Chapter 4- Worskshop
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 Once Kade could see again, he was standing in the centre of the town. In front of him was a fountain angel pouring water out of its pipe. Around him were hundreds and hundreds of people, none of them entirely human. Each sports a different animal attribute on their body. From cat ears to monkey tails, the list continued.  

Seeing anthrobods in real life was like a dream to Kade. He even pinched himself to see if he was dreaming. One moment he was walking with Alissa in the movies; next, he was in a whole new world.  

'Damn, is she going to think that I was so nervous I ran away…? Damnit, I missed my chance at a first kiss again. If I wasn't so happy with my circumstances, I might actually be cursing the gods, but maybe I shouldn't now that I know they actually exist.' 

Kade puffed air out of his nose then began walking around the medieval town. He looked at the various stalls with people selling their goods. It all screamed fantasy and still felt imaginary. 

Kade shook his head of the thought. This was real. The faster he understood that, the better for him. He was given the opportunity to make something of himself, possibilities that had eluded him for 20 years. Kade wasn't going to let this slip through his hands.  

Once he firmed his resolve, it was time to get what was his, but first, he wanted to see his statistics.   


Name: Kade FullLocke 

Title/s: Beta Tester, The World Universe Multiverse! 

Level: 1 

Class: Combat Golemancer 

Subclass: Runemaster 

Health points: 550/550 

Essence points: 850/850 



Vitality- 11 

Strength – 10  

Dexterity – 11  

Agility: 14  

Intelligence – 17  

Wisdom – 16  


Skills: <Contract Soul>, < Summon Golem> ,< *Chrono Vision*> 

Passive Skills: <Loved by Essence>, <Nocturnal>, < Language Shmanguage>  

Affinity/s: Time-space (High-Deity), Darkness (Low-Deity), Lightning (High-Demi-God) … 


Attribute points: 0 

Equipment: Beginner’s clothes (Poor) 

Bloodline: Sealed

Currency: 1000 Guros

[ Title: Beta Tester 

 Description: You are the 10th Otherworlder to enter Zoygria. An honour and an achievement.  

 Reward: All stats +2.]  

[Title: The World, Universe, Multiverse! 

Description: You had a personal encounter with a god of the multiverse. Not many mortals (at the time) have and lived to tell the tale. Your soul and body have gained insight from the experience vastly increasing in quality.  

Reward/s: All stats +5]

[Class: Combat Golemancer 

Description: Deriving from the class necromancer, this class allows you to place souls into your created golems. For more information, enter a crafting workshop.] 

[ Skill: Contract soul 

Description: If a soul has died within an hour, you can contract its soul into eternal servitude if you have the ability.] 

[Skill: Summon Golem 

Description: It allows you to summon your golems from your soul space into reality.] 

[Unique Skill: Chrono Vision

Description: The Time and Space God of the Multiverse has gifted you with the ability to see beyond mortal views. This is a unique skill. It cannot be taught or sold.] 

  1. Allows the user to see essence.
  2. Conditions not met
  3. Sealed
  4. Sealed] 

[Passive: As someone with a Deity level affinity with time and space, you'll find skills in this school easier to understand and cast than those below you. 

Reward: Your body exists out of time; it will not die of age.]  

[Passive: Loved by essence 

Description: Spending time in the presence of a god of the multiverse purified your soul. Essence now naturally gravitates towards you as a result, you will find it easier to learn magic than the average being.] 

[Passive: Nocturnal 

Description: As someone with a Deity level affinity with darkness, you'll find spells and magics related to darkness easier to understand and cast.  

Reward: All stats increased by 20% at night time, 40% on a full moon. ] 

[ Passive: Language shmanguage 

Description: You can speak all languages of the four worlds.] 

Kade looked over his stats with a smile on his face. As a child, he had acted like he could hurl lightning, reverse time and cast fireballs as the notion of magic had always fascinated him. Even as a young adult, he sometimes tried hoping he had awakened some latent talent, but now, he didn't have to act. 

Once Kade had seen what he needed, he headed for the nearest crafting shop. His class wasn't like an archer or warrior where one simply needed to buy a weapon, and then they could go grinding. Kade still had to create his weapon perse.  

