7- A new ally
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Of course I will make use of them after grinding those damned points for weeks, sometimes even months.

Yes I did it for the stats, as a goal or a quests or for the rewards but the more you can get the better... right?

And I have the perfect person that fits the role of the defender for our house

So It's time to start! 

This time is a complete summoning. At first the system was going to take care of it but It's going to use all three, a joint one after discovering the benefits of using a body created by [Annihilation Maker] and [Dusk].

The connection we have is helpful for someone tasked with protection in our house, but the most important thing is the changes done to the body like in the hunts at night.

In the hunts our appearance is different and more adult as well as temporarily bringing out more of our power, even if it only lasts a couple of hours it's more than enough...

The first step is choosing who i'm going to summon...


Not that hard to find it when you know her name. 

The second one is to command the Mana Battery Monsters so they start giving me enough mana to sustain the next step...


And now the more painful part...

Bringing out the sword that comes from [Dusk], The sword is similar to the Sword of Goujian. Its blade is mostly red with patterns in golden color and blackened at the edges

Since the edges resemble the Ink that flows like rivers from each swing and pattern resembling a scale. Ink being the life, passion dedication and the legacy she wants to leave behind

I decided to name it [Bleeding Scale].

The figure of Dusk appeared on my back while in preparing for the spell

While grabbing the sword with both hands I can feel the mana from dozens of the Batteries going through me...

I closed my eyes, took a big breath and started directing all of it into the sword and soon enough a black mist started to circle all around while the phantom of dusk became clearer

A giant orb of black water appeared in the middle of the room, but this time maintaining its shape instead of bursting like last time

[Annihilation Maker]

My shadow grew and then shot towards the sphere merging with it and shortly after the sphere started to shrink Outlining a humanoid figure as it became smaller

What's appeared is a towering figure, completely clad in armor that covers her entire body like a suit.

A mercenary, Old friend of the fertile soil and stone

" Sarkaz mercenary, Mudrock... You're the Dakotha, then. Rhodes Island has saved me many times, and now, I'd like you to let me return the favor" Her visor making her voice seem heavy, making it almost impossible to recognize Her gender. The armor is enough to scare most enemies, but in reality she fills it with her arts, acting almost like a damn Mecha.

Seems like the system filled her with information of what's going on since she used one of the benefits of this method of summoning. The inventory.

After the towering armor disappeared whats left is a beautiful girl. A slim and beautiful figure and big chest of 163cm of height, a figure you won't expect from someone inside an armor that almost doesn't fit through a normal door, a pale but rosy skin due to wearing her armor most of the time, the most beautiful part is her face with long pointy ears like that of an elf, two horns at each side of her face that goes to the front from the back and then curving upwards, clear red eyes like wine and a beautiful white hair...

I was woken from up in my trance by an eager Jeanne who went close to Mudrock and grabbed by her hand...

"Welcome Mudrock. I'm Jeanne" She presented herself to the newcomer with a welcoming tone and smile. 

And while they talked I felt someone getting close to my back... 

"So it's not little girls... but the white hair~. Fufufu " Said Jalter in a teasing voice, sounding happy of finding of my preferences

" no comments" I rather not that about that...

"Fufufu. Admit that you like white hair... I may let you touch mine~" She is curling a strand of her as if showing what I'm losing if I don't...

I would be tempted if...

"First... grow up at least six years" her body is still that of a ten years old... 

Our Bodies are ten years old...

"And whose fault is it~?" After a shrug she gave me a winning smile then she  introduced herself to our new friend. 

I should also do it. 

"Well... My name here is Ahmya Genji or Ahm for short welcome home, Mudrock. Thanks for accepting " I said to Mudrock while getting closer to her

"I will protect this place.Thanks... for having me... Dak-...Ahm" Seems like Mudrock is already getting used to saying my 'new' name. 

The reason for choosing Her is quite simple. 

Her arts focus on the soil and rocks. If you look carefully you can feel her connection to the earth even now... 

Both her and the soil strengthen each other...

In time nothing will get close to the house without her notice and combined with Her ability to make golems and various Sarkaz type of traps, this house could become an impenetrable fortress...

But there is one more important fact... 

Mudrock is a natural caster, a genius who manages to learn mostly by observing others in a backward world due the constant war and conflict, in a race viewed and treated as demons and devils. 

Knowing that, what would happen If she had the time, knowledge and resources?


Well... we will know... in time




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Author notes

For those who don't know who Mudrock is or what she is capable of.

First is her race Sarkaz...

It is weird to explain but, like in the past, people invented stories after a weird-looking animal or one with a different color? Well Sarkaz are something like that but for the Bible of Arknights world

People mostly call them 'demons' or 'devils' thanks to their horns and tail and their affinity with 'magic'. Their connection to the bible is in the name of the different variants. Big buff guys are Goliath types. bloodsucking, red eyes, white hair, hornless and tailless are vampires. They were at Babel etc...

They are not treated well and are mostly mercenaries, disposable ones...

As for what Mudrock is capable of.

She is a genius when it comes to 'magic' (called arts in Arknights), to the point that she is self-teached and learned most of her skills naturally, knows several types of Ancient Sarkaz 'Magic', Rituals and some things tied with her bloodline. This may not seem like much but even if Arknights look advanced there are not, they are quite backwards due to war, catastrophes and many problems.