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Day 305    (275 was last chap)(first month)

[ It has been a month since the announcement of the tournament. And yet again I'm stumped by the thinking of the people here. It has received a lot of support. In a way this tournament can be used to find out promising youths that could become great Heros if their quriks are good enough.

And since it doesn't cost the organizers a lot and in return they find potential recruits it was an easy decision. Apparently I made some big waves with my 10 vs 1 stunt. Even if by their standards 'I'm not qualified to be a hero'. It even did its thing and found a hidden gem 'me' for the Martial arts community.

They want to find out more hidden potential amongst the children so there will be quite a few of these, and a simple prize reward and trophy to keep the kids happy.

My studies have progressed steadily over the past month. But my experiments are still going at a slow pace because of the constant failures and my security measurers. Making a simulation in my head of 'What will happen if I do this' takes a lot out of me. It consumes a lot of stamina, the quirk is like a muscle but mine is connected to my mind, so not only do I run on mental but also physical stamina.]


Day 335 (second month)

[ I have made some progress with the Removal, i still don't dare to use it. I did test if I can use up to 5% of my latent power, without messing anything up. My veins just bulged up a bit just like when I use the advance and it worked like it should, so i stopped at that point for now. It would be retarded to try these things when my body obviously can't handle them. All I am doing now is paving the road for the future. I can proudly say, my foundations are the best in the world. My family is sort of well off, so i don't have to worry about food shortage, the more I eat the stronger I will eventually grow, and since i won't stop working out, all that protein, carbs... will go into my growth and my muscles.]


*Day 365 (third month)

[ Today marks my third month, this one was used to mainly practice my technomancy. Even though i say it like that, it was mostly me moving the toys that can be moved. Toy cars, robots, and when my parents were out of the house, i would manipulate the lights, TV, radio, everything I can get my hands on. But i didn't touch their computers.

Compared to my parents I'm an amateur in programing, I might leave some trail that would get me found out. And If i am found, they could place several restrictions that i just can't get around at my current age. They can just forbid me from training or eating too much, on the excuse that's 'unhealthy'. That would lead to all sorts of problems, so I'm not crossing that line yet..]


Day 395 (forth month)  *(Day 30, Y1, or Y2, M1,D30.)

[ At the start of this month my studies have progressed to the point where i could begin with the simulation and calculation of my DNA, cells and hormones' . My goals in this were 'Increasing my Growth Rate' and ' Seimei Kikan '

The first one is self explanatory, 'Seimei Kikan' is form One Piece, it's a technique that grants the user complete control over all of their body parts and bodily functions. That means increased metabolism to digest food faster, increased healing, smoother movement of limbs, even manipulating your hair. If i recrate it completely it will not only give me new abilities but boost my old ones.

'Marionette' for example is when i move my body through code. With 'Seimei Kikan' it will be much smoother. But imagining it is one thing and recreating it is another thing altogether. Estimated time until Basic version is completed 1 year. ]


Day426 (fifth month)  (Y2, Day 61)?

[ Tetsuya came to visit me, he wanted some actual sparring before the tournament began. He is the only kid I actually like, mostly because of his honest and mature personality. I actually tested the both the 'Advance' and 'Removal' together. Thus 'Divine Demon' was born. The really really, weak version. 5% 'Removal' and a 105 bpm 'Advance'. Coding it was quite easy since i already have finished both of them previously.

Tetsuya was quite surprised when he saw my veins bulge a bit, I told him it was secret technique I made with my quirk and to keep my 'trump card' a secret. He was so excited that he used his qurik as well. His strength quirk boosts his power by 30 percent, and it goes on his stamina. I had a great time together with him, we tied a lot of the fights, he got even better, I was right about this kid, he is definitely a future champ. ]


Day 456 (sixth month) (Y2, Day 91)

[ My 6th birthday is in 3 months, I grew quite a lot without actually messing with my genes, quess the training and eating i do every day is paying off. I currently am 120.7 cm high and weigh 24.4 kg quite a bit more than the average 6-year old (115.7 cm, 20.8 kg). And I'm very flexible and fast on my feet.

I'm looking forward to this tournament. I want to see where I stand currently in this world among the younger generation, I will most likely win, and everyone in the country will see it, if what the articles are saying is true.

The Villain attack's have increased so the government decided to show the potential of the children instead of Teens like the UA Festival. Trying to give people false hope. That is fine with me, quite the lucky situation, I'll become a country wide 'celebrity' in one swift move, what should have taken me years will be accomplished in a day, just because they wanted to keep this stupid system standing. In my eyes, the current system is standing on glass pillars, that are slowly cracking, they may try to patch them up with moves like this, but it won't last forever. It will be interesting to see the new age that will happen once the dust settles after the chaos]

"Shin-chan go to bed you have a match tomorrow!"

" I'm going, I'm going, don't take it out your nervousness at me" i just mute her and go to sleep.

I let out a relaxed sigh before i start falling asleep, the Muting Code is definitely one of the best things i have created. Zzzzzz

*(A/N Its been a year since he started this journal. He started when he was 4 and a half. so he is 5 and a half now.)

*( This needs to be changed. I like the first one, it goes like usual  Day 1-365, and the Years passed. Second one is just Year 2, Witch month and day, like a calendar)