9- Responsibilities. One (Small) step towards greatness
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I stopped walking after hearing the sound of the door

"... " F***

I need to confirm if I did what I think I did...

After thinking a bit I tried to confirm it through our mental link

'That sounded like l-' I tried to explain myself but Jalter just pushed me away before I could even start explaining

''Haha. Of course' IT did, you dumbass. You do yours, We get it. Go on'

And the link got cut


I got too focused...

Bad habits... die hard


I took a deep breath and shook my head to get rid of the useless thoughts and started focusing on the matter at hand

The first thing for today is to do something I tought on do with [Dusk] a while ago

While limiting testing how long something painted could last and testing ways to keep them around I managed to create a new type of [Ink], more costly but lasting.

Not only that.

One day I pulled one of my summons inside the system inventory and to my surprise the thing lasted days until I found out about it , giving me this idea to gain strength

Why not paint just [Ink]... 

Formless, malleable [Ink].

The uses of this were amazing despite how dumb it sounds since the [Ink] that is without a form is easy to control

I could pull a river out of nowhere and control it freely as if it was like an extension of my hands

Now what I have is a giant sphere after painting [Ink] everyday and storing it inside the system

Right after the "Black egg" was out of the system my shadow started to expand

While focused on creating something that I can move with a simple thought, like an extension of my will. Strong and durable so not only works as a way to attack, but also to defend myself and engulf an ever-expanding river that will drown everything in its path


I don't know how much time this will take... 

Or what will come out of it...

But I have nothing to lose if this works or not.

But for now, I better focus on what I really came here for.

(I wont say the name of the anime from where this idea is based from cause Spoilers)

'System... I need to know if you can help summon or Create a... Virus?'

< Summons, like a virus, possessing a certain level of danger towards the user or the world are locked in a special class>

That... is new

'This is not a lethal type of virus but a strengthening one, it was made to remake the human race..."

<... ...

  ... ...

User can summon this type of virus, but precautions will be made to prevent any possible future disasters.


- The virus will 'disappear' after leaving the user body >

Makes sense, but this one will be a 'monster' so... under my control.

Now the important question...

'Does this include my summons?'

< Due to their connection with the user, Summons made with Annihilation Maker are able to be affected by the virus >

I released a sigh of relief since this is more or less what I was looking for

I really don't want to make a copy, and much less summon, a certain liver eating alien parasite...

Now that this is confirmed...

is time to start!

This time is different since this is not a real summoning, the virus itself doesn't really cost that much since the most important part from it is the information on how it was made and that is the only part I'm going to use

And then create said virus using Annihilation Maker

Of course my mind and control over my sacred gear is just too far from calculating something like a man-made virus

At least for now.

So my only choice is letting the system do all those parts.

Not long after my shadow started to move forward, all of it going towards a single point and seemingly disappearing afterwards

And after a little less than half an hour there it was... 

So small... 

So small that I wouldn't be able to feel it If it wasn't for our connection.1

Now the next step, the super totally free power up that surely doesn't includes pain, pain and more pain because this little guy is going literally to go between every cell in my body and then into those cells to fix them...

how painful can that be?

Thing that needs my complete focus and would be stupid and suicidal if I didn't have a system to guide the whole process?




A great choice... there is definitely not better, safer and less painful... options. 

Definitely. No doubts.

Here goes nothing

After eating the things and feeling how it started to act... I couldn't help but to think...

Was this really... a good choice?

" !?" Even if somehow prepared this feeling is too much, so much that I coulsn't help but to cream in pain!

"GAHHHH!" A burning sensation went across my body, starting from my veing and slowly creeping toward my muscles and even bones

For a moment I forgot the pain after looking and smelling at what is dropin on the floor...

I knew this wasn't going to be pretty but... 


While enduring the pain as much as I can, only one thought came to my head

'I... just hope the girls won't see this..." when did I started caring about others before caring about myself? 

I dont even remember how I was before that... 

For some reason that is the last thing in my head before passing out. 


What he didn't see...

Was the "Black egg" that started to move towards his body...