Guests and Shock
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Day 268 (3 days later)

Shin-chan are you ready? Did you clean your room.

Sighh, i get why every mother is like this. Impressions are important. If your house/room is clean and you are a bit dressed up it leaves a better Impression.

But that doesn't mean it annoys me any less. She better be one hell of a lawyer.


"~Ohh, they're here" she claps her hands, next thing I know, my mother is rushing to the door

"~Eriiiii~channnn~" she envelopes the woman in a big hug and they almost fall down, I get this just by the sounds I'm hearing

"Chisaki calm down, act your age" I hear the lawyer scolds my mother

Sigh lets get this over with, i start making my way to the door.

"~But I haven't seen ~Eri~chann~ in a while" my mother said while pouting, sometimes I wonder which of us is the child

As soon as my mother moves i get a good look at our guests and got the Shock of my life.

Eri-chan is a fairly tall and light-skinned woman. She has long and wavy brown hair reaching her lower-back with shorter bangs framing the sides of her face, most of which she keeps done up in a bun. She has a slender yet very curvaceous in built and she is very beautiful.

Most importantly she is a character from Detective Conan and behind her is a young Mouri Ran.

What the hell are they doing in the MHA World!!!

"Ohh this must be Shinichi. Hello I'm Mouri(Kisaki) Eri, and this is my daughter Mouri Ran. Ran-chan say hello." a little girl hiding behind her sticks her head out and says Hello shyly.

I snap back into reality, i can deal with this later, now i need to make a good first impression

"Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Shinichi Kodo, welcome to our house" i say with a little polite bow

"Ara, you have such a polite kid Chisaki, he must take after his father, he isn't anything like you." Ohh shots fired

"~Eri ~channn don't be so mean, you know my husband's personality Shin~chan is just different than us." again with the pouting, if it wasn't for my quirk, i would think i was switched with another baby at the hospital

"Mom how about we let the guests sit down first, then you can catch up there instead of smothering her the hallway." I mess with her as well, because why not

Tears start forming in her eyes "Dearrr Shin-chan and Eri-chan are bullying me!!" and she runs to dad, she is a disgrace for everyone who calls themselves an adult, but it is fun to watch

"Ignore her lets go sit down" I just wave my hand and lead them to the living room

"How long have you known my Mum Eri-san?"

"Well we went to highschool together and were best friends from even then, Its just that I have been very busy lately, stupid Villians and stupid Heros messing up private property, I have been swarmed with work. Oh and what's with the 'Eri-san?" It doesn't look like she minds and is just curious

" I prefer to call people by their name, its much more direct, plus there are two of you here, should i call both of you Mouri-san?" i say offhandedly

"... You are much more mature than what your mother has told me, I used to think Ran was quite mature for her age even if she is shy, but compared to you i guess she isn't"

" Comparing others to me isn't really fair, my Quirk made me a lot more mature, plus I'm a genius so its not that surprising" blame it on the Quirk, people are going to accept that outcome quite easily compared to other explanations

"Yes, you have been the talk of the city, I have been hearing a lot about you ever since we have arrived. Fighting 10 kids in a row, and almost all of them were much older than you. That was very impressive." She praises

"Thank you for your praise Eri-san" i do another small polite bow.

"Ohhh Eri we haven't seen each other in quite a while, how have you been?" my father enters the room, dragging my mother who was hugging his waist and not letting go like a child

"I have been good *Ryuunosuke, a bit swarmed with work as usual. How about you?" As expected from moms bestie, she is completely ignoring moms sulking.. maybe her existence too until she gets back to 'normal'.

"Now if Chisaki would like to stop sulking like a child so we can tell you why we need your help in the first place" my dad sighs while he tries to get my mother off him

"Mouuu everybody is bullying me today" my mother stomps the ground and I facepalm

"Ehem... We found out that one of the instructors in Shinichi's dojo was using him and his reputation go gather people and money to the dojo. Shinichi told us that he wanted to make more 'events' like last time, and to take pictures of him and use him as a poster boy." my dad explains

"Hmm i see, and you didn't know anything about this until Shinichi told you, well that's definitely illegal's and if i gather enough evidence he will have to pay a huge fine." Eri tells my parents with a smile

Oh right, my blackmail file on him. Lets see, i use my quirk on her telephone, and get her number and e-mail address, tomorrow she will find an e-mail containing blackmail material against the instructor from an anonymous source.

I said i will make his life a living hell, the things in that file will make this case soooo much worse for him, and with Eri's sense of justice she will definitely get him.

(A/N the MC's mother is now Chisaki Kodo, Quirk:???, idk some quirk about programing, cant decide since everything i think of sounds stupid, and i didn't care enough about his parents to make them more detailed.

*The fathers name is derived from Ryuunosuke Akasaka from Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. Akasaka was the programmer. Akasaka is the first name right, it should be that way. Family name first, First name second. I am confused because both his names sound like Family names.

Never mind, Ryuunosuke was the first name. Man it was a pain to find. I'm confused.)