Chapter 24: Preparations for a Special Event
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Despite some hiccups along the way, Tahiko was progressing quite nicely in adjusting to life with less and less questions. That wasn’t to say that nothing confused him or caused bewilderment. Though at least from Amasa’s perspective, he wasn’t as annoying as before. Though that wasn’t the end of his troubles.

“I really wish Ida would open up to me.” He said to her as they relaxed during break. “She seems to be afraid of me for some reason, even though we’ve had mostly positive interactions.”

“She’s just shy.” Amasa responded. “I guess in your world, that type of attitude would look like being scared of everything though.” Except maybe there could be some truth to it as well. She didn’t pay too much attention to the girl and her interactions with this otherworldly boy. Perhaps he was being a bit too pushy and forcing her rather than allowing things to go naturally.

“I admit that with her, I shouldn't be one to talk.” He said, referring to the fact he continued to keep his knighthood a secret from the girl. “It’s not fair of me to expect different from her.”

“Yeah, but that’s not exactly your fault though.” She understood there was a bit of a struggle going on within him on that matter. This boy was likely used to solving his problems with violence, so handling social matters was foreign to him. “It’s fine, it’s not like you have to be best friends with her.”

“But you know who you should be best friends with?” Fukuna crashed into their conversation holding up a piece of paper. “Me, of course.”

“What’s that in your hand?” Amasa already knew before asking that it would be something she’d hate. “Don’t tell me we already got another event coming up.”

“I think you can take one guess of what this is all about.” She gave one hint, by pointing over to the calendar marking the month.

“Oh woo, scary stuff…” She spoke with practically no enthusiasm. It was October, and that could only mean one thing. “I hate Halloween.”

“Um, what is Halloween?” Apparently this was a holiday the people on this planet celebrated. Not everywhere, necessarily, but this was one of those places.

“It’s one of the best days of the year.” Fukuna took the polar opposite of Amasa when it came to expressing on opinion on the holiday. “We get an excuse to dress up and do scary things.”

“It’s really lame.” Amasa explained it in the manner that only she knew how. “We make ourselves look like idiots, act like idiots, and consume way too much candy.”

“I see…” He had no clue on how to feel for a day like that. It seemed like fun, but also kind of a weird tradition. “On the bright side, at least I have something to wear.” Being a knight finally had a perk at this school. Now he could have one day wearing his usually attire with no one thinking it was strange or questioning why.

“And you should totally help us out with setting up the classroom’s set for the year too.” Fukuna offered. “And well, I don’t want to say this, but Amasa can join us too.”

“Joy…” She said, unhappy with the offer but ended up getting roped into it anyway by the boy. According to him, it made sense because of his current situation. When inquired further as to what part that was, he didn’t answer and ignored it.

“It sure would be nice if we could go grab Ida to get her to help us.” He said as they joined up with Fukuna’s other friends on the so-called preparations. “Maybe I should-”

“She’s got her own class.” Amasa stopped him by grabbing the boy on the arm. “That’s how this works. Don’t worry about her, I’m sure you can see each other when the even actually starts.” At this point, they were still a week down the line until the day of Halloween. So there was more of a wait then she made it sound. Not that it would prevent him from seeing that girl between that time.

“What we should be worrying about is making our class the best in the whole school.” Fukuna’s competitive spirit shined through with fire in her eyes. Even though there was no official contest, she wanted the rest of the school to know that the classroom she was in was the absolute best. “And Amasa’s not going to hold us back.”

“Hey, I didn’t join in just to be insulted.”

“So what is the plan?” Tahiko asked. There seemed to be more and more students in their class joining around, so he started to speak a bit more carefully to not give way about himself anymore. The casual act with these girls were fine, but most people didn’t know and he’d rather keep it that way. Plus, a lot of the boys seemed to ostracize him for a reason he was unaware of. Everyone else knew though, that being his close relationship to Fukuna.

“We could do a haunted house.” Someone suggested.

“Nah, most of the others are going to do that.” Fukuna declined it for sounding too generic. If they were to be the best, then being like everyone else was not going to work out.

“Make a graveyard?”

“That just sounds like a haunted house, but not in a house.” They were going to need better ideas than that.

“How about a cafe?”

“Already hate it.” Amasa spoke up to that suggestion. Why would they do something so cliche from a culture festival?

“But what if it’s a monster cafe?” The person suggesting it continued on. That seemed to earn a lot of praise from the other students sans Amasa.

“All right, it’s settled then.” Fukuna went with this idea without any hesitation. “We’ll do a monster cafe!” The entire class cheered minus the usual suspect.

Their plan was simple. It would be a cafe run by the students, the way everyone already knows how that goes. The twist would be the outfit choice. Instead of something like maids, which would’ve been cute to see, they’d be adorn in costumes that fit the role of monsters. Things such as goblins, vampires, werewolves and beyond.

“That shouldn’t be too challenging.” Tahiko said as Fukuna, who was the self appointed leader, gave out roles. “Is that going to be all we’re doing?” As fun as this all sounded, it did seem a bit on the empty side.

“No, I wish that was all.” To Amasa’s displeasure, that day would bring about many activities. Plenty fun for most, sure, but it was going to make for a long day for the girl. “All that matters is that we’re also going to be heading into the forest when it gets late.” That sounded like a stupid idea to her. Just another thing this school did that sounded like a hazard to the health of the students.

The basic concept was that when the sun set and got dark, which was getting earlier and earlier as the days progressed. Students had the opportunity to go into the haunted forest to enjoy some cheap scares and frights by the staff. Who would’ve been setting things up during the day of festivities.

That wouldn’t be the only part, but a lot of students liked it as there was a random shuffle. Since obviously people shouldn’t be going in there all alone, there was randomization on partners. Even though it wasn’t designed with it in mind, a lot of the people running it like to pair up boys and girls with the number system. That was left unknown to the teachers since students were the ones who handled how partners were paired up. “Why is everyone always so stupid?” She said after explaining everything to him.

“Honestly, I think it sounds like a lot of fun.” He always took things in stride, much to her annoyance. But there was nothing the girl could do to stop him from wanting to enjoy things. It would be unfair of her to do so, so she didn’t bother.

“Whatever, but I’m not going to take part of it.” As long as he didn’t force her to do it this time, she would let it slide.

“Okay.” After learning his lesson last time, he had no plans on doing do.