Chapter 229 – S*x Magic
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I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]

They beelined for the biggest, most lavish tent that obviously belonged to Ortesia's Lord-Major Petyr Stormcloud. But their descent wasn't all rainbows and sunshines. Scores of spellcasters fell into formation. Bright flashes of magical incantations fired into the sky. Kanae, Talon, and Lani broke away from each other to avoid being hit all at once. Harpies and succubi that had come with them were being hammered, and not in the way they liked.

While Chappy protected her from the blasts, Lani performed somatic gestures with both hands. Dark wriggly tentacles emerged from the ground beneath the Ortesian spellcasters' feet, entangling them in place. The artillery stopped. Instead, they turned their attention to try to break free.

Talon, being as fast as she was, landed first and shredded through their numbers. She made quick work of them since they were all stuck in place and unable to defend themselves.

But more were coming by the second. They needed to hurry.

"Talon, you and the squadron guard the tent!" Kanae ordered.

"It'd be my pleasure. Bring it, ya high elven bastards!" Talon screeched a warcry.

When Kanae and Lani entered the tent, they were surprised to find half a dozen young elven squires in the middle of getting dressed. All boys. Kanae flicked her rest, casting Sleep to put them all under. They crumpled to the ground snoring.

"Can this even be called a tent? It feels like a mansion. Amethyst, look! There are even stairs leading to an upper floor!" Lani pointed to a spiral staircase.

That, and there were walls to suggest other rooms than just the foyer.

"You know, I've pretty much stopped questioning how a high elf can afford things, and began to question why. Anyway, do you sense the ankh?" Kanae asked.

Lani nodded and led them to the second floor. It smelled of sex and wine up here. Like someone was just having a party. The large bed was slightly moist. A scent Kanae was all too familiar with. So, the Knight of Gold was just a pervert after all. She suspected nothing less from a people always preaching about holiness and purity.

The two of them zeroed in on a big, gold-banded trunk at the foot of the bed. A projection of a lock glowed in front of the keyhole. Magic protected it. No surprise there, given how important the ankh was to them.

"Let's see…" Kanae leaned flicked a wand held by her tail and casted Dispel.

Nothing happened. Instead, a golden bolt of magic fired back. It struck Kanae square in the chest and sent her flying across the room.

"Are you okay?!" Lani gasped.

"Uu… I think… I just got smited…" Kanae laid face down on the floor, charred well-done from top to bottom.

The fighting was getting fiercer outside. Lani helped Kanae up, and they returned to locked trunk.

"Allow me. I designed a spell that might be able to break open magical locks," Lani said.

"Wait, you designed a spell?" Kanae gaped.

"Hehe. That's top secret! Buuut, I will let you in that Eliza and I are masters at inscribing useful spells onto a scroll." She smiled and pulled out a rolled up parchment.

Kanae watched as the scroll unrolled itself and hovered in mid-air. She positioned both hands so that the lock's projection was nested between her palms. Complex runes and texts ignited, searing into the parchment. It ignited, burning from the bottom up and disappearing. The lock on the chest had vanished.

"It worked?" Kanae asked.

"Whew!" Lani wiped the sweat from her brows. "It worked! That was an expensive and experimental spell, too. Eliza and I have been working on it for years. We call them spell scrolls! In time, people without affinity for magic may be able to cast spells. Isn't that amazing?"

"Let's save the celebrating for later. Time to open the chest," she said, heart beating faster with anticipation.

Together, Kanae and Lani pushed open the trunk. It was filled with many personal effects. Among them, neither could believe and only the former recognized, was a Sexy Slime Goods dildo, nipple clamps, and ball gag. Expensive jewelry were strewn in there, too. They pushed all the stuff aside and found a baton-sized golden ankh, distinguishable by the T-shaped body and and teardrop head.

Finally. The magical item that could ressurrect the dead. The very key to bringing Arenade back to life… Kanae finally had it in her hands at last. Its gold metal was warm to the touch.

"Kanae? Kanae! Snap out of it! We have to leave before Gold realizes what's going on," Lani implored.

They hurried back down just as a death knight charged past the tent.

"I am powerful!" Cantu bellowed from atop the behemoth undead's shoulders.

Kanae was taken aback. She almost forgotten Edina had brought him out of the necro lord tomb. It looked like the necromancer let him out to play.

"Come, soft-fleshy mortals! Face the might of undeath—" The rest of his sentence was cut short by a beam of divine energy. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

"First, you took the One-Eyed Cross from me. Now you intend to take the— Wait. If… If you have the ankh, d-does that mean you saw…" Gold, who was holding Labelle by the scruff of her neck, stammered and went red up to her ears.

"That's right!" Kanae exclaimed. "I saw all your sex toys. Turns out, you're even a fan of Sexy Slime Goods. What do you say about a trade? A lifetime supply of sex toys in exchange for the ankh?"

