Yuuki Tetsuya
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The fight was quick and painful, I dodged his first attack and I did a clean Seiken to his stomach. He fell down and didn't stand up, that's definitely going to leave a bruise. Kid didn't stand a chance. Usually karate is impossible for kids my age, just because they don't have the necessary physicals force for it. But I'm a living cheat, I wrote a code that makes particular moves like the Seiken to be preformed perfectly. My entire weight was behind that punch, its enough to hurt kids but not anyone above 12. since I am still 5, my body is keeping me from advancing.

"And there he is the Karate Genius ended this in one hit, the pride of our Dojo!"

Man he is really shameless with the advertising, parents are talking to each other thinking about enrolling them here. I'm talking to my mother about his, we need a good lawyer to get a cut from the money this place is about to get. I'm the reason for it, I should get a cut, simple logic, and he wont be able to say no. I'll make sure of it.

The next kid is 6, one year older than me, he was cocky saying 'Come on, Come on' and provoking me.

Ended him with a neck chop, he didn't have anything worthwhile for me to copy.

After him kid number 4. This one is almost 10 years old, I would be embarrassed to fight a kid twice as young as me, but he is looking forward to beating me up. Again If this is how parents are teaching their children its no wonder there are so many Villains.

"For challenger number 4 we have Yuuki Tetsuya he is the oldest one of the bunch nearing 10 years, he has been practicing Muay Thai for 4 year, his parents are instructors he has an active strength enchantment quirk which he can't use but it did change his physique a little and is legal according to international competition rules. He has the strongest chance to win against our champion"

When the hell did I become a champion, what is this a colosseum?

"Haa? Strongest chance are you blind? You shitty old man, the best is saved for last!" Bakugo yells, he starts cursing again, and I just ignore him

Hmm this one might give me a challenge, 4 years of practicing, even if he was slaking off, which is unlikely given that his parents are teaching him. he will still have some good moves for me to copy, and with a strength quirk that changed his body a bit he will hit stronger.

Lets test out the adrenaline boost code, I will start to pump my heart a little bit faster the normal heart beat for my age is 75 - 115 beats per minutes. Previously I set my heart at 75 bpm, now since I'm fighting I can push it to stay at 115 I think.

[A healthy 25-year-old would have a range of 60-100 as a normal bpm and 117 to 166 when he is doing strenuous exercises or sports. Experts consider a flight or fight heart rate of 115 to 140 beats per minute optimal for sustaining rapid, coherent thinking and quick reactions. But above 140 bpm, the sympathetic nervous system begins shutting down. At 170 you are in immediate danger. My goal for the future when I have a grown body is to drop my heart beat at 40 bmp and keep it at 145-150 when I'm fighting.]

I have done extensive research on the subject, and tired to increase my bmp every once in a while to test my limits, but I haven't used it in a fight. This will serve as a good test run. I will keep dodging at the start and copy his movements and then start the real fight.

"Will our champion finally be beaten or will he prevail"


Unlike the others he doesn't rush me, he is observing me, I just realized he hasn't said a word to me, this one might have a brain after all. He slowly starts to close the distance between us, since he is twice as big as me, and twice as strong, it means he hits harder and his reach is longer. As soon as I am within his range, he goes for a side kick to my thigh. I take a step back. Good, very good, this one might actually be the only real marital artist among the kids, now that I think about it, he never insulted me when they grouped up against me, and he was kinda on the side, not staying with the others.

I put those thoughts aside as I continue to dodge his attack's for a full 3 minutes

"Our champion seems to be in a bit of a pinch, I hope he can start fighting for real instead of just running and dodging and show the people our dojo's techniques" I hear the ref/instruct/creep say

That little shit, I'm going to ruin his life later.

"Is why don't you fight me like the rest?" he stops and asks me, I think he is a bit peeved

Well I saw enough, he really showed the best skills I have seen today.

Looks like I wont be using the Adrenaline rush on this one, won't be worth it, he can tank my hits. I will just tire myself out, I still have 6 kids to beat before I go home

I just smile at him and take a free style stance, I can see how confused the kid is, but he is still somewhat on guard, guess me wreaking 3 kids before him made him cautious.

He attack me with a punch but I do the unexpected I grab his wrist, spin and throw him to the ground. Aikido is basically useless unless its against another Aikido practitioner, I only pulled that off, because he wasn't expecting it and he is still young.

"Ohhh our genius preforms a magnificent Aikido throw on Tesuya-kun , this is the power of Aikido" and he continues with the bullshit. In my past life it was proven traditional martial arts don't stand a chance against MMA. But since this is a anime world, I will still practice/copy all of them. Then I get rid of what cant be used and make a style suited for myself.

"Tesuya stands up, what move is Shinichi going to show us next" Okay that's it, he keeps bugging me to use the dojo's techniques, lets see how he likes this

The kid start to get more aggressive with his blows, he got a few in, but then he relaxed and opened his guard. He throws a punch I grab the clothes on his biceps and shoulder and turn so my back is touching his chest, time for a Judo shoulder throw. I pull his arm downwards and rise hips and slam him hard to the ground, he is stunned form the impact, I don't waste time, I grab the arm, twist and lock it, he starts crying in pain, and taps the ground.

"The winner is Shinichi Kodo .. with a Judo throw.." hahaha his voice sounds so dead, he lost all his motivation for this

The fight was kinda fun, got to try some stuff out, and copied his basic Muay Thai techniques. I can copy from videos but they are too advanced for this body, its best that I copy moves from kids until I get a little older.

The kid stands up, and gives me his hand says "Good fight, I was a bit angry when a 5-year-old kid got famous when he has only be doing martial arts for a few months and I have been doing it for 4 years yet no one has heard of me, so I convinced my family to come here from another city. But it seems you deserve your title as a genius"

I did not expect that, he is quite the humble kid, I smile and shake his hand "You gave me the best fight I have ever had until now, do you think you will just leave like this, wait after the match, we will exchange contact info. I will be needing a sparing partner of your caliber in the future."

He smiles, nods and goes back to his parents

This kid is definitely a future champion. like hell I'm losing contact with him. Putting aside that he is a great sparing partner for me, he will be famous for sure once he enters high school competitions, he doesn't have much of a chance to be a hero, but a future Muay Thai or MMA champ is worth keeping in touch with.

Word count 1500

*( Begin) I think Hajime sounds better, I want to put in as much Japanese references as possible because I can't use honorifics coz they restricted me for them last time, I think. I still don't know exactly why. I was restricted on Webnovel. I just copy paste these from my drafts

Yes I based him on the Capitan form Diamond no Ace, he was a quiet humble guy, he fit the character that I wanted to make