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Things went well with the addition of Artoria to the family.

Most leaders would probably call me insane if they knew I had given up an entire country, but...

I've already told her that even if I were her summoner, she is my ally and nothing else, so I won't interfere with her rule unless she asks me to do so.

This is to avoid conflicts and other problems, as Artoria seemed concerned about me doing things behind her back and essentially becoming my figurehead while I control the country in the shadows.

Well, her rule is different since it's on the supernatural side but there are still a lot of things she can do and her main focus is protecting her territory more than anything else. 

This division is important especially since we want to demonstrate that we are somehow divided within our own faction in order to avoid attracting trouble.

This is also a weight off my shoulders because I don't want to be looking over different countries all the time.

Aside from that, my other concern was Mordred.

One would think that failing to complete what you've been planning for years would weigh heavily on Mordred, but thankfully she is a tenacious and decisive girl.

While others might become depressed, she is completely motivated; after all, her Father is her ultimate goal in life.

How would you feel if the thing you wanted was easy to get? You will feel disappointed, feel that it is simply pointless and not treasure that achievement.

There will be no sense of accomplishment. 

Mordred is the same way; while summoning a boosted Artoria caught her off guard, it only fueled her desire to work harder in order to become stronger and reach her Father.

The fact that Artoria recognizes her as 'her child,' even if she only said it once, intensified the wild and energetic tiger cub's effort.

But, in general, there are many things to think about with Artoria, and I discussed them with her, such as the ruler of Britain, who to summon next, and her new body.

For example, she can change and possibly separate her forms, summoning multiple Artorias at once, which solved one of her problems.

Artoria, on the other hand, will be a beacon of light, attracting every possible moth...

She is aware of it, and I have explained it to her. I want to enter the supernatural world without doing it myself because I don't want to destroy our lifestyles.

It's exhausting, as I've always said, to have to be on the lookout every day for the possibility of an attack.

But I still have to do this, and Artoria was the best choice because she is up to the task and I can bring her back as long as I am alive.

With our support, winning against Artoria will be difficult for anyone and the ones who can defeat are friendly to us. 

She, too, desires a 'normal' life, if only for a few moments.

For this, her adult Lancer form will be the figurehead who rules, and this younger Saber version will be her everyday form to keep people from bothering her during her free time.

Also of the options for future summoning to help her out, She didn't accept the idea of summoning Morgan… but she didn't reject it either...

Well, I explained that if the summoned person represents any danger, I can simply send them back, and because it's done by the system, no magic or countermeasure can actually stop it unless they build a multidimensional portal to this universe and then this specific world, which most of them don't have the energy for.

Even then, Great Red will have a conversation with them, making it impossible.

Wait... how does Red interpret my summoning in that case? He doesn't mind because someone inside is calling them instead of someone outside intruding forcefully like with that Boobs God and Issei? Is it that, or is it something else?

It's pointless to think about it.

The next thing I did was show her around my Mindscape with all the kids and what the human faction is, to which she replied that... this looks like her dream land, a basic and unfinished form of it but what she had always looked for.

Then I told her something that made her smile a little bit, that this was indeed her 'Avalon.'

I couldn't get the original Avalon to work because it was tied to a location in Artorias' universe, so I made it so Avalon sent her here, to my mindscape instead to avoid damage.

Because her Noble Phantasms were tied to a specific piece of the NASUVERSE, they were difficult to replicate, but I'm working on it.

Mordred took on the role of escorting her around, complete with flowers, a clear sky, a lush green forest and children happily playing around, so It's no surprise that Artoria fell in love with this place because it truly is peaceful; we worked hard to achieve that, so it's nice to see others appreciate it.

We did have two issues.

The first is our adorable cooking-eating guardian dragon.

Thankfully, it was only a scare for the Lion King, thanks to Ophis's curiosity about Artoria Dragon side.

Artoria was calmed down with a brief explanation of why she was here and proof that she was harmless.

I explained to her that Shishou deduced that being someone who controls Infinity allows her to control everything between the start and the end, which means that Ophis could mature as much as she wants but chooses to stay this way because children's thoughts are more simple, which helps her pass the time. 

And it's likely that she doesn't see the need to mature because almost no one will dare to challenge her.

The second issue was our members of other races, Valerie, Gasper, Cleria Belial, and a brief conversation with Cleria's husband Masaomi so he could explain how the church works.

Masaomi was taken aback when he discovered who Artoria is, and seeing the Excalibur only added to his surprise. Fortunately, he is used to seeing strange things, so he just dismissed it as one of those strange things tied to working in this place. 

Just like that patchworked teddy bear that heals injured children by patchworking them...

Imagine his surprise when he discovers that the best doctor in this place is a literal teddy bear.

The man is content with his wife and future family.

Cleria's belly was growing a little, indicating that the man worked quite 'hard' for the sake of his family...

And, no, I didn't give them anything to make them more fertile.

This all led to an in-depth discussion about the world's species, and while it was a little difficult for her to accept them, she did manage to see how Devils, Yokais, and Vampires are more acceptable than their counterparts in her universe.

At the end concluding that she will also have citizens from other races in her territory. 

Seeing the happy married couple, a literal Dragon God that loves cookies, a lazy Vampire girl and… boy…  made accepting them easier. 

So, while they are more likely to commit crimes due to their nature, they are still intelligent species with which you can interact and coexist if you take some precautions.

Actually I lied, there were three issues.

I told her about the Saberfaces, but seeing it for herself is different.

The third happened when we met Jeanne and Jalter, with Jeanne jumping and kissing me in front of Artoria, which made her blush a little.

Not because we were kissing, but because their faces are too similar to her own, even with the [Adam Virus] changes.

But overall with how cheerful and easy to get along Jeanne is, they ended up getting along pretty well. 

Sadly Scáthach is still missing so they couldn't meet, I wonder what she is doing? 

And Kuroka and Shirone are visiting the Yokai faction so they will meet later

Kei... Well she is away working hard, I really want to pick her up and hug that cute Sarkaz for an entire hour, and I will probably do so later. 

As for Le Fay and Arthur…  this summoning is a surprise for both of them, I wonder how they will react? 


Artoria is now ready to discover for herself what this world has in store for her.

And the first step is to make herself known and acknowledged as Britain's Supernatural ruler by paying a personal visit to every organization within it.

To claim the territory as her own, as a proper Lion King would.

"Do you want my help? I can provide you with some soldiers "I inquired to the war-ready Artoria.

While going there alone and showing herself as the strongest person around will be great, it will not convince the others completely because she is only one person. 

An army, on the other hand, will be far superior; having the base of the various organizations surrounded by thousands of strong soldiers led by a capable leader will be a far better way to solidify her position as the ruler of the place.

Since she wants to rule the place, and the only way to get others to follow her rules is to show them that they are weaker than the person who makes the rules since you need to punish some of them.

What's the use of rules if they can simply escape or ignore them without consequences? 

There is little they can do against absolute power, and if they try, it will only serve Artoria's purpose of proving her strength by making an example of them.

Thankfully Artoria understood this point well, while she dislikes that kind of brute and forced rule over the people she knows well that this is necessary in many ways if she wants to start making Britain a safer place. 

"How many soldiers can you lend me? " Artoria tried to confirm the number to then start planning the best way to use them but my answer made her look at me weirdly. 

"Yes. " With a little smirk, I started to Summon [Ink] and soon Enforcement Knights with their well known silver armor with golden and blue details that appear in the Camelot singularity, some wielding shields and swords, some wielding Helberg and other bows, all of them ready and waiting for orders.