"Bargain, with a succubus? Fine. Let's play, Kanae. Here's my counter: drop the ankh if you want this succubus to live," she said, shifting the bow into a longsword poised to skewer Labelle.

Kanae hesitated to leave. Her feet were rooted to the ground.

"What are you doing, Amethyst? She's a Queen-Mother succubus. We have the ankh. It's in our best interest to escape. Now!" Lani whispered impatiently.

"Kanae can't escapd," Gold taunted. "I know of her alliance. This is Labelle, Mistress of Debauchery. She should have called herself Mistress off Beat instead for how terrible her music is. I swear, my ears were bleeding listening to her play the lute. Honestly, I'd rather not keep her around. She's much more foul-mouthed than the other succubus. However, if you loser her, I wonder how shakey your alliance becomes with the Queen-Mother? Especially if I fib a little and say… you exchanged her for the ankh?"

More than anything, Kanae understood the burdens of being a mother. How she would do anything to protect her children. And how furious she would be if anything were to happen to them.

"Okay…" Kanae relented.

"You're joking! After we've come this far?" Lani turned to her in shock.

"I'm glad we can come to an agreement. Give it here. I'll let the succubus go once its in my hands. I rather not imprison a succubus anyway. Having them so close in proximity gives me the creeps!" Gold shuddered and stuck a hand out.

Kanae conjured one transluscent hand into existence from the Magic Hands skill obtained last night. She placed the ankh into its palm, then compelled it in Gold's direction. The hand stopped half-way between them.

"What's the matter. Second thoughts?" The elven knight asked.

"I just remembered something. In Highgreen, there's a new school of magic being taught at the campus of Moonlit Avenue. It's very creative. So creative than even I, a succubus, couldn't believe they came up with it! That is, applying magic to sex!" Kanae conjured the second magic hand and plunged its fingers through the armor, into the Knight of Gold's pussy.

Expectedly, Gold jumped several feet into the air and yelped. Her entire face went red. Her knees buckled.

"What is… nngh… this? You… FOUL BITCH! What did you do?!" Gold shouted.

"And this is a skill courtesy of Labelle!" Kanae cast Orchestra, creating multiple illusions of herself that lunged for Gold at the same time.

She took the sword off Labelle and swung madly at the illusions. In reality, Gold was striking nothing. Kanae retracted the hand holding the ankh back to them, and Labelle seized Gold's distraction to break free.


The magic hand was too slow moving. Kanae spread her wings and shot forth to grab the ankh, but Gold tackled her. They rolled across the camp. The ankh was being kicked around by high elven and drakeling infantry rushing to deal with the undead horde. Both of them scrambled to pick it up, elbowing and grappling each other on the way there.

"I hope you like it up by the butt!" Kanae dispelled the free magic hand and recast it to stick a finger into Gold's ass.

"Nngh! You dare besmirch the holy temple that is my body? I'm going to quash your head like a melon!" Gold snarled.

"Only if you do it between your thighs!" she retorted.

Gold managed to swipe the ankh off the floor first. Kanae bodied her and looked up just as they stumbled into a portal. The salty scent of ocean breeze snapped her eyes to the horizon. A fleet of galleons blanketed the seas. Their hulls were plated with gold accents, and all of them flew the colors of Ortesia and Rotandrix.

There must be hundreds. A few even rivaled the size of Renya's warship, the Songstress, but surpassed in firepower seeing the many gunports on the hull.

"What is… all this?" Kanae gawked.

"The pride of the empire, our glorious Gilded Fleet!" Gold exclaimed, slipping the ankh into a waistband. "I'm not its admiral, but even I can help but be in awe of the crusade's seaborne might. They may not be able to come ashore, but thanks to Viviren portals, our supply lines are secured. Our invasion, in motion. Our conquest, assured. Don't you get it, Kanae? Your Demon's Three Alliance is hopeless. The Commonwealth will crumble, and we will found a brand new high elven country from its ashes!"

"Ortesia had its chance, then they abandoned it. This is my country now! Our. Demons, succubi, and whoever is willing to give living together a chance. Same goes for you, Gold. Knowing your predilections, I can give you everything you want here and then some."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about! I also refuse to listen to a succubus whose magic hands are PLUNDERING MY PRIVATE PARTS!" She transformed the sword into a bow and fired an arrow infused with Divine Smite.

Kanae was able to easily dodge the shot. Gold was weak from being pleasured. The magic hands fingered and squirmed inside her with a single purpose— to make her climax.

As they clashed, it became increasingly clear that being sexually teased in the middle of battle was not to Gold's advantage. That didn't mean her attacks were any weaker. Every strike Kanae blocked numbed her entire arm.

