Chapter 7- Trudging forward
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Out of all the plans Kade had made, they all failed because of her skill. That's when he realized that there might be a way to counter it. Kade thought of his own unique skill <* Chrono Vision*> it had four abilities. The one that wasn't sealed gave him the ability to see essence. If essence was like mana in MMORPG games, then it meant that it flowed through all living things.  If he could see essence, theoretically, he could see it flowing through her. So all he needed to do was activate his ability and look for essence in the shape of a human.  

Kade activated <*Chrono Vision*> and could see the flow of essence all around him. He could see it being absorbed in shops and flowing freely around. He could see people behind the walls, some in bed, others just walking around. However, he couldn't see essence in the shape of a bipedal creature in front of him.  

Therefore if she wasn't in front of him, she was behind him. Kade turned around, and there she was, dashing towards him, Kade ordered his golem to attack her, and it punched her in the gut sending her crashing on the ground, "That's more like it, I'm a golemancer before a combat artist." Kade felt the wound on his side beating. He didn't have much time; he needed to wrap it up and get to the inn. Maybe someone there had some medicine to help him otherwise, he would bleed out. Kade looked at the reason he couldn't leave in front of him and growled.  

She was still in a daze; she couldn't believe he still wasn't dead. This time, it was different. He didn't dodge her attack instead, she was attacked before she could strike with pinpoint accuracy no less, 'There's no way he can see me, right? No, there is no way. This is my gift from God. The darkness is my strength; the darkness is my ally.' 

The girl began moving; however, as she moved, Kade's eyes moved with her. She changed direction, but she couldn't shake him. A cold sweat trickled down her spine. As she looked into Kade's golden eyes, she felt like he was looking deep into her soul, and reaching far beyond her walls, she tried hard to keep up.  

 Fear washed over her, 'I need to get out! I need to tell the others. This guy can't be allowed to exist.' She turned around and ran for the exit when two heavy stumped fists came towering down on her shoulders, smashing her into the ground, breaking her armour apart.  

After Kade had activated his unique skill, he kept tracking her movements so that she couldn't sneak attack him. Kade followed her essence, which was rapidly declining, clearly, her unique skill took a lot of essence to keep active. Once he realized that, he smiled and sent his golem after her. She didn't have a lot of essence left, so he knew she couldn't activate strong skills if she had any.  

However, she stopped moving out of nowhere and stood still, looking Kade in the eyes as his golem approached her. Kade furrowed his brows, 'Is this a bug I need to report or something before the grand mass release?' In the end, he didn't care whether it was a bug or not, he needed to end the fight.  

Kade's golem charged at her until it was in front of her, then it lifted its arms, ready to descend on her with all its might. When it seemed, she got out of her daze or the big fixed itself and she turned around, preparing to flee when she was smacked down, disabling her unique skill.  

Seeing she was visible again, Kade deactivated his unique skill and walked towards her, his hand hard pressed against his wound. Kade's face was scrunched up trying his best to keep calm buy didn't know how much longer he could keep it up.  

Kade kept walking with the unsheathed knife in his left hand until he was directly above her, looking down on her.   

The blapahu hated the situation she was in, yet again she thwarted by a summoner with a higher affinity to darkness than herself, she bit on her teeth, "If you kill me, you will bring the whole wrath of Tenebrous against you. I am just an acolyte. There are much stronger guys than me." She laughed, "Scared now, aren't you? Just let me go, and I will not tell anyone of this." 

Kade peered his eyes at her, "But you will come to find me again, won't you? You will try to kill me again, won't you?" 

The girl looked to the left, then back at Kade, "No, I won't. After this, we're done, I promise." 

Kade clicked his tongue, "Liar! You and that guy are both liars." Kade shook his head, "I don't even know why I asked." Kade held the knife and approached the girl.   

Once the blahapu saw she was going to be killed, she disabled her beast transformation. Now she was simply a beautiful girl with well-endowed breasts and black cat ears, "Please don't kill me! I will do anything you say. I will be your servant. Use me however you want, just, please don't kill me!" 

Kade looked into her big green eyes as the knife in his hand rattled. He could see her fear, her will to survive, and with his hands, he was going to take that all away from her. Kade looked at her and her submissive state and saw himself in her position. Kade forcefully ripped the memory away, 'That was that; this is this.' Yet, his heart wrenched when despite all that, he knew he had to kill her.  

Kade took a deep breath then plunged the knife into her heart, ignoring her pleas for mercy. Kade pulled the knife out of her as a warm liquid encased his hand, incessantly pouring out of her until the light in her eyes grew dark. Kade witnessed every moment of it.  

[Mortal soul found would you like to initiate a soul contract?  Fifty-nine minutes remaining. Y/N] 


Immediately, a cloud of darkness only he could see burst forth from her body and entered his raw space signifying the end. Kade puffed out his nose and looked into the sky, "Barely half a day in, and I've already had to take a life..."