Chapter 1 – I Awoke Today A Demon
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A thin blue light shimmers as it illuminates a dark room. The cold stone walls are covered in a thick layer of grime, as though they haven't been cleaned in hundreds of years. The blue light doesn't seem natural; The room has no windows, and through a door lies only more darkness. The light is coming from a faintly glowing inscription on the ground forming a circle.

An unconscious girl lies in the circle's center; Her silver hair spread out against the cold and dirty floor. She looks to be a young adult in her early 20s, and most people would think she's pretty beautiful. Resting on the top of her head are two small horns that branch out into multiple points. From the small of her back, two large black wings can be seen stretching out.

She's dressed in tattered leather armor: her wings had erupted from the leather armor, leaving it in disrepair. Across her chest is a small iron breastplate. Beyond that, laying next to her is a short-sword and a satchel. Within the satchel, there are rotting rations and a small amount of equipment.

The girl begins to stir and lazily opens her eyes. Both her vision and mind remain blurry as she comes to wake. As she becomes lucid, she notices the ceiling. Floating near the ceiling are many particles suspended, like stars in the sky. Seeing the enchanting sight, she stumbles up from the ground and notices her surroundings. Where am I?

The room appears to have several bookshelves broken and toppled. A few leaning tables dot the room with many strange glass containers. It looks like a disaster happened here. Even the walls aren't immune to the destruction, as they are covered in many cracks and divots.

As she continues studying the room, she notices a peculiar shape on the emptiest wall. She drunkenly shuffles towards it, stumbling on the trash covering the floor. She reaches out and wipes aside the grime; A primitive carving depicting a person with tall horns and six wings surrounded by skulls is revealed. The girl stumbles backward as a chill runs through her. What is this place? What am I doing here?

The girl stands there searching through her memories until her face crunches up in a frown. She looks down at her hands and stares for a long moment. Her breathing begins to hasten as she falls to her knees. She grips her knees in her arms while trembling. Forget where am I, who am I? I can't remember anything at all.

No, this isn't good. I'm panicking. The girl hesitantly closes her eyes and forces some deep breaths. After a few moments, her breathing becomes more steady, and she manages to climb to her feet. She rummages through her stuff. If only I had some clue to put my mind at ease, an Id card or something!

After finding nothing of her identity in her satchel, she approaches the bookshelf. She carefully picks up a book and opens it. The pages stick together and easily crumble apart. This environment is not going to preserve such an old book. The girl lets out a sigh as she turns to the door, which seems to be an exit.

The girl wanders through many cluttered rooms and comes to a long hallway. Looking to her left and right, a series of iron bars line the corridor. Is this a prison of some sort? The girl fights her breathing and grips her shaking arms. Was I kept here? No, this place is nothing but ruins. She gazes into the dilapidated cells that seem like they won't even open anymore.

If it weren't for the girl's footsteps reverberating through the corridor, the building would be in complete silence. The girl breathes in the cold, damp air as she walks, shivering to the end of the hallway.

Reaching the end of the hallway is a wooden door that is partially open. The girl feels a weak breeze coming through it and a faint light. She attempts to open the door, but unfortunately, it is blocked. Seeing that, she squeezes through and breaks into the next room. The room's ceiling had collapsed, revealing a pile of rocks and, more importantly, sunlight.

The sun beats down on the girl, warming her. The girl's lips begin to curl up into a smile. I didn't think that just being outside would feel so good! She clamors up the rocky slope and reaches a grassy clearing, toppling over onto the grass and gazing up at the blue sky. She lays there with her eyes closed and simply breathes in the fresh air.

Finding a moment of rest in the grass, the girl manages to focus her mind back to more serious thoughts. Let's take a mental inventory. Alright, I have some knowledge about the world, things like currency and adventuring; Though it would seem I'm completely blank when it comes to things like geography, people, or my identity. The girl reaches her hand up and sighs. I should go to a town; at least then, someone might recognize me.

The girl leaves the sinkhole behind and wanders off into the forest. After a while, the girl comes to a clearing, and standing in the center is a large, pig-like man. The girl steps back nervously but breaks a twig in the process. The pig-man quickly turns towards the girl, and her thoughts run wild. An orc? Why did I have to run into a monster right now? I have to survive this. The girl rapidly unsheathes her sword and readies herself into a battle position.

"Wait! Let's talk this out." The orc stammers as he frantically waves his arms out in front of him.

"Huh?" The girl tilts her head to the side as the tension quickly lifts.

"I'm sorry if I entered your territory; it won't happen again." The orc says as beads of sweat are almost visible on his forehead.

"No, no. It's not my territory; you haven't done anything." The girl looks around a bit before letting out a sigh and sheathing her sword. "In any case, you're more civilized than I was expecting."

"Thank you for the compliment. Now please, I must return to my hunt." The orc does a slight bow before walking off into the forest.

Strange as that was, I guess this is the best outcome. Though, I guess I'm probably the first human ever to have a peaceful interaction with an orc in the wild. The girl walks forward with a spring in her step and a slight smile, completely unaware that she can't possibly be called human.

Walking through the woods, she comes to a well-traveled dirt road. Where there are roads, there is civilization. The girl, with a perky smile, walks down the road with a comfortable cadence. As minutes of walking turn to hours, the girl's smile quickly fades. Well, as long as there's a road, I'll reach something. Right? The girl looks to the sky and notices that the sun has been hidden away behind dark clouds. Just please don't rain...

If the current grammar and style isn't your thing, an edited 'Definitive Edition' of the first arc will be released on October 10th