Kendo & Test Run
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"Yuuki Tetsuya put quite the fight against Shinichi but he still lost to the genius"

... Will he stop it with the 'genius', it's getting annoying and overused he is overselling it, and it will backfire.

"Now its time for the 5th contestant Ak..."

I zone out for the next 3 people, they didn't look interesting and looked like typical bullies, they were completely useless. The first(5th) was some idiot who wanted to use Kung Fu from movies he didn't even train in any martial arts, he started jumping around and I just kicked him in the face a couple of times and knocked him out.

The second one was even worse, he has no idea what he is doing, he just dashes at me and 'hopes' he will hit me. During one of his dashes, I tripped his leg, garbed his head and pulled down, he hit the ground hard. I'm I going too far against them. Yes, do I care. NO! I'm wasting time that could be used in a productive way, I am not going to get serious, but I ain't dragging things out on purpose.

The third one, well.. I'll I'm going to say is neck chop.

"And 3 more people remain, will they be able to defeat our champion, or will they lose like the rest?" I turn off my hearing just in time to see Bakugo being held back by his parents, doesn't take a genius to guess what he is saying.

" The 8th contestant Silva comes up with his head held high, he challenged Shinichi to a kendo match. This is will be an interesting match, Silva has 2 years more experience in kendo"

Hmmm, there won't be anything useful to copy form him, he is just your average student, at least from what I have seen from my dojo. Plus they only teach the basics and most of the time is spend on traditions, postures and rules. Both of us get into kendo gear, bow, and enter our positions by squatting down

The rules of kendo are pretty simple. The goal is to score more point than your opponent its a 2 out of 3, a match lasts 5 or 10 minutes(depending on the competition) unless you score 2 points and end it there. You need to land a strike in 4 designated areas: Head, Torso, Wrist and Throat. First to hit any of these gets a Ippon or a point.

But he has to hit with the right part of the Shinai(bamboo blade), correct posture, yell out before you hit. And for the last rule, you have to look at the opponent even after you strike, and can't celebrate as it is seen as rude.

It was designed to teach kids discipline and respect, the original idea, is to keep awareness even after you strike so he doesn't get up and strike back, anyone who doesn't already do this, well he deserves to be killed in a fight.


We raise and I just wait for him, kids don't have a lot of patience, most of kendo training in our age, is just repetitive practice, and an instructor stands in front of you and blocks your stakes. So I don't expect much from anyone in my age group can't wait until I'm old enough. Honestly when I finish my hormone studies I will try to speed up my growth.

And he dashes , I side step. yell, and hit him on the head.

"Ippon"      "Damn it" I hear him mumble

That's one point, one more and its over for him. Now he is standing still, and slightly moving his sword, I guess he is trying to feint me. Well he is terrible at it, and I don't plan on wasting time I dash at him, I can see his smirk behind the head gear, my brain processes things faster, he goes for my torso, but I stop my dash as soon as I started, yelled, and hit his wrist.

"Ippon! Winner Shinichi"    I bow according to the rules, still hear him cursing

"What a great kendo match, now lets move on to the next one, the 9th constant 9-year-old Takashi a good kick-boxer for his age, comes from another city is here to test if Shinichi is the 'real deal' " he keeps hyping up the crowd but I ignore him,

This one is somewhat skilled as well, I didn't expect to meet such potential here. I can finally test the 'Advance'.

"Hey you!, I' goi..." Nope, ain't going to waste time listening to children, this one can fight, but is still arrogant

"Hajime" Creppeichi starts the fight

I use the 'Advance' I set my heart at 100 bpm to start with, 75 to 115 is the normal for my age, but better be safe than sorry. My heart starts pumping faster, my blood flow increased. The kid starts off with kicks, as usual I dodge all of them, but I'm faster now same with my reaction speed.

I keep on dodging and counter attacking on his weakspots, I keep front kicking just above his knee is also known as an oblique kick. Sometimes I don't even kick it, I side step him, and deliver a strong punch in the same spot. I kept increasing my advance slowly until it reached 110. I call it 'Advance' but it isn't anywhere near that level. It's just the same principle, I'm just testing it out, until I reach high-school I wont be using any of my dangerous techniques.

"Stop running away and fight fairly!!" he keeps yelling and taunting me, he is almost twice my age, I didn't even bother responding, I just kept doing the same thing, he got angrier and angrier and with that more openings appeared for me, Seiken's to the waist, jabs to his chin, kicks on the legs but mostly on the right knee.

After a while, his right knee just stopped working, and he kneeled with it, the match was over, now that he cant move, and his head was lower, I just ended it with a reverse kick to the chin with my sole.

"Winner Shinichi!"  I turn off the 'Advance and slowly lower back my bpm, I got tired real fast, I'll log this later, it was a successful test run, we fought for about 3 minutes, my 'Advance' was active the whole time, i can feel the strain. That move is no joke, and its just the beta version, it was within the limit of my body but it is still tiering.

"HAHAHAHAHA , see all the losers lost just like I said they will, now its my turn to show you how its done" he kept creating firecrackers from his arm

Oh I'm going to enjoy this. Crushing his dreams and ego will be fun. Keeping the plot intact? What's that? Can you eat it?

I don't give a damn about the plot or this world. As long as I have a relaxing life full of luxury and debauchery I'm ok with the world falling to pieces.

"That's fine but Bakugo you do realize this is without quirks right?" the ref informed him,

"Haaa?! Why wouldn't I use my quirk, what kind of hero fights without his quirk? Because the losers have weak quirks that can't be used to fight, means that I can't? What kind of stupid rule is that?"

... This is an incredible moment in human history, I am watching how a child is losing brain cells and going back to being a primitive monkey. Devolution at its finest. I have to record this for future studies. Maybe I'll get a reward for my research. A guy can dream.

"Bakugo this is a sparing match without the use of quirks, we mentioned this at the start, weren't you listening?" Ohh even the creep is left speechless, so it isn't just me who is doubting Bakugo's current intelligence

"Heck No, why would I listen to some stupid rules, Hero's fight Villain's using everything they got"

This is pure gold. The name of my thesis will be 'How the current society makes children stupider'

Hmmm I can work on the name in the future, but its a good subject that will attract attention. Ha Bakugo is useful who knew.

"Well you know now, if you use your quirk once I will have to disqualify you"


"Katsuki stop stalling and go, you dragged me here without saying anything, I have to go to work" Mitsuki Bakugo yells from the crowd

Wow, she is gorgeous, I definitely need to figure out how to bang that in a few years. Ok after I beat Bakugo black and blue I will go introduce myself

"Shut up you old hag!!" Bakugo yells back

"Stop cursing and go before I spank you and drag you home"

He starts to curse under his breath while coming to the designated area.

Let the fun begin.