Chapter 228 – Kanae and Labelle
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I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]

Labelle performed a rock concert on her lute while Kanae's forces wrecked havoc on the Ortesian invaders. Succubi with ravenous appetites pounced on immobolized high elves. Talon and Edina, strengthened by Bond, pummeled those strong-willed enough to resist the Mistress of Debauchery's music. Lani was supposed to fight, too, but she gaped in shock at the battle quickly turning into an orgy instead.

When Kanae landed, an Ortesian knight immediately tried to strike her down. He swung wide and missed. His body shivered in a way she recognized as someone nearing climax. Even while not being the prime target, Labelle's Bard magic made her skin tingle.

"This is… nothing! For the empire!" The knight thrusted his sword, but Labelle descended and knocked him to the ground.

The lute was being played by two transluscent magic hands that followed close behind her. Using her own free hands, she tore off pieces of the knight's armor until a very erect dick sprung from his trousers. Labelle proved to be a succubus after all, another slave to instincts as a sex demon and hunger for the depraved. She sat her pussy down on his dick and bounced with increasing fervor.

"It's alright if you wanna scream, cattle. I need some bass in my chorus! Mmmh!" Labelle sighed in bliss. Contrary to what she wanted, the knight shrieked like a little girl, and having grown tired of his voice, plugged his mouth up with her tail. An inviting gaze fell upon Kanae. "How about joining me? My tongue will make an instrument out of your pussy."

"Tempting, but I prefer to have sex OUTSIDE of combat!" Kanae exclaimed while fending off two more knights.

One of them wielded a warhammer. It sparked with holy energies. Kanae narrowly dodged a smite, and it shattered the boulder behind her. He brought the mighty weapon above his head for another blow until Talon swooped in. Large talons grabbed ahold of his shoulders, lifting him to a deadly height.

"I'll eat yer innards when they spill out after the fall!" Talon sneered and let go.

"Hey, that's a waste of a perfectly good meal!" Labelle got up, and the quivering knight beneath her shot his load onto the ground instead. She fetched the one plummeting before cracking like an egg.

"Hey, that was my kill! Ya owe me one with yer own life!" The black harpy snarled.

"Bloodthirsty fuck!" She growled in return. "You can't milk dead cattles! Kanae, knock some sense into your thrall before I break her eardrums."

Both of them came within inches of tearing the other's throats out.

"S-Sorry, Enthrallment doesn't rewrite their personalities. This is how Talon always is. Talon, down! Put your energy on the enemies. Labelle is an ally," Kanae shouted.

Talon backed away and returned to the fighting as ordered. The remainder of the battle was a piece of cake thanks to Labelle's incapacitating magic as a Bard. It had made many of the Ortesians sitting ducks, and the succubi were dogs on the hunt. They were down to half their forces before an officer ordered a retreat.

"Aww, leaving the concert early? Party-poopers. You sure about letting 'em run?" Labelle asked.

"I already know where they're going. Even if they tell Gold, we have a living grimoire to tell us where her location if she decides to leave," Kanae assured her.


Kanae promised to explain everything inside and ordered the Sisters of Sin to round up the Ortesians as prisoners. They returned to the Depraved Monastery with almost 40 high elven knights and clerics. The previous owners of the temple intended this place to be a pilgrammage site, and to be able to feed hundreds of pilgrams at any given time, had built a series of storage rooms below. The Sisters had renovated those storages into prison cells, replacing wooden doors with iron bars and paintings of clergy with magic-dampening sigils.

Inside each cell was a criminal, their mind broken beyond repair and used as feeding fodder for the succubi who work here. Lani stopped in front of a cell and gasped. A succubus was having herself a threesome with two men, who were clearly not all there in the heads.

"This is… inhumane!" Lani exclaimed.

"What's wrong, Saint Priesty?" Labelle laughed from behind. "Too much of a prude that a sight like this makes you clutch your pearlls?"

"No, uh… Lani is the farthest thing from a prude," Kanae interjected.

