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In the netherworld.

"Report," said a voice with the annoyance and authority that befitted the man known as Beelzebub while ordering one of the lower class devils in the room.

Who told the Heir of the Astaroth House to speak so freely? Even if he was influenced, the damage was done...

Due to the urgency of such an important meeting, such a 'lower' meeting can only be attended by the most important Devils.

Regardless of who they were, the Death of an Heir is something that they need to pay attention to… there is a reason why there are only so many clans left from the original seventy-two, and it is something that they must avoid at all costs because the majority of the powerful Devils come from said houses.

"Yes! Miss Leviathan discovered Diodora Astaroth near her hometown. There were signs of battle but no signs of an enemy, and he has been declared insane based on his behavior. Diodora Astaroth did not recognize the Devils who came to help him and treated them as enemies, even after capturing him and transferring him to a facility to be examined, there is no change even after several treatments and... even some doctors were... affected with the same condition "Said the Devil, trying to speak consistently and without hesitation, but he had to stop reading some parts of the report because he was present while this happened...

"There's no need to go on. Diodora... is dead, his body breathes and has a soul, but he lacks the ability to think and order his body to move... is there any hope for him?" Ajuka Beelzebub responded because several of his experiments and creations dealt with the subject of the mind, so he understands what his condition actually involves.

Because this is related to him, the others waited before expressing their thoughts.

Yes, the four pillars have abandoned their names, but that does not mean they have abandoned their homes. Lucifer and Leviathan would not hesitate to go rescue Rias or Sona if they were in danger, and while Beelzebub does not usually worry about his family, he cannot ignore the fact that Diodora has done serious damage to the name of his house.

"No... something appears to be consuming his mind; attempts to access his mind failed... miserably. The two who did it became 'infected,' and one of them died as a result." The Devil couldn't help but tremble; he is the head of the facility where Diodora was treated and was able to witness what happened to those two; he can see how both go insane step by step, from hearing simple sounds to not understanding what was going on around them, all in a matter of days...

The people in the room didn't care about the report at first because they already knew most of its content, but this is new, which means it happened recently.

"Both began to experience auditory hallucinations, which began as sounds and progressed to voices and resulted in them acting irrationally. They both heard something flying over the building where they were and had the urge to look out the windows to see who it was... This then turned into voices calling them... They both began to worship and... pray to the voice as if it were their... god, with no signs of being harmed... eventually, one of them continued and the other returned to normal. We discovered evidence that the person who died conducted experiments on humans the next day in front of him. The survivor has no recollection of what transpired." The Devil got chills remembering such a scene, especially the panic that arose in the entire personnel in the face of the unknown... thinking that they could be the next, which resulted in the three 'infected' being isolated in rooms with dozens of barriers.

The two began inquiring about someone constantly flying when none of the cameras or dozens of detection spells detected anything, then talking to no one while staring out the window as if something was there, and... the praying...

Praying involves making a connection with the person of worship, which is usually lethal to devils because most of them are holy, divine, or sacred, resulting in this connection burning them... but not this one... As a result of all of this, the others began to suspect that something was peering through the building's windows at them.

Many people claim to have felt gazes in the back of their necks, shadows at the end of the corridor, and lights turning on and off when the cameras showed that everything was normal...

Was it the atmosphere? Was it the stress? Was it their uneasiness? Were they... real?

His voice trembled slightly as he remembered those times; fear of the unknown is a natural reaction, even for Devils.

"You're free to go." Sirzechs decided to dismiss the Devil after noticing the strange atmosphere in the room since the case is solved with Deidora's 'death'' and a couple Devils aren't worth discussing as much as the next topic.

"Who is the main suspect... Serafall?" Sirzech posed the most important question to everyone in the room, but his gaze was drawn to Serafall.

Several reports about this group have Serafall mentioned in them, and it also happened in her territory, making it her responsibility

She knows that the big players already know who the culprit is so there is no use in hiding it.

