Chapter 5- Crafting Golems
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Kade thought of the interface like any he had used before and dragged a box around the golem. Then using the scaling sign by the corner of the box, he shrunk it. He was only allowed to decrease its size from 190cm to 150cm. Conversely, he could only increase its size to 2m before he exceeded the limit.  

Now that Kade had a smaller golem, he wanted to create fingers for the golem. Kade zoomed into the stumped left and began envisioning its fingers as he dragged his tool over the empty space.  

[ Error! Fingers  locked for a golem of this level.] 

"What! Really? It's only fingers; it's not like I'm creating a rocket launcher that allows it to fly." 

With that prompt went his idea to create a rocket launcher that allowed it to fly. If the system locked something as rudimentary as fingers, everything else surely was. However, there was one last thing he wanted to confirm. Kade noticed that transparent rock was half sticking out of the golem. He wondered if he could place the soul stone within the golem for protection. Kade imagined that if the rock broke, the golem would surely die too.  

Kade clicked on the soul stone and dragged it inside the golem, then locked it there. Once he did that, he heaved a sigh of relief. It would be annoying if he fought against intelligent beasts or other beings that would merely target the soul stone from the start. Now they had a little work to do before getting to the core.  

Kade clicked the play button on the left of the screen. Immediately, the golem began moving according to Kade's orders. The movements were a bit clunky. Kade surmised that was due to its level and left it at that. In the end, it was able to move, jump, sprint, punch and do other basic actions, so it sufficed for a pawn.  

With that, Kade saved this design as the default design and deleted the other one. Then he created a new version of 190cm and another of 170 cm. In total, he had three designs. The 190cm golem had large arms and a wide body, where the 150cm golem was nimbler and leaner, allowing it maximum mobility. The 170 cm golem was the balanced golem opting for strength and agility over maximizing on one. Seeing that they worked in his virtual space, it was time to craft it within the real world.  

Kade clicked [Craft]. 

[ Welcome to the crafting panel where the real work gets done. Here you will find all the familiar tools that you know and love. You can't create something out of nothing, you need materials to craft. Lucky for you, the system is granting you 10 2MX1MX2M blocks of black dreya wood and 4 Soul stones. Suppose you wish to craft using other materials; you must acquire them yourself and place them within your raw space. Note you can only put raw materials in your raw space.] 

Kade read the prompt then got to work. Kade pressed on the block with the wood. 

[ How many would you like to remove?] 


[Are you sure Y/N] 

Immediately a massive black block of wood appeared in the open space in front of Kade. Looking at it up close, Kade could see that the rough grain of the wood and from up close, it had a unique, almost burnt smell to it as well.  

After observing his otherworldly material, he decided to take it for a durability test. Kade picked up one of the chisels lying on the desk and began jamming it into the side of the wood. However, no matter how many times or how hard he pressed, it would not chip.  

Next, he took the hammer and smashed it into the wood so hard the recoil sent him lurching back a few steps. Kade looked at the part where he had slammed, and there wasn't even a mark. Once he saw that he was satisfied. Obviously, there were creatures far more vital than him that could break his golems, but at least it wouldn't be a one-hit KO.  

Knowing that Kade took the real crafting tool from his craft shop out and began shaping the big block into his golem. Kade had the tab open with his golem on display to visualize it, given that imagination played a substantial part in the creation.  

Kade began by cutting chunks of unnecessary wood away. He only needed 150cm by 50cm of wood. Kade turned on the feature that allowed him to see the dimensions to know precisely where to cut. The system also helped him keep his hand steady so that he could cut in precise motions.  

Once he removed the unnecessary bits, he began shaping the golem. Kade kept a strong image in his mind of what he desired as he started with the feet. He began chipping away at the wood until he could make out the feet. After that, he proceeded with the legs, the torso and the rest of the body.  

It took Kade a whole hour to complete his work and then looked at his creation, and it was, well, it was his first attempt. Kade glanced at the golem and then at the image, and they were fraternal but not identical.  

Kade sighed. He had wondered why the system gave him so much wood now he knew. Although this method didn't require prior sculpting knowledge, it was by no means a walk in the park. It still needed practice to keep his mind focused solely on crafting and envisioning the product. Every time, his mind drifted off thinking about Alissa or why this tutorial was considered hellish. Kade severed his connection to the system, and he would make mistakes.  