"You're depriving people of their freedom, their agency! Will those Ortesian captives face the same fate? Amethyst, how does this make you any different from the Queen-Mother?" the Saint Priest asked.

Maybe Kanae would have felt differently before becoming a succubus. But currently, looking into the cell, this resonated within her as the appropriate thing to do. Especially to prisoners of war.

"If you put it that way, I might not be so different after all. But you won't see me imprisoning innocent civilians of the Commonwealth. Or any country. The key word here is innocent. I drop that adjective when it comes to anyone who attacks my people and country. That's all there is to it," Kanae explained.

After putting the Ortesian prisoners into their cells, several of the hungrier succubus followed them in for seconds. Unlike the Sisters of Sin residing in Ehmvier, Talahurah, Highgreen, and Radevic, these had no patience for foreplaly. Kanae had practically thrown lions into a cage full of gazelles. Unsurprisingly, almost all of them were Lilith's Sisters in Black.

It used to be that Kanae tested someone before transforming them into a succubus. The whole slime ritual gauged their willpower. However, casting that aside to grow the Eminence of Sin, as well as raise the necessary follower count for Deification, meant that many were left unvetted. There would obviously be some unable to withstand the insatiable appetite of being a succubus that slipped by.

If that wasn't bad enough, Kanae couldn't unmake their half-succubus sides after transformation. So, a solution was needed. The Depraved Monastery wasn't just a prison for criminals, but also for those succubi.

They returned upstairs to the main worship hall where Talon and Edina were waiting at separate ends of a pew.

"What's the plan, bud?" Edina asked.

"They know we're coming and who's with us, so we've lost the element of surprise. That doesn't change the fact that we're able to fly, and they mostly can't. I want everyone to remember that this isn't a battle though. We'll hit them hard and fast tomorrow. The only thing we're after is the ankh," Kanae explained.

"Sounds to me like you're scaaaaared. How tough can a bunch of cattle in armor can be?" Labelle shrugged.

"Well, for one, your sister Claudia was hurt so bad she was bedridden for a few days."

The Mistress of Debauchery stopped strumming her lute. She grabbed ahold of Kanae, glare simmering with rage.

"You're lying! Claudia is… Is Claudia alright?" Labelle asked desperately.

"I'm not lying! Claudia's fine now. She can take a hit. We can't, because we don't have her fortitude. That's why it's important to take this seriously. You're always treating them like cattle to be herded. Even cattle have horns," Kanae reminded her.

Labelle begrudingly let go, but she was no longer messing with her lute anymore.

"Back to my original question. The fuck is the plan? Gold isn't going to just let us fly in there and nab the damn thing from her hands!" Edina threw her hands in the air.

"I-I'll think of something, okay? First… I think we should turn you into a succubus again. You'll be able to fly. You can keep replenishing your mana by draining people," Kanae said.

"Oh, I wanna see that!" Labelle perked up.

"I just became a squirreling again, and you want to succufy me already? Well, fuck. Having Drain and Charm was pretty nifty… Alright. Poof me again." Without leaving her seat, she stuck a tongue out and tilted her head up.

Kanae swelled with magical energy. All that power gathered to the tip of her tongue. She cupped Edina's cheeks and let a drop of saliva trickle into the open mouth.

When Edina swallowed, her ears twitched as horns sprouted from her head, a pair of wings unfurled from her back, and her complexion took on a darker shade.

"Ugh… Here comes that succubus hunger again… I'll be downstairs, having me a good fuck. Be back later." Edina shuffled to the dungeons with her thighs squeezed together.

"Fucking rad!" Labelle beamed. "Hilde's never done that before. Queen-Mother forbids it because halfies ain't real. I can still smell the cattle on her, but changing someone's race is metal as fuck. Hey, hey. Change the Priesty into one."

"M-M-Me? I can't be a succubus! No way!" Lani clutched herself defensively.

"I won't be able to change anyone who doesen't want it. Desiring the transformation is one of the conditions," Kanae said.

Labelle clicked her tongue.

