A Genius Is Born
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(Still Day 257)

After I beat a few more, they told me to stop.

They are debating whether to let me fight even older kids, since from 9-years up they are literally double my height and weight, and they won't be as stupid.

I'm fine with fighting bigger kids, any fighting experience I gain at this point counts. Plus its not like I have to win, I'll just tie with them its still more than enough to be seen as a martial genius.

One of the main instructors comes to me and gives me the fakest smile i have seen

"Well done Shinichi, you will definitely be the star of this dojo, what do you say you go fight against one of them while we film you, you will be famous and it will help you become a famous hero when you grow up"

Oi, Oi, old man, you're not even hiding your intentions anymore, I estimated that they would ask me this in about a year, but damnn they are more greedy than I thought.

Well that's fine with me, means the public will notice me even earlier.

"Really! Yay I'll do it, I will be the greatest hero" I make my eyes sparkle, might be overselling this a bit, but he doesn't know me enough or doesn't care enough to notice, he just smiles even wider. If I didn't know for a fact that he is banging one of the housewife's I would be screaming 'Creepy Pedophile' to get him arrested

"Great lets go do it right now!" he quickly goes to grab the camera equipment,

What a sucker, as soon as I dry this place from anything i can get i'll just go to the next one. I will steal all their techniques, get all the fame to follow me and forget about this place and I'll blackmail this dumbass for money, its his fault he is so sloppy to be caught

When he came back with the the camera i saw him going to my opponent, I was curious so i increased my hearing and listened to them, the dude used the same excuse he did on me, just said that he will film him how he is such a good senpai and helps the younger students learn better. The amount of bullshit this man is saying is unreal, I'm definitely blackmailing him, all anonymously of course.

"Shinichi everything is ready just do your best" he said it with the same creepy smile, okay you are now dubbed *'Creepeichi'*

I just walk in the circle the kid who sneered at everyone earlier is now standing straight, smiling brightly, while holding out his hand to me "Lets do our best Kohai"


Unbelievable.. he is 9.. Who teaches their kids this stuff? I know this is another world but come on man!

I just shake his hand, go to my position and enter my stance, he does the same.


He dashes towards me and telegraphs a punch, i think they thought them today not to do that, he is either going easy on me or just doesn't notice what he is doing.

A just move a little every time he is about to hit me, a side step here, a tilt there.

Yep, he is trying to look cool in front of the camera, whatever I have dragged this long enough.

I trip his feet and he falls on his ass. He quickly turned red from shame and then to rage.

He charges at me like a bull, I dash then duck right after and land right where his feet are, I use my body to trip both his feet. He lands right on his face.

The moment he stands up i give him a high kick right to the chin, he stagers a bit from that and he is pissed, his face is blood red, looks like he is about to explode.

He gives me a swing with all his strength, just right before he's about to hit me, I grab his wrist and give it a hard yank. This puts him off balance and he starts falling, I turn his arm behind him, and lock it to keep it straight. Then I just push it upwards.

" Ow, ow, ow!" he starts yelling

" Winner Shinichi Kodo!"

I let him go and give a bow to him since the instructor's still filming.

"That was great good job, both of you! Genta you need more training"

"Hai sensei!" he yells but he is clearly ashamed and looks like he is about to cry, meh not my problem

"Shinichi how about we take some photo's for posters?" there it is the same creepy, greedy smile, a video is one thing, but posters?

"Hmm lets ask my Mum first" HA! The way his face cringed

"Ahh yes of course, of course" he manages to say it while smiling

Does he really think he can use my image and not pay me.

This is earlier than my plans but that's ok, I will be seen as the 'cute karate kid' for 2 years until I leave this place for other martial arts. I'm 5 years old, I still have a bit of baby fat on my cheeks.

Though not a lot, i run a lot plus it seems my family genetically has less baby fat on them, so that's good for me.

Chubby cheeks are not good for the image I'm going for.

(1 week later = Day 264)

That video really blew up. A lot more than I anticipated.

Good news people are starting to notice and pay attention to me, calling me a fighting genius. Well the title of the video was "5-year-old Genius wins against a kid 4 years older" or "Kindergartener beats elementary student" so it got a lot of attention, I think they paid someone to edit the video and make it better.

Bad news Bakugo and a lot of other kids are jealous and want to fight me to prove they are better. Now I would love to beat them black and blue but the problem is someone started filming with their phone like usual instead of stopping them, and since I'm somewhat locally famous that will be seen as bulling and it will have a negative effect on my reputation.

So I did the next best thing, I called them out on a 'fair fight' inside the dojo with no quirks. The reason I did this was simple, the greedy bastard will definitely film this, and I use this to crush and humiliate Bakugo for life, maybe he will be a better person after this.. Probably not but whatever.

And Bakugo being Bakugo will definitely use his quirk once he is frustrated, which will be posted online and he will be branded a cheater. We are 5 right now, am I being petty by potentially destroying his future chances. Maybe, do I care, Nope.

So here we are at the dojo cameras filming, Bakugo and 9 other kids waiting in line to fight me. I have to say, I don't know how that greedy bastard got this approved, he even made it into a local event.

"Shinichi are you ready? Do you feel nervous? A lot of people are here to watch you."

AKA 'Don't screw up kid, our dojo is on the line'

I nod at him "No problem I'm excited, I'm going to beat them all!"

"Great Let's go then" he stands up and I follow him to the ring. This will be a piece of cake

Word Count 1300

*(A/N Beelzebub joke, Furuichi is one of the characters that always gets picked on)