"Orchestra!" Kanae backed away to let the illusions confuse her.

"As if I'm falling for that again!" Gold saw through it and came bull rushing with a spear.

The point of the steel came inches within Kanae's face— then Gold collapsed on the ground. Both magical hands were pumping faster and faster. They screwed her so hard, her pussy made incredibly wet squelching sounds.

"Awww. Can't get up? Orgasm too strong for you to handle? I thought you trained for this, too. It looks like it feels really good though. I might have to try touching myself with those magic hands later. I'll be taking this in the meantime." Kanae quickly snatched the ankh.

"You… mmm…! Coward!" Gold tried to grab Kanae's ankle, but she jumped back.

Without giving Gold a chance to recover and take the ankh again, Kanae entered the portal. She returned to losing battle. The only reason they hadn't lost yet was because of Edina's circle of bone brutes and undeads around the portal. Lani, Labelle, Talon, and the others were inside fighting off anyone who had slipped by.

"Kanae! What took you?" Edina yelled for her attention. The necromancer had her robes lifted up and was riding missionary on a high elf. One of many high elves, because there was a pile of unconscious and groaning bodies next to her. Their limp dicks were hanging out, and their bodies were drained to the point of being husks.

"God damn. How many did you drain? I was gone for like a few minutes!" Kanae gasped.

"Have you any idea how much mana it takes to upkeep this army? The Pillar of the Damned ain't what it used to be, pal! My squirreling pussy may be some grade A shit getting them to squirt, but we're running outta bodies here. We gotta go— ahh, fuck. He's cumming!" She shivered as the elf beneath her squirted his last load before passing out. "Scratch that nut. I'm fresh out!"

The dracolich landed in the center of the circle, and everyone climbed on to its spine. With one powerful beat of its wings and one last upsurge of mana from Edina, they launched into the sky right before the undead blockade broke.

"KANAE!" Gold emerged from the portal to see them leaving. "This. Isn't. OVER!"

"How in the three hells did you defeat that absolute monster?" Labelle asked in surprise.

"I didn't. These did!" Kanae conjured both magic hands to grope the Mistress of Debauchery's body.

They made it back to the Depraved Monastery as Edina's mana ran out. The dragon disappeared, sinking into an abyssal portal waiting to be summoned again later. She passed out on the floor, and Kanae had to carry her inside.

"Quite frankly," Lani dropped onto the pew, dead from exhaustion, "I'm surprised at how strong Gold is… I must confess it might take more than two Saint Priests just to match her sheer physical and magical strength. Yet you defeated her by… f…f-fingering her? Whatever you're learning in Moonlit Avenue, maybe I need some lessons, too."

"If there's a Highgreen left after this war, you're welcome to enroll. Anyway, I'm not so sure we're safe here. Gold might send people here right away. We should leave early in the morning," Kanae insisted.

"Will you be going to Artaggon to resurrect the Queen-regent?" the Saint Priest asked worriedly.

Kanae pulled out the golden ankh and stared at it. That would be for the best, but leaving the Commonwealth during a war? It was all the way in the northeast part of Hellfire Badlands, too. It would take months to go there and back. As much as she wanted to see Arenade again…

"What if I go?" Labelle suggested.

They snapped to her with eyes wide.

"I ain't got no one to bring back to life. You point me in a direction, I'll go straight there. Besides, you got a war to worry about here. I was just sent here to check things out," she added.

"I'll think about it… But I'm not letting you go alone. Talon would be coming with," Kanae said.

Labelle shrugged.

"The more the merrier. Be nice to have a little birdie chirp a tune for me on the journey!"

"Y'ask me to chirp, and I'll make mince meat outta ya." Talon growled.

"Oooh, scary! Tell me, why should the vulture fear the pigeon?" The Mistress of Debauchery rose to meet her threats.

Or… Maybe sending them out together was a bad idea…

"Hey, Priesty. What does your order say about carnal pleasures? Does the idea of a good dicking make you squeamish?" Labelle asked, sitting down next to the warlock and clearly intending to tease.

"You mean as a member of the Saint Priests? There's nothing against us having, ahem, affairs. Grand Eye Analise even encourages us so that we aren't distracted. Obviously, each member has their own thoughts on it. I'm fortunate to have Chappy for my needs!" Lani explained while Chappy stroked her chin with a tentacle.

"Well, then…" The succubus shot Kanae an alluring look. "In succubus culture, it's tradition for victors of the battle to fuck. Whaddya say? Wanna show join us the meaning to the saying, 'fucking like rabbits'?"


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I am Succubus!: Vol. 1 - Kindle edition


Hero Succ! Vol. 4 is available on Amazon, too!

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4

I Became a Succubus, and the Only Way to Level is to... What?! Vol. 4: Leveling up as a Succubus by [Jammin' Rabbit]