Chapter 3- Time and Space God of the Multiverse
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'I'd like to know how the hell you keep shifting forms like that...!? I guess he could just say. Because I'm a God, and I'd have wasted a question.' Kade took a deep breath, 'Think, these questions could be the key to me thriving or surviving. Mmm, okay, if this is like a game, then the class I chose should factor heavily in my success or downfall. So maybe I should ask what is the strongest class and choose that? Ai, but what if I have the strongest class, but it does not suit my personality, or I can't choose that class for some reason. I would have wasted a question for nothing. So maybe the question should be. What is the best class for me? Is there a better way to phrase it?" Kade thought for a while,' You know what, I'm just going to go with what I said earlier. I was never the intelligent type, to begin with.' 

"What class suits me the most?" 

The God of the Multiverse laughed, "This is where you humans have an advantage because of your knowledge about this world you can ask informed questions like this. The beings from the otherworlds all ask questions you already know the answer to, anyway, in regards to your question. When you have asked your three questions, you will be redirected to a character optimization page. On one of the pages, you will have the opportunity to choose a class from ten different options. Your affinities and your bloodline limit your choices. So, you could theoretically get Penta mage as a choice, given that your elemental affinity is high enough and you show mage aptitude.  

When I peered at your soul, I saw that you have an affinity over 50% for all manners of phenomena. Your highest is Time-space magic. This is how you were able to enter the grand hall even though you weren't formally invited. This is also why you experience déjà vu daily. Déjà vu is essentially connecting with yourself in a parallel universe, making it seem like you have lived the moment before because technically, you have.  

Anyway, you also have a near perfect affinity to darkness if I add that all up, the optimal class for you and your personality is a summoner. Yet not just any summoner. Your bloodlines all show a talent for martial arts, so to answer your question fully, the class that suits you the most is the combat golemancer.  

Once Kade got thinking, it made sense to him. If he had the choice to fight or send someone to fight in his place, it was the latter almost all the time. Combat wasn't his thing. At least, that is what he thought. Kade couldn't help but link summoning to chess. A game he adored, albeit average at it. He loved the idea of sending his pieces into battle for him like a king. However, unlike the king in chess, he would have more combat options than just moving one square.  As a result, he could theoretically be helpful within the beginning and middle of the fight, not needing to be protected all the time. The more he got thinking, the more excited he became. There was no denying that the god had hit it dead on the nail.  A grin emerged on Kade's face.

'Okay, next question. What should I ask...? How about where should I start? Yes, in some games, the starting location is important, as, in some places, there are treasures or secret quests that could only be acquired because you chose the correct town. If I know the best place to start, maybe I could obtain a treasure?'  

Kade shook the cleared his throat, "In most games like this, you get the option to choose your starting location and depending on your choices, your development could be faster or even stunted. With that in mind, if I'm aiming to become the strongest, where can I find a treasure/artefact/grimoire that will help me achieve that?" 

The God thought for a while and scrubbed his long grey beard, "The answer you seek lies below where the tallest tree grows and the wind doth bellow near the town of Tinrow." 

Hearing the answer, Kade rolled his eyes, 'Okay, Shakespearth.' Then began thinking of his last question. It proved harder than he anticipated. Every time he thought of one, he scraped it because he thought there was something better, 'I'm doing it again. Intelligence is not my strong suit.'  

Kade cleared his mind of doubt and asked his final question, "Where will I find what I have been searching for my whole life?" 

The God's eyes widened briefly, "You will find what you seek where rivers of blood flow through canals of white." As he said that, he looked earnestly at Kade, "Godspeed." He snapped his fingers, whisking Kade away into another dimension.  

Kade stood in a plane of darkness until light in the form of a box appeared in front of him. Kade recognized the box as something akin to a status box from the games he played.  

[This is your character optimization page. Please choose your class.] 

New information appeared on the screen, and Kade saw ten classes, all in different colours. Some were grey, green and blue others were purple, orange and black. Kade sorted through the classes like Lightning Mage in green, Necromancer in purple and Combat Penta-mage in orange. Once he did, he found his class Combat Golemancer in black.  

Without hesitation, he clicked on it. Shortly after, the system directed him to another page.  

[Please choose your subclass.] 

'What, there is a subclass too? I didn't know that. Well, to be fair, I didn't ask.' 

Kade looked at the options in front of him and rubbed the bumfluff on his chin, 'Mmm, should I choose  Legendary Blacksmith. I could make OP weapons and armour and equip my golems with it. I could even and sell my creations for money, but I'd also be making other people stronger... How about Deadly Alchemist or Buff Alchemist? I could make bombs and other support potions... I like that one. I'll keep in the bag while I look at the others.' 

Kade skipped over subclasses like Wine Brewer, King's Tailor, Scribe, Apothecary and Essence Chef until he found one he liked: Rune Master. Out of all the subclasses, this was the only one that appeared in black, just like his main class.  

[Sub Class: Runemaster 

Description: Runemasters are gifted individuals with natural affinities to many phenomena and elements. Through study and practice, they can understand archaic language or commonly known as the language of magic. 

Runemasters, through sigils and symbols, can make weapons sharper or increase their durability. They can make fire cold and water hard. Through sigils and arrays, the world and its laws bend before them.] 

Once Kade saw this, he clicked on it and chose it as his subclass. It was the perfect setup for his main class. If he could scribe sigils on his golems enhancing their strength, then it was a plus, and even if he could not, it was still a great pick on its own.  

[Please choose the town you wish to begin your tutorial.] 

Kade didn't ponder long. Once he saw the town of Tinrow, he clicked on it.

[Town: Tinrow

In the Kingdom of Leocam, home of the Fellu, lies the town of Tinrow near The River of Faru. It's commonly known as the town of little beginnings and many ends. It used to be the place death row inmates where sent to before they were executed. Now it's a reformed town. At least on paper. The underworld controls the city from the shadows polluting the town from the ground up, preventing it from truly flourishing. The darkness is their strength; the darkness is their ally. 

Fair warning to those that wish to enter. It is as your own risk that you do so.]

Kade read the warning and found it unsettling. The town of many ends didn't sound very welcoming. He knew that whatever lay ahead was most certainly not sunshine and rainbows. Kade took a steeling breath and chose Tinrow as his starting town, for he knew somewhere nearby was a treasure that was crucial to his development. 

Once he had chosen, a magic circle appeared beneath him and once again, he vanished. 

If you were in Kade's position what would you have asked?

Anyway,thanks for reading! Until next time novice author-san out.