"Dusk. Diodora attacked a little girl who was under his protection " Serafall replied, clearly annoyed.

She has to be, how can she not be? Years and years of attempting to mend their relationship with the other factions, and it is always her own people who mess things up.

This time it was enough to destroy their relationship with the church; if it weren't for Dusk, that idiot would keep doing it until Satan knows when, causing their relationship with the Angels and the church to deteriorate further.

Healers are one of the most important things for humans because losing an arm usually means losing a powerful asset.

Yes It's extremely rare but some of them may end up healing such injuries, and even if they do not, healing serious wounds or allowing people to recover weeks sooner is reason enough to treasure them...

And who needs to spend weeks, if not months, talking with those two to keep things from getting out of hand?

The meeting quickly took a turn when the topic of her territory came up, with her being questioned left and right because most Devil were unaware of her connection with Dusk.

Why is someone so powerful residing in your town? Why didn't you look after him? Why don't you punish him? Why are you supporting him? How are you taking responsibility for this?

Dozens of questions aimed at testing her loyalty, only to be stopped after she reminded them that Diodora almost started a war by infiltrating and seducing priestesses and saints, only to break them and suppress them using hypnosis.

Much less after reminding them of Diodora's remarks about his sister, Grayfia, and even herself...

Yes, he was influenced, but it is clear that those are his true thoughts, which greatly benefits her!

Thank you Dusk! I hate you! I thankfully hate you~

Then it moved on to why he attacked this girl so openly, bringing up the remnants of foreigner energy inside his body that was given to him by a new criminal organization, but there is little information about them, and we only found out about them thanks to Beelzebub himself searching about it.

Apart from it being extracted during or after the fight by someone and the link with this mastermind... there was nothing else due to a lack of evidence...

But she can tell by the expressions on the other devils' faces that this is not the end. The other two Satans don't seem to mind, but the rest are irritated and upset because it's clear that she is siding with the enemy, the HUMAN who killed a DEVIL and a HEIR on top of that.

They asked about compensation and whatnot for almost an entire hour, she refused to take part in it which made them turn against her albeit silently. 

At least the other Satans didn't pursue the matter since they know well how this information could be sold to the church and spark the flames of conflict or blackmail them but, in the end, Dusk decided to help them and none of them is delusional to not realize that Serafall is the reason for it...

But that didn't stop the rest of the Devils from hating Dusk...

In the end, Beelzebub was compelled to investigate the problem and its source, with some subtle references to the old faction thrown in for good measure... Did some of the Devils get the hang of it? Who knows, and she doesn't really care at this point.

What does it imply? More meetings, more work, and less time spent with her adorable sou-tan and Ahm-chan!

All she knows is that Dusk owes her a lot for giving her so much work, even if he did save her in a way!

What could he ask for in return? Options... options...

But she decided!

She's taking a vacation to spend time with her sister and ahm!

A well-deserved rest. 

Let's just hope that nothing happens after this...

They had no idea that with Ahm and his group taking most of the awakening humans and killing most stray Devils, the Khaos Brigade was suffering from a lack of manpower, which led them to recruit idiots, ambitious, and influenceable devils with the lure of power brought by Orphis Snakes.

Diodora approached them after realizing he couldn't attack Ahm's house due to Serafall.

The fact that his girl could be robbed and is currently living with another man fueled his jealousy, which led him to seek help outside and discover the Khaos Brigade a lot earlier.

But... who would have guessed he'd die so soon?

But Ahm doesn't care, or, to be more specific, he doesn't have time to think about it because of the person who appeared in his Mindscape.

After remembering the Snake inside Diodora, he reminded Scathach to extract it, but he didn't expect someone to appear after he began experimenting with it...

He felt as if a huge truck had just hit his head, causing tremors throughout his entire mindscape, but first and foremost... he needs to use his secret weapons against this new enemy!

The ultimate weapon capable of defeating such a fearsome foe whose name is known to every faction!

"Would you like some... cookies?"

Cookies with a mix of chocolate chips and honey!