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Achearon THANK YOU!! for becoming my first Pat-reon

Aaron Kay THANK YOU!!for becoming my Pat-reon

[NL]EvolvedKnight THANK YOU!!for becoming my Pat-reon

It really does mean a lot to me.

The pat reon isn't ready yet but you still donated, I will hurry up with the advance chapters, for now I have posted Drafts from my unpublished fanfics. There should be Ch1 from 5 other unseen fics.

Btw. the fics are:

HP: Muggleborn Sorcerer (Criminal Empire Building, Born with nothing, rising to the top, Bad but not evil MC)

MHA: Killua's revenge ( Its been done a lot of times, and they dropped it or screwed it up, wanted to make a good one)

DxD: Gamer Sora (or True Gamer.  Sora from NoGame NoLife)

OP: Blood Piece  ( Blood, Gore, Conquest, Chaotic Good "Rebel")

DxD: Necromancy System ( This one will be kinda fuked up, but whatever)

Just drafts about the first chapters, I'll change the title on a few of them

Someone asked my for dis-cord  [dis cord gg /cp DW hYE URJ] remove the empty spaces.


Selective Voice Muting Code.. Done!!

Yesss!! Begone Annoying Retards!!! You cant affect my sanity anymore


This is good, slowly but surely I'm making very useful codes... Hmm at this point might as well call them 'Skills'. Yea that sounds better.

Let's go through the 'Skill list':

'Increase and Decrease in Sight, Hearing and Smell'


'Heart manipulation, lowering and increasing the BPM' = 'Advance'

'Basic Photographic reflexes' (Can't do real time yet, has to scan a video first then copy)

'Wire tap'

'Selective Voice Muting'


Hmm good enough considering I'm still 5 years old, there is a lot of time for improvement though that is based on my studies. I make a lot of progress each day I can remember everything, hell I have the books in my head. But understanding it is different, that takes up most of my time.

As my physical exercises... I am focused on my legs and stamina. That's all I can do at this age. That means running, stretching, and leg exercises like Hindu Squats, Jumping Jacks and others. People have jumped their own height or very close to that, I remember a guy jumped 170cm /67inches in a 'Box Jump'. So that will be my goal as well, it should help a lot with 'Geppo' if I can jump properly before I try out the 'Rokushiki'

(A/N Check it out it's freaking insane, the dude is 'Chris Spell', he set a record)

Hopefully I will be able to use the 3 'Rokushiki' that focus on the legs in a few more years

My body is holding me back. Sighhhhh...

I can't do any real training without messing up my body, and I'm not sapid enough to rush and possibly ruin my potential.

I need to be at least 10-11 years old to start any real training, my body can handle the strain at that age.

For now all I can do is keep notes on what to train in.

I have a few ideas that can be done Right Now:

Breathing exercises- from Demon Slayer and any marital arts anime, The way you breathe is very important, I will try to find the best method for myself.

Martal arts from various anime and manga, the most interesting are from Kengan Asura and Omega. I can start training the basics on some of them like 'Rakshasa's Palm' the beginner training for that is twisting your palm in a barrel filled with water.

The Kure clans 'Removal' is very useful, it's a totally different principle than the 'Advance'

The 'Removal' it is the ability to consciously remove the brain's limits on an individual's muscular strength output. As such, while regular humans are naturally unable to access more than *60% of their body's muscular strength the Kure clan through its special selective breeding through generations is able to do it, without any repercussions.

That doesn't mean that it cant be used by others. The technique can be used by almost anyone but the damage that it will leave is severe and even fatal.

But I can just code my body, so I should be able to make this very soon.

*(A/N On the wiki it said 30%, that's bullshit. normal people use 40-50%, 60% if they warm up and top tier athletes can go up to 80%.

They also mention latent power, so 30% of latent power instead of muscular strength. I can work with that, I might change it to latent power later on)

Now for Future Ideas:



Water Crushing Fist and Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist

I'm still unsure on what basis Bangs martial art works, but his brothers Bomb's is very similar to 'Rankyaku' in that it creates cutting winds.

'Pink Muscles' are also a good idea, impossible to do in my old world, but here there is a possibility I will have to try it when my body can handle it. Sighh again my own body is holding back my progress.

(A/N just an idea, not sure that I'll do it)

Niko Style has proven stronger than most in the Kengan World, recreating it won't be a a bad idea, but it will take time.

Blast Core-Wakatuchi

Dragon shot- Kanoh Agito

both from Kengan

Blast core is tightening yourself like a spring, and exploding all that power

Dragon shot is basically a one inch punch done perfectly

Adamn Duelly, Extremely well devolved trunk muscles, he can do a lot of unorthodox moves

Wakatuchi- 52 times the muscle density

Now for my sword techniques. I will make my own style in this as well. Staying true to one school is not smart or my style.

Off the top of my head about styles and techniques,  Zoro, Kenshin, Ragnarok sword guy, Bee from Naruto with his 8 swords.

Mihawk is OP as fuck, but not a lot of it is shown in the Manga, he just has that high of a mastery that every move of his is devastating.

Image training simulation... This one is a must, but very tricky and difficult to make. It will take a lot of my time, and my programing skills are not that good yet. I want to be able to simulate opponents in my head and fight against them to polish my skills.

There is one last important long term plan. The human body can only use 10% of the brains potential. Dolphins can use 20%. I want to be able to use 100% of my brains capacity. That will take the most time from all of my projects. I messed with my neurons for the Basic Photographic reflexes, but this is directly messing with the brain, a single slip up and its Game Over. That's why I'm not doing it unless I'm completely sure it will work.

(A/N the 10% isn't true, I'm basing this from the movie Lucy. What can I say, I like Scarlett Johansson)

Now for my plans regarding the world. My fame is slowly spreading in 2-3 years I should be getting some offers for tournaments and matches. No one is stupid enough to set up a fight with a 5 year old. except my instructor, it's suicide, the public will destroy the people who set up that fight, I think. I'm not exactly sure, but allowing a 5 year old to fight all the time is wrong no matter how you look at it, and if they make a lot of money from me it's child labor. So they will wait a few years for that to happen.

I am already recognized as a martial genius, even if its only local for now, that will simply spread with time, I will be starting elementary school soon, there I will show off my academic knowledge. I also want to publicize that I know a lot about programing and biology. I will get closer to people who excel in their fields and copy their research.

Yea this looks good enough for now. Now back to training.

Word Count 1100. (Without A/N)