After everyone retired to their rooms in the dormitory quarters, Kanae called in nearly twenty of the succubus who were feeding off their Ortesian prisoners. She posted guards outside the monastery to look out for more possible attacks. Hopefully, there wouldn't be any to interrupt her.

Kanae gazed upon their delectable bare bodies and swallowed hard. She stopped counting a long time ago. She had too many partners and encounters to keep track of. With the Sisters of Sin, it was always a delight to partake in their lust. Especially with how much they wanted her, their queen and high priestess, in return.

A particularly impatient elven succubus with long, brunette hair couldn't wait another second. She climbed onto the bed where Kanae was lying naked. Thankfully, this monastery had been built by high elves, so the furnishings of the abbot's quarter was big enough to accomodate them. As their bodies embraced and fingers intertwined, the door swung open.

"Kanae, I'm hurt! You were about to have a spicy hot succubus orgy without me?" Labelle feigned hurt and strummed a sorrowful tune on her lute.

"I have twenty succubus to have sex with in order to draw power from Feed the Queen. It's going to take all night! As if I have time for more." Kanae rolled her eyes.

"Or do you?" The dark elven succubus sauntered in with a seductive smile. "I happen to know Hilde intimately well. If you two are crowned the same, that must mean you have Skill Drain. Don't you want to pound some beats into me?"

Sex with… another Mistress…

One pluck of the lute string and every succubus in the room erupted in a chorus of moans. They shuddered in ecstasy, from the vibrations that teased their bodies. Labelle passed her lute to two phantasmal hands again, letting them play a pleasant tune while she climbed into bed.

"But I wanted the high priestess to shower me with love first!" The succubus on top of Kanae pouted.

"Get in line." Labelle kicked her off and took her place. "How does Skill Drain work again? Don't tell me! Hilde explained it to me before… Oh, yeah! I gotta have used it on you. How about… Orchestra?"

Four more Labelles appeared around Kanae. One on each side, another behind, and the last with arms around the neck of the primary Labelle.

"Illusions? Clones?" Kanae gasped, recalling Renya's signature skill.

"Nope. These ain't real. They can't affect anything, but you don't know that. In battle, it makes things easier to fuck with an opponent. Now take it from me. Give me that cock and screw me!" Labelle urged.

Kanae didn't need to be asked twice and switched Futanari on. What Labelle didn't know— and Kanae had forgotten too— was that the Cock Ring of Hardening was still on.

The Mistress of Debauchery's eyes snapped wide open. She arched her back and howled as Kanae's giant cock penetrated her.

"Fuuuuuck! What is… You're bigger than Hilde… nngh… How are you so big?" Labelle winced.

"Crap! I forgot I still had an enchanted cock ring on my dick!" Kanae apologized.

"Heh… It's a challenge then… I can take this!" She began to bounce and grind on the immense dick.

The twenty succubus in the room couldn't stand it any longer. They embraced each other, found a partner, pair, trios, and whatever combination amongst themselves to sate their appetites.

"You're so tight… I'm already about to burst!" Kanae warned, grabbing ahold of Labelle's hips and pumping rhythmically into her.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum already… I need to… I…" Labelle threw her head back and bit back her moans. She bit down on her finger instead. Her lute continued to play on its own, rising in beat and pace.

Poweful vibrations in the air were like hands upon Kanae's body. They molested her. Caressed her. Fingered her. She saw stars and ejaculated deep into Labelle, shooting a massive load of spunk into the succubus' womb.

[Congratulations! You are now level 253!]

[Skill Drain has temporarily acquired the skill Orchestra.

Orchestra: You create corporeal illusions only you and the targets can see. They act independently of you, but in a way that you would to fool the affected.]

"You can knock me up, can't you?" Labelle smirked and gyrated her hips to milk Kanae some more. "Hilde warned me about this dick skill once. Can you imagine? What if your baby batter puts an actual baby in me? Wouldn't you like that, rocker? An heir to both the Queen-Mother and your Commonwealth?"

"But I already… have so many kids…" Kanae panted.