Kade walked around and saw a small black shop, "Crafter's paradise." Kade walked into the building and was greeted by a redhead with tiger ears and a tail, "Welcome to Crafter's paradise. How can I help you?" She said in a monotone voice. 

Hearing her greeting, he couldn't help but think of his favourite fast-food restaurant. However, he cleared that thought and spoke, "Hello, I was wondering if you rented out crafting spaces?" 

The lady looked at him and his shabby attire, "The beginner's space is 100 guros an hour any longer is 50 guros an hour. If you break anything, you pay for it, make sense?" She titled her head to the side peering her black eyes at him.

Kade nodded his head.  

"Good then. How many hours do you need?" 

"I only need one hour so far. If I need more, I will pay for the extra when I come out." 

The lady nodded her head then tapped a screen in front of her. Immediately, a screen popped in front of him.  

[Confirm charge of 100 Guros, Y/N] 


[Payment confirmed] 

The tiger lady smiled then directed him to a room in the back of the shop. Once Kade walked in, he saw various items from the different schools of craft. There were hammers and anvils for smithing, cauldrons and flasks for alchemy and chisels for sculpting.  

Kade walked to the chisel. Out of all the items, he surmised that was the one he would be using. Once Kade got close to the chisel, a prompt appeared before him.  

[Welcome to your crafting workshop.] 

The screen flickered, and a new page was in front of him with a bipedal wooden golem spinning on an axis. There were empty boxes on the right side of the page, like in games where one would slot a weapon or accessories.  

[This here is your basic golem, also known as a pawn. Any changes you want to make, i.e., height, the width of arms, skills or material composition, needs to be changed virtually on this page. Once complete, this build needs to be crafted into a physical golem to be used. 

To create a new Golem, you need to click templates on the top right, then new creation and begin building your new golem virtually. Do note that based on the level of your workshop, there are limitations to the designs that you may create. As your workshop levels up, the system will slowly release these restrictions.] 

[Tutorial complete, would you like to replay the tutorial Y/N] 


Kade got the gist of how his ability worked. Also, he was pretty competent with editing software, so he knew how to navigate the different tools. If there was something that didn't make sense, there was the good old trial and error.  

Kade looked at the design of the golem in front of him. It was made from a black type of wood that he had never heard of before. It stood roughly 190cm tall; three centimetres taller than Kade. It also had no finger buts wooden orbs attached to its hand.   

Its main features were its eery black eyes, ears and a transparent stone embedded in its chest. Kade surmised that's where he would place the soul. 

It was rather unimpressive, no artistic touch so to speak of. Merely a plain bipedal golem. 

Kade looked at the right side of the page and there were empty slots, most of them coloured in grey and inaccessible. Kade clicked on the one that wasn't.  

[Please select a skill from the available skills. 

Available skills: None (Skills are available for purchase within the system shop. Call forth 'Shop' to access it.)] 

Kade saw the prompt but decided he would search the shop later. Right now, he was exploring the particular interface. Kade clicked on the other empty block.

[Please select the rune that you will inscribe on this golem. 

Rune of hardening 

Rune of agility 

Rune of might 


The list continued, but Kade didn't read all of them, for he didn't even know how to inscribe runes yet, so he couldn't decide which rune he would place in the allotted slot.  

Now that Kade understood how the workshop worked, he decided to start working. Firstly, he wanted to change the design of this golem. Giving it fingers was a start so that it could grasp a weapon.  

Kade clicked on [Edit], an editing interface appeared on the screen. It was rather bland as there was only one tool available.  

[This here is all your sculpting tools in one. You simply have to think that you want a rough or smooth course, and the device will make it happen. The clearer your imagination, the better the translation process. Be advised that basic knowledge is required before creating a golem.]  

Kade smiled, this was better for him. He didn't particularly feel like sitting hours figuring out what everything did. For one, he only had a limited amount of money, and he didn't know how many lodgings per night cost. Second, he wasn't the only beta tester in Zogyria. The more time he "wasted", the more time someone was getting stronger or had the chance to claim any treasure for themselves. 

So, without further ado, Kade began editing. Firstly, he wanted to change the size of the golem.  If he could make a miniature golem, then he could use it as a scout to scope the landscape for potential dangers. A golem of 190 cm would be seen from a distance defeating the purpose. 

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