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Hello our dearest readers! It is us, Rhaxtyx and Etherioux! We have an important announcement to make as we have decided on a few things amongst ourselves.

First of all, we have decided to reboot I Was A God Until I Got Summoned, making a few changes to minor events and some characters. But the main storyline will be the same and our wacky God of Magic will live through the same events.

Our reason to do this is because the author for both Evil God's Disciple (formerly Lord of 7) and I Was A God Until I Got Summoned had an unfortunate accident on a ride back home and broke his arm. His arm is currently in a cast and can't write by hand and with a keyboard. A friend of ours offered to pick up the series and asked to reboot it after seeing the comments and rewrite it with some minor changes. Mainly some character changes.

Unfortunately he only offered that for our God of Magic so Evil God's Disciple will be on hiatus until further notice, if there are any readers that wait on it, please be advised.

The Patreon page will also be transferred over to our friend's Patreon. The link will be posted on the synopsis. The payment method is different on his page so that will change as well and we will handle refunds.

And finally, as per the new author's request, I Was A God Until I Got Summoned will be exclusive to so we appreciate your support and ask for your support once more.

We will be removing I Was A God so forgive us if this causes any inconvenience to you. It's name will change as well because it will be a complete and thorough reboot and expect some changes to other main or side characters as well.

The chapters will be removed in a day or two so you can re-read it if you'd like until this is the only "chapter" that is left.

We are truly sorry for this and ask for your forgiveness.


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Rhaxtyx & Etherioux