8 – The weigth of your choices
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(Random google site about japanese names - Kei : intelligent, congratulate, or gemstone. Popular gender-neutral name. Fitting for her personality and backstory)

The addition of Mudrock, or now 'Kei' in the fake identity bought from the system, our daily routine didn't change much.

(Should I call her Mudrock or Kei? Mudrock is her code name, her real name was never revealed)

Outside school and when we are not together both Jeanne and Jalter love to enjoy their time watching TV, playing video games and sometimes training or going around the Town.

Every day Mudrock is using her ability to communicate with the earth and is getting to know and befriend this new 'earth', when they saw her talking with a small person of dirt, both of them were surprised at first but a little after the curiosity won over them. Even if it's slow, Jeanne did manage to get some response out of it on the other side, Jalter just doesn't possess the patience to deal with something like this. 

As for me? for some reason its easy, I can't 'talk' with it like Mudrock does but feeling its intent came natural to me, maybe because of my connection with Mudrock herself due to my sacred gear?

Something to think about in the future...

As for the matter regarding the defense of our base...

Mudrock created a kind of domain all around the place, it is really hard for something to enter inside of it with being detected, normally one would think that flying would be a great weakness against such a way of detection that uses earth but the dust around solves it without a problem.

The soil and rocks around the place are also being included in this domain, making them harder, heavier and in a complete connection with Mudrock making it almost impossible to use it for any kind of spell without her consent.

The strengthening could reach the point where a normal rock would be more durable than metal and if we add golems and the many traps? This place became a real fortress...

Wait... I asked and she can actually control the earth and rocks and turn this place into a real fortress made of rocks in an instant...

What if she learns enchanting and throws them all over the things she makes? Her armor is already quite durable even without any of them

Or runes...


And her own fighting strength is growing by learning new things every day and the most important thing is that there is no more dust in our house

Now our house is free from the devil who tormented the house for years... 

Thinking about the new defender of this place really brings a smile to my face. She took her role a little too serious, to the point where we had to bring her around the town and show her new things so she can enjoy herself. 

Her beauty made her easy to spot and as a new face, we had to introduce her to everybody, especially to the aunties and old ladies from the stores where we used to buy our things. 

The story is simple, she moved from a remote village and we meet on one of my visits to the company, we talked and after some time decided to invite her to live in our house in 'exchange' of taking care of us, after presenting her to our Aunt and a couple of words to convince her she was now living with us.

That and the fact that we 'employed' her to take her off so we can lift a little bit of weight from my Aunt, her beauty and personality


Long story short, everybody loves our new 'employed' caretaker. Seeing her smiling and happy is the best I could ask for

After bringing her here I promised to take care of her that is why...

I need strength!

I could rely on them or summon someone stronger who can protect us

But for some reason it feel the same as my past life...

'I will just do it later' , 'no reason to do it now or do it better' , 'is not necessary' , 'it doesn't matter' , or 'this is just enough', 'I still have time'...

Making stupid excused to just prolong having to do things that could be solved in a singe time... 

Even doing them in halves wasting too many time. 

It just hurts

I'm not going to make the same mistake and only realize it after its too late...

Or throw my responsibilities to someone else. Not again, much less when that responsibility is the happiness and life of someone else, someone I care about. 

The question is...


For now I need to try to improve what I already have...

But once I realized the stupidity of my wishes. 

How stupid could I be? Both of my wishes were influenced by that stupid and lazy 'me'

A tired, beaten and at the limit me and still wanted to go the lazy way, both my last wishes giving little strength to step forward and fight by myself... 

Wait. Or do they...? 

Of course if they don't, I can make them do it... 

¡I can make 'that'! Or... 

There are many ways to do it! 

I made my way toward one of the different doors  leading inside one of the paintings we use to train, thinking about theories and different ideas from my previous life

Many of these ideas need testing and probably a lot of mistakes and probably pain

But an amused voice stopped me before I could pass through the door

"Where are you going with the serious face?" Asked Jalter after seeing me walking lost in thoughts. 

Absent Minded I answered while calculating things in my head, before closing the door right away

" I'm going to train. I've decided, Since I'm the one who summoned you, I will take responsibility for all of you "


"... " Jeanne

"... " Jalter

"... " And finally a confused Kei

"That idiot! He just had to say it... didn't he? And with that stupid face he didn't even knows he did..." Said Jalter with annoyed voice yet a small grin on her face