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Day 275 (One week later)

I'm watching the news about my instructor. His trial is over, he has to pay a huge fine, was fired from his job, and his teaching license was suspended.

Well she works fast I'll give her that, in one week she absolutely destroyed him, my blackmail file wasn't even needed, that was just the icing on the cake.

Eri came over a few times with her daughter, mostly to talk about the procedure for the trial.

And they left Eri's kid, Ran to play with me, and since i didn't want to entertain a child, i just took her to the toys section and i found Lego blocks. Since i have been working hard lately, i decided to relax a bit and started building something out of Legos with Ran as my helper,

One thing that will never go out of style even for adults, is Lego Blocks.

I may have gone a bit overboard since now I'm looking at a Huge Lego Ship with a Jolly Roger filled with all kinds of animals. I saw the animals in the toys and decided to build 'Noah's Arc Pirate Version' . Don't know why though.

Damn I'm good. This was fun, i should do it again sometime.

Ran is such nice kid, doesn't whine or ask too many questions. I don't mind her being my 'childhood friend' she is quiet and does her own thing. Actually she is the perfect candidate for that position. She will serve as a good shield for all the other walking germ infestations.

Anyway now that the creepy instructor is fired, all the others a on edge but still teach me anything i want if fear of being sued by me. Guess as a lawyer Eri is very famous.

My name spread even further. Random rumors started, from my talent was so great that the instructor got jealous and tried to sabotage me or my fights were set up in some way. I didn't care at all, what's important people are talking about me.

The dojo came to my parents with an offer for a few 'sparring' sessions... and they accepted...

The people of this world are very strange, I'm 5 and a half in a few months, and I'm participating in 'sparring' matches, that's a nice way to say it don't ya think.

Are those kids fighting in a ring? / What? Nooo it's just a sparing match.

...Idiots all of them. Whatever it serves to my purpose so i wont say a damn thing.

I have another 'sparring' match set up . Some kid named 'Hideki' 11 years old, supposedly a boxer is my first opponent. Doesn't matter what he is, even if he is somehow stronger and better than me I still won't lose, I'll just tie the match, 5 year old kid tied in a fight versus an 11 year old. I win or I tie the match, either way I'm still the winner in the end, the public will just eat it up.

I can already hear the cringey head lines "The Genius strikes again"

Or something else along those lines.

Hmmm, I'll stay in the dojo for a few more months, I have 'filmed' most of the skills of the instructors, they spar in front of the new students to impress them. They make it so easy.

I'll stay and ask for a 'spar' or some 'guidance' and force them to use some of the better techniques they haven't shown. There is no way i will win, they are full grown adults, its not even funny how out classed i am right now.

But I never play fair, I'll force them to use them one way or another. Then when I'm absolutely sure i got everything i can from them, I'll ditch them.

Hahahaha i just realized i sound like a Gold-digging bitch. Time to write todays entry


Day 275

[ Today just like the past week has been unsuccessful with my experiments. But i have gotten used to this from my previous experiments, every failure means one step closer to success.

Other than that this week has been dreadfully boring and my only source of entertainment has surprisingly proven to be my Lego builds, and they... strange as it seems have gathered a lot of likes on my mothers social media account. I check it regularly with my quirk to insure no embarrassing photos are posted, and the rest i don't care about, most of them are me studying, training or playing.

There has been a match set up in 6 months, a small tournament actually, everything will be filmed. There will be a lot more people than last time, I can only assume the fights on TV that people have been seeing since childhood has changed their perspective, children fighting in matches doesn't seem strange to them in any way. Tetsuya will be coming as well, so at least i can expect some fun from him.

(A/N Yuuki Tetsuya the Muay Thai kid with the Strength quirk)

Truly a strange and fuked up world. If peoples perspective have been influenced so much, I will have to make some changes to the way i approach them. Me entering the political and economic sector will have to be done even more carefully than I planed]

"Shinn~chann~!! Time for bed~" my thoughts are interrupted by my airhead mother

Sighhhh, she lets me fight other kids but i have a bedtime curfew. Not that it matters, i just code until i get tired, coding and studying in your head has these advantages. That's probably the single main reason for my fast progress, i do it all the time, every day until i drop.

"Shin-chan don't make me say it again..." Sigh annoying woman

"Yeah, yeah, I'm going" I just drag myself to bed. I need to speed up my studies.

I need to code my genes and cells next, increased recovery and something like Seimei-Kikan/Life Return will be useful even the most basic version of it. Such a shame my body isn't ready for the full techniques, even if i develop them fully, i can't really test them yet.

One VERY important thing i want to change is my growth rate. Lets say its set to 1 right now, i will change it to 1.5 and change it to 2.5 percent for a month or two before toning it back to 1.5 , that way I will grow up faster and reach the body i want. It might bring some unwanted attention but its not that difficult to explain. In class A there were a few tall and buff teens that looked like adults. Ida, Sugar Lips, and the Tentacle guy.

But messing with my genes, can result in disastrous consequences. I could end up as 'Quasimodo the hunchback' if I'm careless. So that will have to wait a while.

Sighh so many things to do, but can't yet. They either need more time, or need a grown body to be done. C'est la vie

Word Count 1200

(A/N 'c'est la vie' means 'Such is life or That's life'. There is nothing that could be changed or done. The expression 'c'est la vie' is mostly used to downplay your sense of disappointment.)