Chapter 13: A Cry for Help
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The ones taking a bath when the tutorial started had only a bar of soap at their disposal, if they were lucky. They were naked, wet, and vulnerable. Needless to say, most of them did not survive.

Name: Eva Greene

Species: Human I (Modified)

Class: None

Level: 1

Experience: 0

Health: 285

Regen: 3/min

Stamina: 285

Regen: 30/min

Mana: 360

Regen: 30/min

Strength: 29

Cost: 30 Exp

Dexterity: 29

Cost: 30 Exp

Agility: 29.7

Cost: 28 Exp

Endurance: 30

Cost: 31 Exp

Wisdom: 29

Cost: 30 Exp

Acuity: 29

Cost: 30 Exp

Intelligence: 29

Cost: 29 Exp

Willpower: 30

Cost: 28 Exp

Vitality: 30

Cost: 31 Exp

Perception: 30

Cost: 31 Exp

Skills/Spells: Throwing: 3, Polearms: 6, Unarmed: 4, Swords: 3, Shields: 1, Charge: 2, Infuse Weapon: 2, Medium Armor: 1, Pierce: 3, Air Resistance: 3, Fire Resistance: 2, Earth Resistance: 2, Water Resistance: 3, Dodge: 8, Poison Resistance: 4, Meditation: 2


Equipment: Chain Hauberk (Medium Armor), Steel Helmet, Shortsword, Shield, Magister's Emerald Ring, Boots of the Traveler


All participants of the Tutorial are given the following skills for free:

Basic Observe

Special Human Language

Both of these skills are standard for every sentient being in integrated space

Eva looked around the forest she found herself in. The trees were similar to what she was used to but just different enough to give off an eerie feeling. Just staring at something while wanting to know more about it brought up a very basic description of what it was. It didn't really say much other than what she would have already guessed.

Unknown Tree

It's a tree

She rolled her eyes at the terribleness of the results of Observe. There were many paths forward from where she was. She didn't know if she was alone nor how large the 'Tutorial' was. There was obviously going to be some danger since the main objective was simply to survive; but thanks to the equipment she already had, she was in a good position to deal with whatever came unless it was absolutely out of her league. Considering it was a tutorial, she didn't expect anything overly difficult compared to what she'd already fought and died against thousands of times already.

Seeing as the terrain around her offered little in the way of direction, she trotted off towards what looked to be lower ground in search of water. Water meant people and security. Even if she didn't need help killing monsters, she'd need someone to watch her back so she could sleep.

The trees and underbrush thinned out slightly as she dropped gently in elevation. Not having a supply of water was a pain, but she didn't feel as thirsty as she thought she should have been. Maybe it was the increase in vitality or endurance or something. She was smarter now than pretty much anyone else on Earth, but figuring out how the system worked was beyond her. She never liked that sort of thing.

The going was slow even with her increased stats. The underbrush is what really did it. She found herself having to navigate large bramble patches in her pursuit of water. When she'd barely made a hundred yards from where she had appeared, she heard something that put her very much on edge. To her right, and slightly farther down the hill, she heard a bloodcurdling scream. From the pitch of the voice, she knew the screamer was likely female, however that's all she could tell.

Eva rushed quickly towards the scream's origin. The thick underbrush impeded her progress, but she managed to get within visual distance within thirty seconds. Her arms stung from the lacerations caused by running through the bramble patches instead of around them. Faster, yes, but also more painful too.

Greeting her was a sorry sight. There was a blood-covered girl trying, and failing, to fight off what looked like rats the size of house cats. Immediately after taking it all in, she pumped her legs hard and let out the best war cry she could manage. A couple of the rats turned in her direction, but most remained focused on the girl. With a couple more strides, she reached the first rat. The forest was too thick to simply swing her sword around without thinking, so instead of attacking with that, she made her best impression of Ronaldo and punted the rat into oblivion. It tried to get out of her way when it saw what she was doing, but she was much too quick for it to dodge.

Giant Rat killed, 3 Experience awarded [(3)(1)(1)(1)(1)]

Her next step took her near the second giant rat that had turned its attention her way. With a swift strike of her sword, she killed it.

Giant Rat killed, 2 Experience awarded [(4)(1)(1)(1)(0.5)]

With those two out of the picture, Eva made her way to the group of four surrounding and savaging the girl. A few swipes of her sword and a second kick ended the threat for good. She had taken no damage other than the scrapes from the brambles getting there. The girl, on the other hand, was a mess. Upon closer inspection, the girl was in her late teens.

“Are you ok?” Eva asked, immediately regretting the choice of words since the teen was obviously not ok.

The teen merely groaned in response. Then she pushed off of the ground and sat up. She had wounds all over her body, some of which bled profusely, some of which just looked angry.

