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"Winner Shinichi"

The crowd did its thing, and i ignored them, i made my way to the back stage to see Tetsuya waiting for me.

"Why didn't you end the fight earlier?" he says in his always serious tone

"Come on lighten up, I was getting bored. The Silat kid was a pleasant surprise. I had some fun at least"

Tetsuya just sighs "You already forgot his name, you need to fix you bad habits Shinichi. You never even paid any attention to the competition"

"I don't pay any attention because they and what they practice doesn't matter. You can't always have the information about who you are fighting. Thinking like that will get you killed.

If i know what that practice I'll keep it in mind, but I always assume they know something else. Like you and Boxing, that kid you fought made the mistake of thinking you only knew Muay Thai, and he lost because of that."

Tetsuya thinks about my words. He does always take them to heart. I feel like a master teaching his student.

"Well then young grasshopper when are you fighting?" I say while smirking

"Second Match, I should be up soon"

"If you win your fight, there is a good chance they will pit us against echoer, even more so because we are friends, its good publicity" he nods then looks at me seriously

"I will not lose this time" Tetsuya says resolutely

"Contestant Tetsuya its your turn"

"Good Luck" I say to him, he nods and goes to the stage

Hmm, his opponent is Taiju Shishio, he is the biggest guy here, he is almost 14 years old. His height is actually 168cm tall, he is tall for his age and has a big build as well. He practices Krav Maga, a brutal Martial Arts made for combat not sport. He will be restricted in the moves he can use in a tournament like this.

"Are you ready?" the ref asks both of them.

Tetsuya just calmly nods, while his opponent smiles with a feral grin "Start it already!"


Taiju just rushes ahead like a beast. Ahhh I just realized he acts like Bakugo, looks similar to him too. Cousins maybe?

Tetsuya doesn't stay idle, he also dashes, they meet each other in the middle and start exchanging fast jabs, and both dodge all the blows the other sends.

They keep that up for a full minute, Until he grazes Tetsuya, then the fight goes in his favor. Tetsuya seeing that he is in a disadvantage switches to Muay Thai. He starts doing kicks going for his thighs, that's the best place to kick, if he went for the calves, he might crack his own leg on his shin. *

Tetsuya gets a few fast kicks in but backs off after each hit. Krav Maga has real combat moves, where there are no rules moves like Groin kicks, eye pokes, and mostly has self defense moves. The deadlier techniques cant be used here, so I'm curious how he will fight.

He dashes again to Tetsuya and keeps focusing on his neck and Tetsuya is forced to defend.

Crazy bastard this is a tournament attacking the neck is dangerous, especially since everybody here is under 14, we don't have necessary neck muscles to take that kind of strike.

He goes for the neck again, but it turned out to be a faint and Tetsuya was too late to react, he changed the course of his fist and hit Tetsuya's nose, Hard.

Blood starts coming out of his broken nose, but that didn't stop him, Tetsuya went for a punch right at his face, but it was anticipated. Taiju grabbed his fist twisted it and his arm followed, and dropped Tetsuya to the ground.

Suddenly Tetsuya starts screaming.

"Fight Over!! Winner Taiju Shishio!" after that he yells "Medics!!"

What the hell happened. i rush to the stage, and see Tetsuya holding his arm in pain, It's broken. The medics take him away.

"Due to an unfortunate accident Tetsuya arm was broken when Taiju slipped and fell on top of him. Sadly these kinds of things happen in Martial Arts tournaments. We will have a 20 minute break before we begin the Semi Finals."

Unfortunate accident my ass, he is smirking. That piece of shit did it on purpose.

You want to play rough huh, bully some kids younger than you. Well in that case, an eye for an eye, you break my friends bones and I'll break yours.

I hurry up to follow the doctors, and they go into a room.

"Only family members allowed inside" one of the doctors says

I look him straight into the eyes and say "Doc move aside before i kick you in the balls so hard that they become play dough"

He quickly moves aside

"Hey why did you let him in" The doctor that was checking Tetsuya yelled

"You try and stop him" the one that let me in says

"Stop yelling like children" my cold tone makes them stop

"What's broken, The Radius or the Ulna, and how bad is it" (the 2 bones in the forearm)

My medical knowledge must have surprised him, considering I'm not even 6 yet.

"How do you know that" the doctor exclaims

"I'm a genius that's how! Now will you tell me or do i have to check for myself?!" I yell

He hesitates for a moment before he answers me "Both of the bones are broken, it was a type A3 fracture. Do you know what that means?"

*Tsk* I click my tongue " An A type fracture is a simple fracture, and A3 means its been broken horizontally. It means the bastard put his knee on Tetsuya's forearm, before he 'slipped' and all the force broke both bones."

"Tetsuya!" i call him out,

He lifts his head, his face showing his pain

" I'll get him back for this, don't you worry about that, sit here and let the doctors work, after that they will take you tot he hospital, fix you up and in a few months you will be able to fight with that arm again"

"I will be sending him right after you, so keep an eye out for him when he enters the hospital." Tetsuya chuckles at that

"Tetsuya!" his mother comes into the room, her face full of worry. It took some time for her to get here from the stands

"I'll see you at the hospital, and I'll bring the trophy with me" I say and i leave the room before it gets cramped

"You'd better win, I'll take the trophy off you, after I kick your ass" Tetsuya yells out

If that runt didn't break his arm, he could have escaped that position, but Tetsuya didn't even have the chance to do so. I'm going to beat that kid black and blue, I don't mind cheating, I'm all for it. But you fuked with one of the few people I actually like, so i wish you good luck Taiju Shishio, you will need it for our fight.

Word Count 1200


*( Cough, McGregor kicked too high on the thigh and hit the hardest part)

[Some dude keeps spamming that I or MC thinks of Women as Toys.

Dudee, did you even read the fic? If that was the case, he would have though the same about Eri or any other woman. Are you telling me you have never thought about banging someone's wife?

It's a fantasy that everyone has at least once. Don't get all SJW on me. From the start of the fic the goal was to have a relaxing life full of debauchery. What did you expect? If you don't like it, then don't read it, and don't post stupid comments that lowers the IQ of everyone who reads the comment section.

As for me. If I thought like that then my fic's would be all Harem and Smut... Seeing that they aren't, obviously means that I don't think like that.]