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I got paired up with another contestant, Taiju survives for another round.

"The semi-finals have begun, in the first match is Kodo Shinichi and Masuko Yoichi* and in the second match Narumiya Kazuya vs Taiju Shishio*

" Kodo-kun, Masuko-kun please get to your positions"

Both of us go to our side.

"Are you ready?"

We just nod


*"HyaHaHa you're going down twerp. I don't know how someone like you made it so far, but your luck has run out"

Oh Great... Another Young Master.

Why do I always get paired with them?

"I'm going to beat you then I'll have only one match left. When I win this tournament I will be famous and heroes will scout me. HyaHaHa!"

I'm strongly resisting the urge to facepalm, this is being broadcasted on television, I can't do things like that. The last thing I need is to be turned into a meme.

He makes the first move, dashes at me and instead of like normal punches which step in with the left leg and punch with the right fist. He steps with the right and punches with the right fist.


Those moves... HA! Now that's rare, especially in Japan.


He is a Jeet Kune Do Practitioner. This might turn out to be useful, maybe I can get something from him. Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee, he used a lot of moves from different martial arts. He discarded anything that was useless and all that was left was a practical martial art.

My goal is to create my own martial art for myself. This fight will be interesting. I'll drag it out and copy anything useful. Then I'll end it. Though i should conserve my stamina, I'm going to need it for the Finals.

He keeps using basic moves on purpose, Jeet Kune Do has a lot of counters for when the opponent attacks. This is interesting, he is obviously baiting me but at the same time waiting for an opportunity to tackle me to the ground and use submissions tactics, due to his larger frame and size he will have the advantage on the ground.

This should be a good time to test this, I didn't study the human autonomy just for coding, it can be also used in fighting.

I relax my hand and stop closing my fist. I get into a stance where my palms are open and my legs a spread out a bit more.

"Ohhh Kodo-kun has changed his stance again, how will he fare against Masuko-kun" the voice surprised me, because I'm sure I muted him before, Ohh the announcer changed, no wonder. I only keep the ref's voice, the rest I mute, I don't need some silly distractions. The only thing I'm muting is their voices I still hear the noise they make, but screaming and yelling is muted which helps a lot.

"Heh you think that will help you? You are getting desperate little kid HyaHaHa" he is trying to rail me up, all things considering he isn't as dumb as he looks.

I just smirk and dash at him, telegraph a punch and just as expected he goes for the counter, but i never intended to continue the punch it was just a feint, and I baited him right where I want. He saw me coming and start preparing himself for grappling but what i did definitely surprised him judging by the expression on his face.

I hit all the pressure points on the inside(side of arm) of his forearm and biceps effectively numbing his right arm and making it useless. Acupuncture and pressure points are real, but hitting them in a fight is near impossible, but increased eyesight and reflexes, combined with my medical knowledge make it possible for me. *

"Ohhh Masuko's right arm is dangling by his side, Kudo-kun hit it lightly a few times, but it shouldn't have done this much damage" The announcer shows off his lack of knowledge

But I can't even blame him for not knowing this, in this day and age, there might be less than 10 people that can use this, mostly because people think it's a myth and don't believe it works. Combine that with everybody having some sort of Quirk and it's no wonder there aren't many users. Marital arts in general has regressed with time, heroes who take their work and safety seriously train in martial arts, but most of the population just has no interest in it. They send their kids who go for 1-4 years maximum, just to learn some discipline and work out a bit, but the ones that actually continue training in them are rare.

While Masukoo panicked a little and tried to lift his numbed arm I dash straight towards him. He tries to make me back off by using his left arm to throw a few jabs, but because of his left arm being numbed his balance was off, and I used the weak jabs to hit the pressure points in his left arm as well, because of my weak strength the numbing won't last long so I'll finish it now.

When his left arm goes limp as well he tries to go for a kick with his right leg, but I see it coming and use my left foot and step right above his knee and use it to jump closer to his face where I land a punch right to his chin. The strike makes him lose balance and he starts falling, but he won't go down with just that, as he is falling down towards me I grab his head in a choke position with his face looking at the ground. 3 seconds in he gets his bearings back and his arms are working again, he tries to get me off but in 3 more seconds I feel him tapping my arm.

The ref separates us and calls the match "Winner Kodo Shinichi"

I'm looking at the crowd and it's quite funny watching them like this where they are muted, it's like watching any sport on TV without volume, it's just weird. I shake my head and start going to the backstage


I hear Masuko still coughing behind me, rubbing his neck "Damn it you freaking proteges, you almost choked the life out of me"

I roll my eyes "Don't be so dramatic, you must have done submitting training as well, plus it's your fault that you underestimated me"

"Sighhh I didn't underestimate you, anyone who does is an idiot, you made it to the semifinals, I talked like that in hopes you mess up somehow" I must have shown something on my face because he reply's right away

"What you think that talking like a spoiled little brat is normal? I'm not some Young Master wannabe, But seriously I did not see that coming, my dad showed me these old videos where people use that, where did you even learn how to do that?"

I just shrugged my shoulders " Videos on the internet and a lot of books"

He was dumbfounded by my answer, the kid probably expected some kind of old Master to teach me "Whatever, you'd better win, it would be embarrassing for me if you didn't"

"I got this in the bag, so don't worry about that, I suggest you worry about getting ready for the next tournament"

He stops walking at that "The next?"

"Look at the crowd, do you know how much money they made from this, they are definitely doing this again, and contestant to the semi Finals you will get invited 100%. So if you want to win against me I suggest you start training more" I give a small smile

"HyaHaHa , Hell yeah! See ya later kid, things won't end the same like last time" he says as he leaves the backstage to go to his family

If only he knew the real reason I did this.


The way the older generation thinks of you is very important. The things the younger generations says matters too, but their opinions are mostly bias. Be nice, polite and respectful towards them, and you're instantly a nice kid in their eyes.

But the younger generation is mostly jealous for the success that you have, so they will say just about anything to make them fell better about themselves.

So if both young and old say good things about you, you are golden. A good Public Image is extremely necessary for my plans, so I'll be doing a lot of this.

Word Count 1460

!!!(Fucking hell it didn't save i lost like.. 400 words , Fuck this shit... I'm not sure i can write the same thing again, WHYYYYYYY MEEEEE)


*(Diamond no ace, Kuramochi Yoichi and Masuko Toru. Narumiya Mai, and Miyuki Kazuya)\

*(Changed his name, btw its from Dr.Stone)

*HyaHaHa Kuramochi laugh

*Hanafusa Hajime the doctor in Kengan Asura, and Nicolas from Kengan Omega both used similar techniques, paralyzing the opponents limbs with acupuncture.