“T-thanks,” the teen responded after several seconds.

Eva cut her own pants just above the knee. Then she tore long strips from it and did her best to patch up the wounded teen. Ten minutes passed before she looked more like a wounded soldier than a freshly butchered animal.

Basic Skill Learned: First Aid

“Ahem,” came a cough about ten meters behind where the two were.

Eva turned her head to see a man dressed in slightly torn business casual. The only thing he had in his hands besides an apple-sized rock was his tie.

“Who are you,” she asked the man.

“Ron,” he answered. “What the hell happened? What's this tutorial bullshit and why is that girl all messed up?”

“Eva. Good to meet you, I guess. No idea what the tutorial thing is, other than what those stupid boxes told me. This teen was about to fail the only thing we got told to do, so I came to the sound of her scream and killed those rats.”

“Looks like you were prepared, at least. Sword, armor, I mean, my god.”

“I was... LARPing with friends when I disappeared,” she lied.

“LARPing? What's that?”

“Pretending to fight like in fantasy games or olden times, I guess.” Eva blushed at having to describe something like that. She hadn't actually done that in at least ten years. Before the training, she was far too out of shape to have even thought of doing that!

“Interesting! So you know anything about the girl?”


“What?” Ron asked.

“Sadiya is my name,” the teen said again.

“What happened?” Eva asked.

“I... I was praying,” she started. “Suddenly, I was here. I saw something saying I'm in a tutorial, that I should survive? I didn't know what to do, so I tried to continue my prayer when these giant rats came and started biting me. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here!”

The other two were now looking Eva's way. She blushed a little from the attention.

“My story is pretty similar. I was out with friends, and then appeared up the hill. I figured that I would try to find water, and on the way down, I heard a scream. I came as quickly as I could and saw Sadiya having a difficult time. By the time they were killed, and she was bandaged, you came.”

“Like the both of you, I just appeared. I was on my way to work when it happened. I grabbed a rock just in case when I heard Sadiya scream. I made my way here to see this mess with you two in the middle of it.”

“Let's go before more rats show up?” Eva suggested.

With the pair's assent, Eva started making a trail for them to follow downwards in search of water. With Sadiya injured and Ron in fancy clothes, the going was even slower than just Eva alone. There was certainly a stat difference as well, but that sort of thing would need to wait until they were in a safer place. Maybe it would be rude to ask? Eva shook the line of thought from her head and kept walking.

Half an hour later, they found a small stream and started to follow it towards the source. Waterfalls were more common the closer to the spring one went, and it looked like the stream wasn't too far from that spring.

Along the way upstream, they ran into two more people. One, a man called Mathias, wasn't interested in joining them. Another, Hideki, was much more receptive to the offer. He, like Ron, was working at the time the tutorial began. He even had an aluminum water bottle in his bag that allowed all of them to drink when they got to the spring, a little more than halfway up the mountain they were climbing.

When they settled in a flat area near the spring, Hideki asked about what they'd seen so far and why Sadiya was injured. After a quick explanation, he understood. Apparently, he was speaking Japanese, while Eva, Sadiya, and Ron spoke English. And still, they could all understand each other. This was the skill Human Language at work. He'd read several light novels about what they were encountering. The system of boxes would allow everyone to improve how strong they were or how fast they thought, but there would be dangers like with the giant rats.

If what he said was true, Eva knew well what to expect thanks to the first tutorial. She'd died several thousand times to get as tough as she was, and she knew she wouldn’t have the luxury to try again if she failed. Failure really would be the end. Sadiya had almost kicked the bucket as it was, and beyond the monsters, they weren't alone. Other humans could be as dangerous or even more so than the official monsters out there.

Ron, for all his business attire, was a huge fan of survival experiences. He'd roughed it in the outback several times, being Australian and all. The accent he had was stopped by the automatic translation. In fact, everyone had a California accent similar to Eva's, at least to her ears.

Ron's survival knowledge was perfect to direct everyone in completing the important tasks of making a shelter and a communal fire. Eva was unsure about the fire since it might attract unsavory humans, but Ron put his foot down, insisting that the monsters would be more dangerous without any night vision equipment.

Hideki insisted that everyone use Observe as often as possible to level it up. He said that while useless now, it would be one of the more important things to have at a high level besides actual fighting skills. Eva used it on the three others, but she wasn't able to make out much.

Sadiya, Lv 0 Human


Hideki, Lv 1 Human


Ron, Lv 1 Human

Doing that alone got her a single level in it. Without much food to go around--just a few snacks that Hideki and Ron had on them--a rotation of watches was decided before sleeping. First would be Ron, followed by Hideki, then Eva, and, finally, Sadiya. The only way to tell time was to use the quest's timer. Each watch was done in two hour chunks so that everyone could have six hours of rest.