"Ah, relax. Ambrosia's already set to inherit the crown. The rest of us? Well, we're still gonna have a place in our new succubus empire, but it's up to us to carve out our own little farm. Now, then… We still have all these lovely groupies to taste, don't we?" She got off, and they separated with a pop!

For the rest of the night, Kanae and Labelle laid with the Sisters of Sin in a debaucherous orgy. Magical instruments played them a symphony of depravity, and they were the chorus to its orchestra.

When morning came, Kanae was lying in bed with twenty succubus and Labelle clinging to her. Their appetites were insatiable, as expected of the Depraved Monastery's clergy.

"Let's see…" Kanae checked her updated spell list while the others slumbered.

[Firebolt: Shoot a small blast of fire at an enemy.]

"Don't need…" She removed it from her list.

[Shard of Ice: Shoots a bullet of ice at an enemy. If it misses the target and hits a surface, will instead create a slippery surface of frost.]


[Magic Hands: Create up to two magical hands with a STR rank of C that can be used at will to interact with things.]

"Oh, this might come in handy!" Kanae giggled at her own, then went bright red when she noticed Labelle staring.

"Who needs an audience when we can give ourselves encores!" Labelle grinned, joining with a corny follow-up and her own applauding magical hands. "Ah? Ah~ C'mon, Kanae. That was clever."

"God… it would have been better if you just made fun of me instead." She groaned.

The rest were mostly useless and not helpful. Kanae discarded them all except for Magic Hands. She had hoped to gain a few worthwhile spells in the upcoming attack, but asking that from low level, common-crowned succubi might be too much to ask.

"Amethyst, are you awake yet? We should hurry before—" Lani opened the door and shrieked, then promptly shut it. "Sorry! I didn't mean to intrude!"

Not an hour later, and they were ready to assault the Ortesian stronghold. By noon, when the sun was the highest, Kanae and her crack team had crossed the threshold of Varu desert into the wetlands of Windy Bog.

Gold and the Ortesian force had built a pallisade around their vast encampment of carriages and tents. It was the largest gathering of high elves Kanae had seen yet. The empire had to have been ushering soldiers through portals day and night to accumulate so many. 

"Remember, this isn't a fight we can win," Kanae began. "They know we're coming. They most likely prepared for it. We have the advantage of them not knowing what our plan is. Labelle and Edina will split their forces into two by attacking from the north and south respectively. The rest of us, Talon, Lani, and myself, will divebomb into the center of their camp from above and take the ankh from Gold."

They nodded. The black clad Sisters of Sin Kanae had brought with ached for battle. And sex. Mostly sex.

As everyone went to their places, Labelle put away her lute and brought out what could only be described as a guitar. Yet… clearly looked of primitive and magical make. The strings shimmered with a faint glow. The Mistress of Pain flew out to the south-side and was met with dozens of Ortesian knights.

"Are you ready for a concert?" Labelle bellowed, using some sort of magic to amplify her voice that Kanae could hear it from afar.

The knights didn't humor her. They charged right away, weapons and magic ready to put the succubus down. Labelle's fingers danced across the guitar strings, bringing them all to a grinding halt. Music filled the air. Those on the walls pressed their ears shut. Many more were falling to their knees and clutching their growns.

"What… is… that…RACKET?!" Out came the Knight of Gold, dressed in a full suit of armor but without the helmet to reveal an angry look. "Eyes peeled, knights! Kanae could be—"

"It's time for the main event, fuckers!" Labelle stuck a tongue out and flipped the middle finger.

An explosion rocked the north side of the encampment. Edina's undead dragon, death knights, and hundreds of skeletal warriors from Legion of the Dead,  ed in through a hole in the wall. Ortesian knights emerged from the comforts of their carriages and tents to meet them in battle.

"The ankh is still in Gold's tent!" Lani relayed, eyes on Chappy's open page.

"You heard the Saint Priest. Let's go!" Kanae ordered.


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I am Succubus!: Vol. 1 - Kindle edition


Hero Succ! Vol. 4 is available on Amazon, too!

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]