Second Round
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The First matches are done, there are some interesting kids here, real talent. But I don't think they can win against me, unless someone has a passive quirk. They don't actually tell what quirks the Gladiators have, in order to keep things 'fair'. Everybody who has any part in this event, knows about our quirks, and the one with the good ones are being watched.

I'm first in the next round, they will probably try to eliminate me again, and say that the last match was just luck. I didn't actually show anything except that i am good at strangling.

Whatever I'll just keep binge watching Dream video's, the Minecraft Manhunt was a long and successful series it reached 10 Hunters and it stayed that way. They just kept changing things up and I'm currently at 6 Hunters.

"Excuse me" the same cute intern as before called me

"It's time, you will be fighting first in the second round, your opponent is Seishiro he practices Silat... How long do you think this match will last?" she asks me sweetly

I just look at her and laugh, this bitch wants to bet on me

I stop laughing and smirk at her "Who knows" her face twitches a bit

I stand up and leave, good thing I didn't start the video.

But still Silat Huh. An interesting choice, Silat Practitioners are quite deadly, if they have trained properly, I honestly don't know what to expect from a child that has yet to become a teen, actually i don't know how old he is, she left out that detail, and i didn't bother listening or watching other fights than Tetsuya, i had more important things to watch.

"And noww for the first match of the second round. The Martial Genius Shinichi who is almost 6 years old with his ever changing style. Versus!! 13 year old Seishiro who is a practitioner of Silat, the best one in his school and region, he has already won some competitions and is a favorite to win this one as well."

"Contestants to your positions!" the Ref yells out

Hmmm, so he is a teen, he isn't trash talking so he is still a little better than the rest, but he is looking down on me. This might actually be fun for me.

"Are you ready!"

We both nod.

"Fight !!!"

I smirk at him. And enter Rock Lee's signature stance with the right one raised in front of me and the other behind my back.

(Image Here)

He and the crowd seems confused, i never used this before and I'm sure no one has seen this except for hardcore anime fans. People rarely watch anime from 200 years ago. They find it boring, but i see a treasure chest full of techniques. My Photographic Reflexes might still be at its infancy and can't copy movements while i fight. But i can scan videos, over and over again until I get it right.

Silat does a lot of counter attacks, grappling and strangles. So all I have to do is wait for him to strike. These are kids they don't have the patience to stay still and wait for an attack, plus with me being so young and small compared to them they want to end it fast and 'not waste time with me' like I overheard the rest of the contestants taking about me.

Any second now.... and... he dashes.

At this point it's a jab, hook, first or grapple/tackle. He is telegraphing a left hook. But he saw my match before so its probably a fake, and he is in my zone, he immediately rises his right fist for a strong punch. I always wanted to try this .

About 15 cm before he hits me, I turn my entire body to the left, almost a complete his fist just grazes my back, I drop in a deep solid horse stance, raise my left hand. I'm just tightening my left fist and hit directly above the stomach were the diaphragm is. Put all my body weight into my fist, my momentum plus his, this is going to hurt a lot kid.


As my fist collides with him, the air leave his lungs, he buckles over a bit in pain, but i don't stop there. I quickly move to give him an Uppercut and then a high kick from my position directly in his face.

I blast him to the side.

The ref goes to check on him.



Hooo.. He is not unconscious, tough kid, that combo should have send him to dream land



He struggles to stand up, but keeps falling down



He raises on one knee, the other is still on the ground, he is wobbling a lot



...2.. He pulls himself up, ..1.. and on the count of One he is fully up

"The fight resumes" the Ref backs away

Great job kid, that's some nice tenacity, but he looks like he is about to fall over, he takes a few steps back, being careful not to fall over.

You know what, I'm curious in what he can do, it was his mistake to use such a basic opening on me, he still hasn't shown me anything. I will let him heal up a bit, and get his bearings together.

The second round is being held in a boxing ring, I don't know why, but they decided it would be like this. I just start heading into one of the corners nearest to me and put my back against it.

"Come on kiddo, we don't have all day." I call him out

The kid actually screams back at me "I don't need your mercy, fight me!!"

"Could have fooled me, you look like you will fall over with a tap. You have 3 minutes to rest up" He growls at me like a dog, but still takes the 3 minutes, guess he isn't a complete idiot, though this is very humiliating for him.

A kid two times younger than him is showing him mercy. He won't get over this fight easily, he seems the prideful type.

After 3 minutes he looks much better. He takes the offensive, but he is playing it smart now, he is using his longer range, to only kick or just throw jabs. I keep dodging and parrying , but he doesn't get frustrated and keeps trying. When he tried to do a left punch, i garbed his wrist and hit him in the liver(his right side) with my left foot. Because of my small starter and muscles strength it didn't do a lot of damage but it still hurt. He grabs his side and backs away.

"Is that all you have got? If it is, you'd better surrender" While I'm saying this, I'm searching and watching Silat video's. Time to end this fight in style.

He rushes me Telegraphing a Tackle, at this position there are 3 things he can do.

One he can dive down to grab my legs to make this a wrestling match.

Two he will go up to punch me, since he is going in a straight line i can just knee him in the face.

Three he will slow down at the last moment, raise his body and to try to grab me.

Silat relies a lot on combinations, and leg sweeps. The goal is to get him on the ground, and strangle him. Because of my small stature, he assumes I'm weak on that front. And he is right, there is no way i can beat any of them in terms of wrestling, that requires a lot of stamina and strength. They are heavier and stronger than me. If they just sit on me there is nothing i can do in pure wrestling.

His center of gravity drops lower, he is going to try and grab my legs. Hmm If i evade he will just keep doing the same tactic. Let's go with this. He goes for my legs. but I suddenly drop, my knee is right in front of his face, I quickly do a double palm strike on both his ears. That should disorient him a bit. Now i just kept hitting his chin until he lost concourses.

Damn it. I wanted to end this with a Silat move, but he had to go with wrestling.

The ref grabs my arm and raises it

"Winner Shinichi"

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