10- Like a extension of his hands
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After opening my eyes

I found myself in the same painting that is connected to my bedroom waiting for something to happen...

expecting the first try to fail...

but nothing came up...

Nothing to tell me everything went all right.

Not pain, no sore muscles like when I started training.

Is not like I felt nothing... 

Is just that it feels too 'fine'.

It didn't took much for the change to appear after moving for a bit

I can feel myself stronger, filled with energy and overall... 

great, just great!

Not only my body but my mind as well everything is clearer, faster and simplier!


Name - Ahmya Genji

Gender - Male

Age - 10

Race - Human(?)

Str - 177 (10 is a normal adult)

Dex - 210

Vit - 474

Int - 59

Wis - 77

Will - 196

(Basic(1/10), Normal(11/40), advanced(41/99) and Mastered(100+)

Skill - [Magic manipulation.lv3/50] [Drawing.lv 23/40] [Painting.lv 37/40] [Cooking.lv 28/40] [Operator: Dusk(limited)] [Sacred Gear - Annihilation maker] [Presence Concealment] [Healthy Body.Lv (???)] [Swordmanship.Lv 19/40] [Martial Arts.Lv 9/40] [Evolving] [Basic body manipulation.Lv 1/10] [???? ????] "

My stats went up a lot during these two years... 

I tough while glacing at the familiar but forgotten Status

With the virus now both Str and Dex went up by almost a hundred each! with Vit going up twice that amount.

I feel like a weirdcombination of a tank and a mage with some warrior mixed in...

Int and Wis unlike are the rest and the most difficult stat to rise since they refer to my mental 'strength'

Will is related to my mental 'defense'. things like giving up because it's too troublesome, tolerance and that kind of thing, helping resist external and internal influences when I do it

Like being charmed, provoked, doing things while feeling wrong or 'bad' like when in pain or tired, etc...

It also makes things like mental fatigue and mental tasks like controlling something remotely less impactful and easier. 

I feel like I can control a great number monsters at the same and at least three to five if I control them manually rather than giving them general orders like attack!, bite! and likes.

At the start my first, and now retired, summon the now named 'old Stickman' could be manually controlled for less than a minute

meanwhile now I could enter others bodies without much of a mental stress and they follow my commands in a much natural and fluid way without great part of the delay between orders.

Both Int and wis went up by almost 30, and will went up by 50.

As for skills... 

I didn't add much in those years outside [Swordsmanship] and [Martial Arts].

Now the interesting part.

I guess [Healthy body] is like this thanks to the changes in my body... 

This is one of my wishes and as one is based on my perception of 'Healthy' at the time...

As for the other new additions...

[Evolving: Skill describing a fast growing and changing body that is adapting to match its environment. This skill is usually possessed by the new-born members of certain species to increase their survivability in a hostile environment, losing its effect by the time their infancy ends]

[Basic Body manipulation] doesn't need an explanation, I can change my body as  much as I want, but with some limitations due to its low level...

I gained this skill thanks to my ability to manipulate anything created by [Annihilation Maker].

I understand all that but...

'System...what is this thing?'

Im refering to the '?????' in my status.

< During the earlier experiment. The earlier "Black sphere" fused with the user body during the changes made by the virus. System named it that way since it doesn't have a real name and for  being something made by the user. >

'What are the changes made by this... thing?'

<Unknown. Should be related to the user intent from when making it>

Mi intention...

I started focusing after making a training dummy in the distance

As 'Real' as this place is... 

This is still an extension of my mindscape tied to a physical object in the form of a painting

All part of [Dusk].

So making something like this inside of it is quite easy.

Sadly, I'm not on the level of making use of something like this mid combat, It would be amazing if I could create things outside my mind.

The best I can do is paint a door to move around, and that still requires concentration and energy.

Now is time to concentrate and search for something that wasn't there before.

quite the easy thing to do since I spend a lot of time inside my 'mind'.

I can feel something in there

or more precicely the lack of anything.

A void inside your mind is not exactly normal if you, persobally, didn't make it...

And much less if it appear out of nowhere.

To my surprise, calling this 'Black egg' resulted as easy as it could get

With my connection, I can actually feel a faint and distant echo of something resembling emotions

I could feel it coming out from inside my mindscape, making a faint connection with this place in order to appear outside of it.

And soon after a black mist started to appear all over the place like a excited child, moving around without a purpose or meaning

Seems like it needs orders...

I focused on the Training Dummy thinking about grabbing it...

And waited.


Nothing seems to happen but as if detecting my feeling, just when I thought it failed...



A giant black hand came out of the air and 'grabbed' the dummy!

At least what is left of it... 

And then dragged it back into another part of my mindscape where I felt the 'nothing'.

I guess the experiment was a success since 


Since it is an 'extension of my hands'...