11 – How to save a life
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[Note: While user's identity is guaranteed by the system, it is recommended to avoid disclosing your true identity.]

Shut up! I know that!

I resisted the urge to scream and then focused on my surroundings.

After that awkward and embarrassing moment in the kitchen, and after I stole a dress shirt and jeans from my dad's room that fit this stupid body better than my own clothes, Ren took me out to town.

Or rather, I didn't have a choice but follow him out to town.

My best friend was usually relaxed and chill, but he was extremely on edge around me. Well, around 'Sena Muraki.'

I shivered at that thought and then subconsciously wrapped my arms around my chest.

Or I tried, and then was met with an armful of squishy boobs... and a few buttons coming undone.

Ren glanced at me and then snorted. "Appealing to me with your sexual nature will not work, Woman."

"Like heck I'm trying to appeal to you!" I blushed and then quickly rebuttoned my shirt, clamping my arms down at my sides.

"Hmph. Whatever you say... And you had better not have done anything funny with Kimura-san or you'll regret it."

I let out a dry laugh and said, "I'm already regretting my life decisions, so no worries there."

And I was pointedly trying to not think about the fact that I had something extra up top and lost something down below.

[Note: User's bodily functions and hormone cycle will be properly restored when the transformation is over.]

What the heck do you mean hormone cycle?! Does that mean I'm going to think like a woman the longer I'm in this body?!

[Note: The system is not responsible for any mental adjustments that occur due to physical transformations.]


An awkward and tense silence. Even so, Ren refused to say a single word.

I sighed and took a look around.

It was evening now, the sun slowly sinking beneath the horizon. The blue sky had turned a hazy orange hue, giving everything a nostalgic appearance. A rolling road, old buildings bunched together in the downtown market area... Seeing all of that reminded me of the good old days when Ren and I ran around doing crazy things while pretending to be superheroes.

Was Ren thinking of the same thing? He looked troubled, his eyes flitting across the surroundings. But then they turned cold as he looked back at me. Waving around, he said, "This is downtown Kichijoji. There's a konbini. Book store. Pharmacy. If you need something, this is where you get it."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm not an idiot."

"Good. Looks like you're not a dumb bimbo like my older sister." Ren pulled out his phone and said, "Stores here close early at 7 PM. The walk back is about ten minutes and a straight path." With that, he spun his back and walked away.

"W-Wait!" I instinctively reached out and grabbed his arm. "You're just leaving me here!?"

Ren narrowed his eyes and brushed off my arm. "Even if you're Hajime Oji-san's friend... You still did something with Sen. I know you did."

I started to sweat.

...Yeah. His instincts were as sharp as usual.

"As long as he shows up safe tomorrow, I'll consider being nicer to you. If not... We will have issues." Turning his back on me again, Ren marched off, heading down the road to his house.

I watched him leave and hesitated.

[Note: It is recommended that User maintain secrecy regarding the transformation.]

"Oh shut up." I pulled my arm back and said, "I know. Things will get awkward."

How the hell was I even going to explain what happened? I played a gacha game and got turned into a chick?

Besides that-


I frowned, suddenly remembering what Ren said. "...What did Ren mean about me being a friend of my dad?"

Come to think of it, he had given up on probing me pretty easily too-

[Urgent mission! Reflect by the water's edge. Achievement points +300]

I blinked. "What?"

Something new came up. Before my very eyes, a holographic overlay appeared. A marker, with a distance measured in meters beneath it.


That was weird. But 300 points were 300 points. Maybe I could get a gacha pull that could fix this mess...

"Let's see..." I focused on the marker and tried to figure out where it was. "That direction and that distance... It'd be Inokashira Park, right?"

It was a place near where I ran through in the mornings. A good place for couples to hang out due to the nice pond and relaxing vibe with the nearby sakura trees.

I sighed and stuck my hands in my pockets before walking away.

As I did, I noticed people staring at me. Mostly men, eyeing me like a piece of meat.

I shivered and muttered, "Dammit. I can't wait to turn back to normal..."

Sure I still got stares normally, but I'd rather get the weirdos staring at me rather than normal people eyeing me like some sex object.

...Though considering how I looked, I guess I couldn't blame them.

Especially considering the fact that I didn't have a bra and these damned boobs kept bouncing around.

"Argh... Freaking scamming system..."

[Note: VIMS is dedicated entirely to helping you achieve your objective of opening the greatest Virtual Idol Agency the world has ever seen.]

I wrapped my arms around my chest to keep those bouncing things in place and then scowled. "I don't freaking want to do that! How many freaking times do I have to say it?!"

[Note: User's input has been received.]

"...Tch. Now you're just trolling me."

I sighed and kept walking.

Fortunately, the walk over to the park ended without a hitch. Though, the sun had completely set by the time I arrived. But when I did...

[Urgent Mission <Reflect by the water's edge> complete. +300 Achievement points.]

I stood by the pond's surface and stared at the floating blue window. "Huh. That was easy..."

For an urgent mission, I thought it'd be more chaotic. Those missions usually were, so why-

[Urgent Mission! Rescue the drowning girl! Achievement points +3000]

"Wait, what?!"

Light flashed in the middle of the pond. And that light was the only reason I could see it.

Bubbles reaching the pond's surface. Pure white arms flailing a bit before starting to sink below.

"@#$$!" I stepped back to take a running leap and then booked it, ignoring my flopping boobs and then said, "TELL ME THESE THINGS SOONER, YOU #[email protected]$ SYSTEM!"

[Note: User's input has been received.]


It was going to be freaking awkward afterwards since I was wearing a white shirt, but #$#@ it! A girl was dying!

Stupid 'ideal form'! You had better be good at swimming or else I'm demanding a refund!

[Note: Consumed items cannot be returned.]

Shut it!