to complain about?" the fisherman asked.

Kanae gave the goblin a swift kick into the water. She dove in herself to wash off the spunk and dirt, then fetched him out afterwards.

"I'm going to go convince the orcs to help us. When I get back, all of you better be on your feet with a weapon in hand. Got it," Kanae asked, only to receive a round of groans and 'okays' from the gallery.

The orc settlement wasn't too far of a flight. Kanae arrived to the green giants minding their own business, roasting meat on a spit, and building a barricade around their homes.

"Queen in orc tribe!" one of them bellowed.

All of the orcs, men, women, and children alike gathered around and showered Kanae with due reverence. It was a nice change of pace from being hit on by goblins. One of them even slipped past the crowd to offer her a bouquet of flowers.

"Aww. Thank you! Er, wait! I'm not here to be adored. There are high elven knights in the area that might attack your home. I need your help repelling them. Who's with me?" Kanae asked.

The orcs traded glances.

"Me no want fight," an orc said.

"We try making peace with elves. Offer fresh head of boar. They run screaming." Another shrugged to his companions, who nodded in agreement that it was a good tribute.

"No, you don't understand! You have to fight. They're going to eventually come back and subjugate you if we don't," Kanae explained.

Still, they refused. At this rate, she was going to have to fight without any help.

There had to be… Oh, wait.

"Alright, you don't have to fight. The elves ran away because they didn't want to intrude in your home. That was them being polite," Kanae said.

"They being polite?" an orc tilted his head.

"Yes! We should do the polite thing and bring the boar head— actually, more pieces of boar and some weapons to them as gifts. That way, we can make friends with the elves. What do you think?" she suggested.

"More boar?"

"Yes, more boar!"

"Weapons, too!"

The orcs brought out three fresh boar corpses and tore them apart limb by limb. By doing so, they drenched each other in blood. Kanae marched them around the lake to meet up with the goblins, who were had mostly recovered enough to be moving around.

"Holy shit!" a wide-eyed goblin exclaimed. "You actually brought the stupid orcs, and… Why are they covered in blood and carrying boar parts?"

"Never mind them. It's time to take it to the elves. Lead the way," Kanae said.

They stared blankly at her.

"We don't know where they're camped."

Oh, great.

An idea hatched in Kanae's mind. She flew over to the boat containing four sleeping high elves, picked up the woman, and brought her back to the horde. For her only, she dispelled Sleep. The high elven woman's weary gaze snapped open in terror finding herself surrounded by bloodied orcs and goblins.

"Good morning sleepy head." Kanae kneeled down and smiled. "These goblins back here are horny for some high elven pussy. And these orcs? I promised to let them eat you afterwards." She thumbed over her shoulder to the orcs waving back. "I'm going to give you a head start to run. You don't need me to tell you what happens if they catch up to you, do I?"

The elf scrambled to her feet and took off running in full sprint.

Kanae ordered her goblin and orc force to march forward. Meanwhile, she soared ahead to keep an eye on where the woman was headed— straight into the southeastern forests. Following her lead them right to the Ortesian force.

"Help me! The Commonwealth's queen is coming!" the high elven woman cried, running into the small campsite of around 30.

They quickly armed themselves and fell into formation. Many were trembling. All of them had their eyes trained on Kanae.

"Well, well. There's not a lot of you," Kanae said.

"We're still more than enough to take down a lone succubus scum!" the one who appeared to be the captain of the modest force shouted.

"Really?" She raised a brow. "I don't need to affect you with my succubus magic, but others…"

The forest shook with her approaching force. Leaves were knocked loose from the branches. Ortesian knights and clerics looked side to side for where it was coming from. The horde of orcs, holding bloodied animal parts, and goblins, still naked and having not put on clothes after the gangbang, emerged from the foliage behind Kanae, stoking the fear of defeat in the high elves.

"Orcs… goblins! Run!" 

Many of them dropped their weapons and ran for the open portal at the back of their camp.

Kanae swooped in and caught a high elven mage unawares before she raced into the portal, too.

"Go to Sleep," Kanae urged with an incantation.

The elf did, and the portal sputtered out. Less than a dozen high elves remained, facing the orcs and goblins. They threw themselves to the ground.

"We surrender! Please, don't hurt us!" All of them cried.

Although confused, Kanae ordered her forces to take the high elves prisoners. The bluff had worked. The Ortesian forces were none the wiser, thank god for ignorant belief that orcs were savage brutes and goblins were… Well, they were probably right about goblins.

"Hey, let me outta this damn cage!" someone from the largest tent yelled.

Kanae went to investigate. Trapped inside a cage was a two and a half foot tall shortstack of a goblin woman. She was naked, covered in red and white body paint over green skin. Amber orange hair were tied into two pigtails that flared out from her head.

"Are you Barkwen village's female goblin?" Kanae crushed the lock with Titan Blow to free her.

Out stumbled the goblin, pudgy and thick in all the right places. While short in stature, she had a fiery demeanor about her.

"That I am. Terra's the name. Where are my useless males? I bet those bastards holed up in the village while I was captured." Terra stormed out just as the other goblins were making a break back to Barkwen.

"Ah, shit. Terra's still alive!"


"Y'ain't getting far! I'm the bearer of your offsprings, ya sorry sacks of shit!" She shook a fist at them.

"Full disclosure," Kanae began. "It took letting them gangbang me to even consider coming to your rescue."

Terra whipped around and grinned. "Well, I guess I have the Queen of the Commonwealth to really thank for. Those fucking elves came outta no where asking about some crypt. Figured they were talking about the sunken temple up north, but we didn't say nothing, mind ya."

Temple… Crypt of Saint Rue?

"Terra, I want you to tell me about this temple!" Kanae implored.


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I am Succubus! is available for pre-order on Amazon! Thank you for your continued support, readers!

I am Succubus!: Vol. 1 - Kindle edition


Hero Succ! Vol. 4 is available on Amazon, too!

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]