Kade placed the failure back into his system space. He thought maybe he could sell it. Perhaps there were stupid rich people in this world who would find some silly reason to explain why the bad looks were some deep artistic expression. If not, it would serve as a reminder that everyone started somewhere, and he would place it in his house should he be lucky to ever buy one.  

Kade took another piece of wood out and began cutting away the parts he didn't need, then began crafting his golem. This time, he made extra sure to keep his thoughts solely on creation. As a result, the end product was a lot better this time. Yet, still not perfect. Kade was having trouble syncing with the system and letting it guide him yet, remaining in control. It was like losing control while staying in charge. It just didn't make sense and was something he could only accomplish through practice.  

Kade continued to create more golems, each better than the last but ultimately not the result he wanted. It was only after his 5th attempt that he had made one that was perfectly identical. The 100% hovering above his golem was proof of that. Kade heaved a sigh of relief and fell to the floor. He hadn't realized it during the process, but it was hard work to craft; if not for his increased stats from his titles, he would have never been able to continue this long. He could feel his muscles croaking as he moved around, yet he didn't give up. 

An hour later, Kade created the 190 cm and 150 cm golem. Now he had all three successfully replicated into almost functional weapons and decided to call it a day.  There were bits of fine dust in his face and crevices of his sweaty body he would rather not mention. He needed a shower a.s.a.p.  

Kade clicked on the green arrow, and just like that, the completed golem disappeared into his soul space from where he would summon it into combat. Kade had three golems in his soul space and two more empty slots he could fill, "I'll leave that for another day." Kade closed his soul space tab and left the room.  

Once he was within the central area of crafter paradise, the tiger lady approached him, "You took much longer than expected." 

 "I was creatively created to create," Kade said in his low melodic voice.   

Kade's words resonated within the young lady, "Very nicely said, what did you create, if I may ask?" 

"I made a wooden golem."  

"You mind if I have a look?" 

"Sure, it hasn't been long since I took up the craft, so it's not perfect." Kade summoned the 150cm golem and showed it to her.  

The tiger lady looked at the sculpture and smiled, "Yes, it is a little lacking in areas, but I can feel the love emanating from it. What was your inspiration?" 

Kade swallowed hard, "My brother loves golems, so I thought about him during the process." 

"Ncaww, your brother is lucky to have you."   

Kade pursed his lips, "So how much do I owe you?"  

"You were in there for five hours, so that will be 200 guros."  

[ Payment confirmation for 200 guros Y/N] 


[Thank you for your patronage!] 

Once he transferred the money, Kade looked outside the window, 'It's getting dark,', "Do you know a cheap place where I could wash up and sleep?" 

The lady thought for a bit, "There is a one just up the street not so far from here. It's called the Blue Inn. They charge about 400-700 guros a night. It comes with a bath, bed and breakfast in the morning." 

Hearing this, Kade nodded his head, "Thank you." Then he stepped towards the door only to be called again by the lady, "You do have a weapon on you, right?" 

Kade shook his head. At the moment, he didn't. He had his completed golem, but it required a soul before it could be of use, so at the moment, he had nothing. There was his crafting tool, but he doubted that he could use it offensively since it required him to be in a crafting shop to pull out.  

Seeing Kade's response, the lady took a sheathed knife out of her pocket, "Here, take this and bring it back to me tomorrow. It would be a shame if your brother didn't get to see what you made in the thought of him." 

Kade looked at the long sharp blade of the knife, "Do I really need this, is the inn not safe?" 

"It's not so much the inn but the path towards it. It's still light out, so you should be fine but take the knife just in case," 'The night brings out the truth in us.'  

Kade furrowed his brows, "But it's just up the road. How bad could it be?" It was then that he remembered the warning the system gave him. Kade reluctantly took the knife and thanked her for it.  

The lady noticed his hesitation, "Do you know how to use a knife?" 

"A little bit. I started martial arts classes a few months ago, and we learnt some basic moves but mostly how to disarm or to survive a knife encounter because that's what I wanted to know." 

The lady looked at Kade deep in his eyes, "Hmm, really? Okay, then bring back by knife tomorrow." 

Kade nodded his head. Then he took his first steps in the increasingly darker night as a cold wind blew past him.  

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